Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Long-Winded? Naaahhh...

There is progress in this town!

After many years of my wishing, Dillon has a Japanese restaurant! Fuckin' aye!

I almost went there last night but I'll get to that shortly.

Yesterday was the last day of the regular season in the NFL and it was pretty cool. Panthers won and have a wildcard spot in the playoffs so... YAY!

But I got up later than normal yesterday probably because of the large amount of alcohol I'd consumed on New Year's Eve. I showered and all and found my crappiest yet most comfortable clothes to wear 'cause I had no intentions of doing anything but going to Shannon's house, watching a little football, and going home.

Soon after I got to Shannon's, I was trying to do some blog stuff and she told me I had to go with her to get a movie. Her mom was gonna go get some food first, though, so we decided we wanted to try the new Japanese place 'cause I LOVE Japanese food. After many missed turns on what should have been a very simple trip, we got there and Kim told us to go get a menu so she could see what she wanted.
I got out of the car and Shannon didn't so I went to her door and told her to come with me if she was going and she said she wasn't because my ex girlfriend Christy was working there. I told her that I'd go alone then and she doesn't trust me at all so she came with me.
So we went in and I was shocked to see that Christy actually was working there (I dunno, I thought Shannon was just telling me that to see if/how I would react or something) and I asked her for a menu, then saw them, grabbed one, handed it to Shannon, and we went back to the car.

I could tell then that Shannon didn't want to get anything from there at that point so after much BS and contemplation in the car, they decided to go elsewhere. So in my eyes, Shannon's silliness and bitterness caused me to miss out on Japanese food and possibly sushi (it says that have sushi on the sign but I didn't see it on the menu)! If Shannon would have paid more attention to Christy than me, she would have seen that the girl was almost disgusted that I was there.

But anyway, we decided to go to China King instead. We ordered a lot of shit then left, came back to pick it up, then went to Movie Gallery.
We decided to rent 'Zodiac Killer' because I find him an interesting subject.

We could tell from the start it was an independent film so I was kind of happy. I love Indies!
To sum things up, the movie was shit. It was boring and poorly made. They could have done a lot more research, too.
We didn't even finish it. I had to go home. I mean, I had to drink alcohol to keep me focused on the movie, even.
So if anyone knows who to contact to get that fucking hour and a half of my life back, please let me know.

New Year's Eve was... interesting.
We went to the Huddle House and as we were leaving, I was getting in the car with Rian and I heard a tear and I was like "What the hell?" and I put Rian in his seat and looked and my pants had ripped from my left knee and up about 9-11 inches.
So we go by my house and I change my pants. After I change them, we find out my dad had gone to a fire (he's a volunteer fireman). Shannon's dad (whom we were with) is on the same fire department so he wanted to go.
He got in the police car (he's also a cop) and he called to find the place and we got there and the lady said they saw a plane or helicopter fly over the woods behind their house and then heard at least one explosion. She said it shook her house and her mother's house over a mile away and that she could point us to a place to get to where something was burning.
We found the road (which was more of a wide path) and went as far back as we could until there was a huge ditch that was impassable unless on foot or ATV. So we started walking and walking and walking until we probably walked at least 1.5 miles back into the woods. We saw NOTHING but an old propane tank or a still or something and we went back.

I'm no fan of walking. That's pretty near to common knowledge. But I'll do it if it isn't hot out. This walk was MISERABLE, though. I was wearing a pair of boots that were under one week old and not nearly broken in. And I don't wear comfy hiking boots. I wear fuckin' rough work boots with almost no padding or anything.
Then we got back to the car and Shannon's dad calls central to see if they have any information on the thing we were looking for and they said it was fireworks. FIREWORKS! I broke in a new pair of boots the hard way on a shit trail in the middle of nowhere on New Year's Eve while I should have been drinking.

At any rate, we got back to Shannon's house and soon after, I drank half a Smirnoff Ice Triple Black and gave the rest to Shannon's mom. Then I had another but it was another flavor. Soon after, I made myself a nice tequila sunrise (minus the red stuff whose name escapes me at the moment) with a big emphasis on the TEQUILA part (tee hee).
That went away after a short time. Then we made frozen margaritas and I drank all of 'em as Shannon is a cunt.
Then after a bit, Shannon opened champagne and I drank about half a flute of that then just made mimosas and drank one or two.
Soon after, I took at least one tequila shot.

I'm not sure if I drank anything else that night other than another Smirnoff Ice. We had some vodka but I'm not sure if I drank any or not.
As far as tequila goes, I drank almost the entire bottle of a 750 ml bottle of it. Shannon had one shot and there's still a tiny bit left.

