Friday, November 20, 2009

Becoming Andy Kaufman (Part I)

I have a tryout at a professional wrestling school tomorrow.

I'm nervous.

It isn't my first wrestling class.  About two years ago, I went to one class up in Hope Mills, NC.  The price was right, I loved their system, and the trainers and my fellow students were all great.  But the horrible 3 hour one-way drive saw me delaying going back.  I was making plans to go back when I got laid off in late 2008.

Anywho, now there's a new school less than about 15 minutes from my house.  It was being ran by Robert Gibson from the Rock 'n' Roll Express at first.  He's no longer there since, as I've been told, he started screwing a lot of people.

Now there's a new school in the same location being ran by Mike "The Blaster" Lawler.  I admit that I've never heard of him until recently.  That's also a cardinal rule that I'm breaking, according to most.  I'm turning 25 on Thanksgiving which is less than a week away.  I've promised myself that by 25 I'd be doing my best to be getting in to the business and now that its nearly here, its time to cut the shit.

So tomorrow is when I'm beginning (again).  I have to be there at 10AM which is a little rough, but I'll be there for sure.  I'm excited, nervous and anxious all at once.  Mostly nervous.  It isn't a lot of money that I'll be paying tomorrow, but I'm now only working 4 days a week and I was struggling before that so it may make things a little tougher.  Unfortunately, some of the people I'd hope would support me the most don't.  Again, it may be unfortunate, but fuck 'em.  I've got a good chance right now to go trained.  I know for sure I've got a long way to go (including getting back into decent shape) but its now or never right now.  If I wait any longer, I'll have broken my self-promise and I'll be getting to the age that its no use trying because I'll be too old to start on a path in the business.

Though I've done one class before, I have no idea what to expect.  My only expectation is that I'll be using my three days off to recover.  I don't know if this is going to be an assessment of my athletic ability or conditioning; or its going to be me in the ring taking bumps or (God forbid) getting stretched.  We'll see.

I've spoke to a former professional wrestler that works as maintenance in the resort I work at.  He's encouraging but cautiously so.  He's warned me that hitting the ropes is hell.  I'll be consulting with him on the side to see if he has any other advice.  He's a pretty nice guy.

I'll try to post updates after each class.  Maybe not right after, but sometime in the week or so after.  Just to kind of document my progress and all.

Sorry to seem like I've lost all of my humor in my last few posts.  They've been so spread out that its stupid.  Work is much slower now and the fact that I now have three free days each week means that it's likely I'll be doing more posts.  I make no promises.  I kind of miss the way my blog was a few years ago in its 'prime'.  I dug it.  I miss it.

Keep me in mind tomorrow, kids!  For from 10AM EST until ??? I'll probably be in a whole world of hurt.  I hope not, but it seems likely.

Wish me luck!

-=The Prynce