Friday, March 26, 2004

Hello all! This is my new blog on I used to have a journal at DeadJournal.Com/~ThePrynce but I was sick of their service so I came here! This blog won't be nearly as personal, probably, since my life is pretty much the same every day. I'll probably just post with my views of the news and on movies and games and shite like that, you know?

So lets get to it!

First I think I'll touch on the whole Democratic primaries thing. Kerry clearly will be the nominee this year, but who will be the VP nominee? I'm hoping for Edwards... I was pulling for him for president from the start but I thought he had no chance until he started doing well in primaries. I was really excited but then I saw him drop out and got pretty mad.
Dean was a good choice, too. I like him. I didn't know that being a passionate speaker made you an asshole with a bad temper. I guess that's the case these days, though. You're supposed to induce sleep with speeches nowadays. I liked Dean. Shame he had to hit that downward spiral...

But yeah, I do endorse Kerry. He's an alright nominee I guess. He's no Edwards but still... an ok guy. He's clearly a war hero which gives him ups in my book, but I dunno. His daddy couldn't get him into the National Gaurd (nod at Bush, for those a bit slower than others, lol).

Another thing on my mind is Martha Stewart. She's a good lady and all and so she did a few things wrong, or so she was charged... but she doesn't deserve prision. She wasn't even convicted of insider trading! She was only convicted of trying to not go to jail, basically. They just want to crucify her to make an example of her.

On the whole Richard Clarke deal, I don't know too much about it. I do believe that the Bush administration did ignore huge threats and lots of information. I, however, think the Bush administration to be a joke on most all levels, though. He's a stupid man who's just up for getting him and his friends even more rich. Fuck the middle and lower class. He couldn't care less about them.
I don't see why people praise Bush for being all anti-terrorism AFTER 9/11. We should slay him for waiting until after those thousands of people died. That's like cheering fuckin' Tim McVeigh for bombing that building because you didn't like someone in there... er something.

To stay on the topic of Bush, I'd like to praise him for wanting to have broadband Internet access avaliable to all who need it by the year 2007. Republicans rarely do things to make technology better (sorry if I'm stereotyping but its true). I think its great for Bush to do. Although I wouldn't be at all shocked to find out he owned an assload of stock in some broadband Internet company... :-D

Moving off of politics now... Hm... I've seen some good movies lately!
The thing is, they're not exactly new movies. I know that's a little stupid but... yeah. Get over it.

A week or so ago I watch 'Scarface' for the first time. It's actually a really good movie. I see why its as well known as it is. I'm a big Pacino fan now because of it. Well, and 'The Godfather'.
Another good Pacino film I recently saw is 'Heat'. I didn't catch it all because I missed the first thirty minutes or so of it and I couldn't grasp the plot fully, but it was a pretty good movie if you're into crime-drama.

A movie I saw just last night is 'About a Boy' with everyone's favorite English prostitution soliciter, Hugh Grant. I really never wanted to see it but I was bored last night and it was on so I decided to watch it and it was damn good! I like British movies of that sort (ie; 'Trainspotting') so... yeah. Anyone got any good British movies for me?

Its nearly Easter again and you know what that means, right? PEEPS! The best fuckin' candy in the world! Ok, well, they're good either way. I love those things. Yellow chickies are the best, dontchaknow? Pink ones are ok, too. My mom got me some pink chickies today and they're nearly gone now. My girlfriend has been buying them nearly daily now, lol. It's cool. Peeps kick arse left and right.
Peeps have their own site at so go there and eat the hell out of 'em. Mmmmm... :-D

Well, I'm not home now so I'll be wrappin' this one up. Look for more posts soon! Feel free to email me at, mmmk?

-=The Prynce