But after all of that, I was still only sort of drunk. I mean, I couldn't have driven or anything but I could probably make someone think I was sober. It wasn't as bad as when I had like half a jug of gin and then a little vodka, but it was decent.
Anywho, I went home, cooks a mini-pizza, fell asleep with it in the oven, then woke up like 5 minutes later only half as drunk as before. But I slept well so... S'all good. :-D

The day before that, we had an adventure at the liquor store. As I said before, Shannon's dad is a cop. Cops get paid shit so he can't afford another car so he had to drive his patrol car off duty. He drops us off at the liquor store and the man inside is acting like a dick screaming "Taxi!". Then we get in the store and he's talking shit and saying that all the cops in the county are not worth a damn and he doesn't like them because they drive in their cars off duty and tax payers supply the gasoline. I just laugh at the cunt 'cause I want to get my liquor for New Year's but he keeps being an ass to me.
Shannon goes out to the car to get more money and she tells her dad about the dude inside but before she gets there, I'm already walking out having paid for my stuff (and the guy was a dick to me then in how he carded me) but Shannon goes back in and lays into the old guy and threatens to call the sheriff which would do pretty much nothing.
Anywho, we get in the car and leave.
So to the people in my area, if you ever go to the liquor store near the Plaza Cinemas and an old man with grey hair is in there, be VERY rude. Curse at him. He's a bitter old cunt. He deserves it.
And if you're underage and he sells to you (which I know he does), rat on him.

But as I was saying earlier about the NFL, the Panthers have a wildcard spot in the playoffs because they beat the crap out of Atlanta. I didn't think it would be so clean a win as it was because I thought, like most did, that Michael Vick would have nothing to lose and would play like a crazy fucker...
He didn't. I think Atlanta may have been able to win or at least put up a fight if Vick would have played like Vick and not like an actual quaterback.

But I'm actually gonna predict the Super Bowl teams right now. AFC- The Colts. NFC- The Panthers.
I'm not the only one who thinks this will be how it goes, either. This dude on ESPN has a segment and he's been saying that for a while and he feels it stronger now than ever. That'd be the shit, too. Even if Carolina didn't win, I'd like the winning team for once. And with the Colts not being undefeated anymore, I'd have no reason to feel bad for going against them.

By the way, the Patriots lost to the Dolphins this past week. Hehe... Shite team, the Pats.

I pick Texas in the Rose Bowl, too. I have to... Dusty Rhodes might punch me if I ever met him again and if I told him I went against them. Plus, I like 'em better than USC.

Now, though... Important stuff.

I was recently on the radio again. Big whoop, right? YES IT WAS! See, this time I was on an INTERNATIONAL radio program, Coast to Coast AM! A phone call from this show was used as an entire song on a Tool album and I was on the air with the show's creator (whom is rarely on now), Art Bell.
Basically, though, he was asking for predictions for 2006 as is the tradition on the show at year's end. I wanted badly to finally get on the air and after about 3 tries, I got a ring and after a while, I got on! I was live, too. I thought they would screen calls or somethin' but nope.
My prediction was #12 (you'll need to know this to hear it next year when he reviews predictions) and I predicted a category 3 or higher hurricane for the Carolinas. We had a conversation about the wild ass weather lately on the air. He thinks large hurricanes are more common here than they are. We get hurricanes and tropical storms a lot but category 3 or higher are rare.
But my prediction was based more on odds than mysticism.

Also on the 'radio' front, my favorite station, WFLB, 96.5 recently became WFLBeatles and was the only station in the US to play nothing but Beatles. Apparently, people didn't like it and like a week later they became 'The Drive" which is now 'classic hits' which I like better than the old format at time.

And finally, I have something NEW for you all. It's called The Prynce's Life Soundtrack. It's a site/blog on Blogger that I made where I will post lyrics from one song each day that in some way pertains to my life or state of mind that day. Odds are the posts will come just before midnight each night to truly capture my mood of the day.

Anywho, you can find that blog/site at http://pryncesoundtrack.blogspot.com/. Bookmark it and check it daily. It doesn't take long to read each day. In each post, I'll post the lyrics and below that I'll post my thoughts or feelings on the song or the actual meaning of the song. Each post will also have a link in the header to find out more about it or what the song is about.

Again, that's http://pryncesoundtrack.blogspot.com/.

Let me know what you think.

That's all for now, people. I'll try to use this momentum to finish some other posts such as the one on the wrestling event so... Ya know, check back.

Keep 'em open...

-=The Prynce