Monday, November 19, 2007

Cob Sucks Rocks

Rob just admitted to me that he sucked cock tonight. He watched Spiderman and it made him gay.

A gross whore called me cute earlier. Its unfortunate because I bet she was hot two years ago before she was introduced to crack and cock for cash.
She was like "How old are you?" and I responded with my age and she was like "Oh... Wow... You're really cute. I know guys don't like being called cute but... Wow you're cute."
I was like "Heh, thanks..." all the while thinking, "Nah its not that I mind being called cute but when its from a dirty whore... Its slightly different." but I kept that to myself.

I found out today that I had to work at a different hotel one day this week because a manager of ours keeps coming in late and causing another co-worker to get too much over-time.
Now that's pretty bad and all but the lamest part is that the manager told my roommate to tell me of the change because she "Did not feel comfortable telling me about it."
As someone with anxiety disorders, I can understand that to a degree but... I'm not a manager. And even if I was, its work related and a part of my job to deliver the effects of my crappy choices to the parties that they may effect.
Its just something I found amusing. Pawning off informing an employee in a timely manner of a change of shift prior to 24 hours until my arrival time because you don't feel comfortable telling them about it is just not a quality people would think of when they think about someone they'd want in charge of people. I mean c'mon!

Anywho, I just felt like updating really fast with lots of stuff involving cocks so... There we are. Boom!

-=The Prynce
* So Rob actually admitted to sucking up a cockroach from the ceiling with a vacuum but... Close enough.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

If Even CNN's Full of Shit, How Terrible Is FNC?!

I'm sitting here right now watching CNN's lop-sided and mis-leading mockumentary on pro wrestling and steroid usage. Of course its focusing on the Chris Benoit tragedy.

Former WWE wrestler and Harvard graduate Christopher Nowinski's group studying the effects in long-term of concussions (including those that are suffered without any knowledge of the injury occurring) in sports. I once saw a short documentary on his group (The Sports Legacy Institute) where it showed that they seem to focus largely on athletes with such injuries and their suicides and/or lives of depression.

I do not like or agree with a lot of the things that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon does and I admit that his love for unnaturally large physiques has something to do with steroid usage in wrestling.

That being said, I have to defend him.

The CNN piece can't decide if its blaming McMahon for Benoit's actions due to his brain injuries or possible steroid usage, switching from one to the next as it suits them.
They blame McMahon for the life-long drug use and head injuries that Benoit and many other wrestlers that have worked for him have incurred over the years.

People, that's a crock of shit.
Wrestlers see the WWE as the top. Its where people have commonly spent half of their lives trying to get. Once they commit themselves to a life of pro wrestling, though, there's very little looking back and it becomes how they feed their families and when you're not working for a million dollar company you have to work incredibly hard to get the money you need.
To make a name in the independent leagues, wrestlers often take extra risks with impressive but dangerous moves and by steroid, pain, and illegal drug usage.

Benoit came up on the independents in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico and Japan all the while making a name for himself as a relentless though small kind of guy. His first exposure across the US came with his time spent in ECW and WCW where he was well known for his diving headbutt finisher which some think could have caused his brain trauma.

The exact same thing goes for his steroid use. I doubt highly that it started while he was in WWE. A little man in a big man's business has to even the playing ground in some way and he chose to do it in a negative and dangerous way.

My point is this: People come into the WWE with their addictions, bad habits and injuries already fully intact from their time in the independent circuits where there is pretty much 0% oversight.
Lots of 'knowledgeable' people may scoff at the WWE's policies saying that they're loose and have loopholes, but at least there is some sort of oversight there. At least these 100 or so wrestlers are being tested. The thousands outside of the company are not.

While on the topic of the 'major loophole' in the WWE's Wellness Policy, I'd like to state that steroids and HGH are legitimate medical treatments and some of these wrestlers really do need them to help them recover from injuries.
When I was ten years old I was hit by a car which lead to a injury with one of my back muscles that after failed physical rehabbing, they were forced to turn to a treatment of steroids in my back muscle. It was just a medical treatment that my actual medical doctor decided was the best method in which to help repair that muscle and the same thing occurs with professional athletes.

Now on to something that FEW people may agree with but being Libertarian, I can't let it go unsaid.
In a profession such as professional wrestling where there is no physical contest per se, why are we so concerned with the drugs they take to make themselves look better? They know the risks and they weigh the options before doing it so if they choose to do it, that's them, right?
In addition to that, its typically more of the pain killers that do the massive damage to these guys' bodies than the steroids.

Some of you may know that I recently began training as a professional wrestler. I can say here and now that my life and my family are far too important to me to risk my life by ever injecting myself with steroids. Its stupid and not worth the risk. But that is the choice that I am making about MY life and MY body.

Another topic that seems to go hand-in-hand with this one that I'd like to briefly state my opinion on is the idea of a wrestlers' union.
Good idea. It'd have to be either VERY slowly worked in and supported by Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter but it could work. But it won't happen. Wrestlers are often times brought up as a 'flavor of the week' and when the promoter gets what they want they get rid of them and there's not a lot that can be done about it. If a group of top wrestlers decided to strike with their union and not go on TV, the companies would simply find new guys and make themselves new stars. Its sad but true: Wrestling does not have many loyalties be it in the promoters, the wrestlers or the fans.

In ending I'd like to say that I do not like a lot of what Vince McMahon and the WWE does from the standpoint of a human or a fan but that the bogus and phony 'journalists' are so fucking disgusting with their attempts to ruin lives just to get their names out there as 'the journalist to expose (insert a beloved establishment)' that they will twist things into obvious LIES. Its selfish and the exact opposite of what they're supposed to be doing and they know it but don't care. And we have no one to expose it to the masses because they control all of that exposure.
(Search Google for the comparison video of John Cena's response about steroids as CNN showed it and as it was actually said, by the way...)

So my message is to think these sorts of things through and not only would you see that most of these problems occur during the years before time spent with WWE but also that the media does NOT do its job and will mislead you for your time and money.

-=The Prynce