Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Greatest S(ho)w(s) On Earth!

Alright so this post is really just going to be about concerts and shows I've recently been to.

The Kottonmouth Kings show was the shit... The surprise performance of the night was (hed) pe. I'd heard of them back a few years ago and didn't think too much of them... But seeing them live and with a newer line-up, they were shockingly incredible.
Tech N9ne was awesome also. He had a few other guys with him who were pretty good too but I'm still madly confused as to why Tech N9ne isn't known to every fucking person alive.

Kottonmouth Kings of course were the shit. I've heard that Saint Dog's gonna be touring with them later in the year... Would have been great to have been able to see one of those show.

Pakelika (seen here holding a giant bag of 'weed') was awesome as the KMK 'sidekick'. The fact that they did a Pakelika for President bit was tops.

The merchandise booth here was really cool. It took up one of the upstairs bars at HOB in Myrtle Beach and they have away free stickers and copies of the 'SubLife Magazine' with a box standing alone and away from anyone labeled something like "$$$TIPs$$$ Or Weed/Please?".

We missed the Subnoize Souljaz and Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Maybe they would have been great but for now, I have no regrets.
The show itself and the atmosphere was among the best I've ever seen.

About a week later I saw The Black Crowes in concert and it was the most expensive concert ticket I've ever bought. And on top of it, it was probably the most terrible show I've ever seen. There's no stage presence. Every song sounded the same.
The ONLY thing that didn't make me suck on my exhaust pipe after the show was that for their encore they did a decent cover of Dylan's "Forever Young". And I must say, the light show was alright, too. Unfortunately the music that was forced to be the backdrop was terrible and lazy.

Now I've heard complaints that they didn't do their most popular songs which typically wouldn't bother me. Typically the band would just be sick of playing them night after night and in addition, they'd have so many good songs that it wouldn't matter and you'd still enjoy it.
--No. They suck. The crowd was never addressed. They're clearly full of themselves and their bullshit pseudo-hippy personas. The music was crap. The singer (who will not be honored in a mention in name) just stood there and 'sang'. But most of all, they sucked.

Probably best of all, Rob and I saw ALICE COOPER who had the BEST stage show EVER! I swear to you its a fucking magic show with him belting songs out. And the band he had with him was INCREDIBLE.
Murder, resurrection, driving spikes through babies... It was non-stop greatness. And the music would have been incredible without the GODLY stage show. I honestly can't find words for how cool it was...
Seeing Rob at a concert was odd. That was the first thing everyone asked me... Not if the show was good or if Alice was executed... But how was it seeing Rob rock out at a concert? It didn't take long to get used to, I must say. He was even gonna have a beer but doesn't like drinking out of a can because he's a homosexual.
But yeah... That could have been the coolest show I've ever seen. I just wish I could find satisfactory words for it.
I took some video and pictures... I'll likely upload 'em soon so stay tuned.
In terms of comedy, I got to go see Doug Stanhope (previously of the Man Show and Girls Gone Wild) and he was simply great. He was sporting a new 'balding man' haircut which was interesting. Carissa didn't seem to like him too much as she didn't know to expect him to be drunken and rambling. I think I should have let her hear more of his stuff first but... Oh well. Damned hind-sight.
Opening for Mister Stanhope was probably the most incredible thing ever... Going by the name, The Mattoid.
I don't know what to say about them/him. It was the oddest thing I've ever seen. He plays the guitar and sings. She plays a single drum and wiggles while looking like the hottest thing to ever exist while backing him up vocally.
Look them up and listen to them. You MAY be able to understand it by only hearing them but if you ever get to see them live (they're touring with Stanhope and perform regularly in Nashville) then go. You probably won't "get it" otherwise.

Speaking of weird... Emo Philips FINALLY came to Myrtle Beach! Not only was he as funny and strange as expected, but I got the chance to meet him!
During the show, Carissa took out her camera phone and was going to take a picture of him and he offered to pose. Embarrassed, she ducked behind me and waited a few minutes before trying once more.
Emo told her to delete that one and put her phone away and promised to take one with her after the show at one point calling her a 'hot mama'.
After the show, we didn't see Emo as we spoke to one of the openers and as we turned to leave, he was RIGHT beside us! After the girl in front of us talked to him about being in the show 'Home Movies', he gladly took a picture with us and after that, told us to go with him to the lobby where the light was better for another one. The one above is the first 'cause I hate the way I look in the other one (not that the one above is anything of greatness).
We told him how much we loved him and I told him that I had been requesting him over and over again to which he replied "Oh so you just change your voice and keep calling?"
That being said, Emo is probably my favorite celebrity I've met so far. He was SO nice and personable. And he was so quick on his feet that it blew my mind. During the show and even after, no matter what someone said to him he had some sort of immediate response that cracked me up.
Also at a UWF wrestling show a few months ago I met many GREAT wrestlers which was a honor and a thrill for me. Among those that I met were:
- "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal
- Scott & Rick Steiner
- Robert Gibson
- LAX (Homicide and Hernandez)
- Team Macktion (TJ and Kirby Mack)
- Daffney
- "Too Hott" Scott Taylor

Meeting Jay Lethal was odd. He was so quite and humble... Yet among the most talented. We were lucky in getting to see him perform twice that night.
LAX was great, too. We spoke with them for a little while and they both were upset to find that they were expected to wrestle in the wet ring outside. They were both also really cool and nice. Carissa thought Hernandez was hot so she had to get a picture with him.
Meeting Team Macktion was also great. I've met them both before in Conway, SC when TJ as Dexter Poindexter wrestled Kirby as Krazy K. They're such incredible performers but Kirby unfortunately got a collapsed lung and a 'Border Toss' from Hernandez.
I wanted to but didn't get to meet AJ Styles, Petey Williams (though I did shake his hand on the way to the ring), Steve Corino, CW Anderson, and Elix Skipper. I nearly met Elix but they did the autograph sessions in 'waves' so I only met David Young. He tried to call Elix back over but he couldn't hear him at that point.
During one match, '2 Cool' member and Jerry Lawler's kid, "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher asked the guy at ringside for gum. He had none so I gave the guy my pack and he thanked me and handed a piece to Brian who later used it in a bit with Scott Steiner. So... My gum's on DVD. lol.
Alright so that's pretty much all I can come up with as far as shows I've been to lately. I feel I'm missing something so if I come up with anything I'll do another post... Bleh.
-=The Prynce