Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Your Head

Every time I start thinking to myself, "Humans are pretty neat. Yeah a lot of them blow but overall, what an awesome lot."
Then those people have to fuck it up.

People are animals. We are very complex and highly intelligent with amazing amounts of potential, but animals. Highly evolved.
Just being what we are is a blessing. Not a blessing from God or a god or any other being, but a blessing still.
The human brain is an amazing thing. Nothing amazes me more. The things we can do, concoct, accomplish, etc. with them is astounding. Without education, we still are able to do things that nature hasn't fully replicated in other species.

As incredible as we are, the majority of us give up on our awesomeness. I encounter people daily who have decided they've got no use for their brains past it's current usage. And I see minds I once adored turning away from reality and reasonable thought. That breaks my heart.

Be imaginative, silly, creative, whatever. But don't be stupid.

-=The Prynce

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Visual Brain Splatting

I paint a lot. Well, not a lot. But a lot off and on.
I'm the first to admit that I'm not good. Out of maybe 30 or so pieces, I kind of like as many as 4.
I never really show anyone what I do because I do it to sort of soothe my mind for a bit, not to be pretty. So when people see it I feel judged. Not on quality but on sanity. Some people think I'm at least half-crazed all the time which doesn't bother me normally. I'm fine being judged as long as it's not via something I've created, I guess.
I've also had a few of the already few people who have seen any of it ask me for something and to date, I'm unable to part with any of it. I guess it doesn't help that it's normally one of the few I like that they ask for.
Is that normal behavior? Normal behavior is something I really am not familliar with. So next time I'm asked, do I say, "Yeah, go ahead. All your's."? Opinions are welcome in the comments, bitches.

-=The Prynce

Monday, October 03, 2011

This Is Only a Test

I'm such a failure/loser when it comes to blogging. I just saw that I have posts on my front page from when I was 23. Not okay.
This is a test post via MMS just to see if I like the way it comes posts and shit. If so, hoooooraaaaaaay! I'll totally blog more when I'm bored and away from a computer. Or most likely just when I'm trying to avoid conversation and small-talk. Often, in other words. Sometimes uncomfortable (for me) situations last longer than Twitter's ( 140 characters will allow for me to fuss with that short bullshit.

I haven't been in a wrestling ring in over a year now. Things in my head got really shitty for a year or so. Now with improvements, I'm gonna continue to dig myself out of the hole I allowed myself to be put into and get back at it before I get too old!
All done. That's a good length of a test post, right? Good. I assume you all said "Yeah that's good enough."

-=The Prynce