Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Everybody's Free (To Drink Sunscreen)

Let me start by saying that I'm sick as hell right now with a near constant fever of about 102.6 for two days now, so is this blog makes no sense, that's why.

Now on to a story... Nay, THE story. The story of the funniest thing I've ever personally experienced in my lifetime.

A week or two ago, there was a problem at the hotel that I work at involving a problematic guest and his large main window being shattered by what HE claimed was just some random woman who, by chance, happened to randomly choose his window of them all and kick it and break it. Of course, its funny because the woman was older and rather frail looking and for her to simply be able to kick his window made to sustain hurricanes on an ocean front building appears to be an absolutely absurd story.

But that's not the part that will stick with me eternally.

After I spoke to the guy in the room, I had a woman come down to the office clearly tweaking on what I'm certain was crack telling me they took her money to which I told her I'd called the police and she could talk to them about it if she wanted. She freaked and begged me not to have her arrested and then she left, half flashing me through a side window (she was wearing a jacket and underneath a short-cut tank-top, exposing her belly which appeared to be made of something similar to curdled milk that was accentuated with a few hundred stretch marks, leading me to believe she used to be rather large).

But still, that's not the FUNNY part.

The funny part follows...

I was on the phone with Darrell at one of our sister properties telling him what was going on about an hour after it all went down when I heard the door open only to see it was our previous crack-whore returning for God-only-knows-what.

She just came up to the counter and stood there and I tried ignoring her and she walked over to a bucket we have with packets of tanning lotion in it. She picked up a blue packet and asked what it was. I held my finger up to her to say "One minute" and she asked again. I repeated my finger raising.

At that moment, she ripped the top off with her mouth/teeth and started drinking the tanning lotion! At first, she didn't have much of a response that you would associate with someone drinking tanning lotion, but after a few seconds, her face turned sour and she asked once more, "What is this?!"

She hardly got the last word out before she bolted for the door to our side lobby and spit loudly then came back into the main lobby and left.

The entire time, I was on the phone with Darrell and trying very hard not to laugh at this crazed whore but the second she left, I burst into laughter and told him what had happened.
Now to those who say "Wow that's not all that funny..." I say "Fuck you, sir/ma'am!"
I was in stitches for like 5 minutes straight afterwards. And it may not be nearly as funny unless you have to deal with the people I have to deal with daily... But still... Fuck you.
-=The Prynce

Saturday, March 17, 2007

One Snare in the March of Death

This was written by the former singer of Rage Against the Machine, Zack de la Rocha.

Read it. Seriously.

You can hear it for free without even having to download it by going to http://www.marchofdeath.com/

-=The Prynce

'March of Death' by Zack de la Rocha

I was born with the voice of a riot, a storm
Lightening the function, the form
Far from the norm, I wont follow like cattle
I'm more like a catalyst; calm in the mix of battle
Who let the cowboy on the saddle? He don't know a missile from a gavel
Para terror troopin flippin loops of death upon innocent flesh
But I'm back in the cipher my foes and friends
With a verse and a pen, against a line I won't toe or defend
Instead I curse at the murderous men in suits of professionals who act like animals
This man child, ruthless and wild
Who gonna chain this beast back on the leash?
This Texas Furor (F├╝hrer), for sure a, compassionless con who serve a
Lethal needle to the poor. The cure for crime is murder?

On the left, left, right, left
But it's just the march of death

I read the news today, oh boy, a snap shot of a midnight ploy
Vexed and powerless, devoured my hours I'm motionless with no rest
Cause a scream now holds the sky, under another high-tech drive-by
A lie is a lie this God is an eagle or a condor for war and nothing more
Islam peace, Islam stare into my eyes brother please off our knees
To beef now we feed their disease, interlocked our hands across seas
What is a flag but a rag, a shroud out loud, outside a faceless crowd
Cause a cowering child just took her last breath, one snare in the march of death

On the left, left, right, left
But it's just the march of death

Here it comes the sound of terror from above
He flex his Texas twisted tongue
The poor lined up to kill in desert slums
For oil that boil beneath the desert sun
Now we split flame we flip this game
All the targets are taking aim
All targets are taking aim
We're the targets, they're taking aim