Thursday, September 29, 2005

Demon Alcohol*

I told someone almost a month or so ago that I'd do a post about how to make wine at home with stuff that you've probably just got laying around the house already. I am lazy, however, and I'm just getting around to it.

Here's what you need. I'll put substitutions in parenthesis.

-Fruit (Fresh or canned. Save the juice if its canned.)
-Bread Yeast (Actual yeast for wine or champagne making may also be used. If you don't have any yeast, though, you can just use white bread)
-Water (Spring water's nice)
-Container (Soda bottles, milk jugs, etc. Nothing metal, though.)
-Balloons (If you're using a container with a large mouth, substitute latex gloves)

First, make sure the container you're gonna use is really good and clean.

Next, mush your fruit up really well. If its canned, it should be easy to do. Leave in the juice, too. The amount of fruit you use is dependent on how big your container is and how strong you want your wine's flavor. I'd use a few ounces for a gallon.
Mix your sugar in with the fruit. This depends on the strength you want your wine to be (alcohol content). I typically just keep adding it until the mixture is a really thick and gritty paste. A cup or so may be enough.

Dump all of that stuff into your container (You may need a funnel if you're using a soda bottle).
Add a little water.

Next, prep your yeast like it says on the packet. Pour only about 3/8-1/2 of the mixture into the container.
If you're using bread, just get about 4-6 slices and crumble them up. Mixing in a little water may make it easier to put in the container.

Fill the rest of the container up with water but leave about 3/4 of an inch or more air at the top.
Stretch the neck of the balloon over the top of the bottle and make sure its secure and tight.
If you're using a latex glove, do the same thing. If it isn't secure and tight, use duct tape.

Now you let it ferment. Put it in a place with a nice temperature (not too warm, not too cool) that doesn't get too much sun light or other light. A closet's nice for that.
As it ferments, the balloon will fill with air. That's what happens when the sugar and year ferment to make the alcohol.

After its been allowed to set for at least a week, its done.

But there's gonna be some junk at the bottom of the container. That's the dead yeast and the other stuff you put in there.

The best way to get the wine out is to siphon it out with a little clear tube (like the kind you use on an air pump in a fish tank). Siphoning allows gravity to do all of the work. Just don't let it suck up and of the stuff from the bottom.

Put it into a clean container (glass is best but plastic's fine if you're not storing it for too long).

Now you're done!

Here's some points, though:
-The strength is determined by how much yeast and sugar there are in the mix.
-The fruit gives the wine flavor and adds in sugar for fermenting.
-Some people just toss in fresh fruit that's uncleaned and a little water and nothing else. That's because the uncleaned skin of the fruit may have natural yeast on it that got there while it was on the tree/vine/plant.
-Using canned fruit (typically peaches) and bread makes what is commonly known as "Jailhouse Hooch".
-You can easily make some hooch with a big kick with this method.

Anyone got any questions or comments? If so, post 'em!

Try it, people. Its shocking how simple and how little work is involved to keep from having to buy wine/hooch.

-=The Prynce
*Disclaimer: I hold no responsibilty for anything that results from anyone trying the things in this post in any way.

Monday, September 26, 2005

New Addiction

My new addiction, as I said in my last post, is RSS. RSS means 'Really Short Syndication'. Basically, it's a way to get news articles, blog posts and that sort of thing without having to go to the site.

You use a program called an 'aggregator' and you put in the URL of the feed and it goes and fetches new content and you can read it in what-ever format you choose, regardless of the design of the site it gets it from.

Most aggregators also can read ATOM feeds which is good if you read a lot of blogs on Blogger. The only down side about using it for Blogger blogs is that the comments system is not 'syndicated' , so to post or read comments, you'll have to go to the site (which the program that I use takes you to the HTML page for the post when you double click the title).

Anywho, I use it to catch up on my favorite blogs and newspaper comics and things like that. It's very useful...

Click Here to learn more about this stuff. And search Google for 'News Aggregator' to find a program to view RSS and ATOM with.

-=The Prynce

Who's Gonna Be Offended?

I had a thought last night before I went to bed and its stuck with me all day.

I want to do a foreign girl.

Take no offence, Shannon. It has nothing to do with you. Its just something I hope to do some day. lol.

I'm not all that ambitious, though. I'm not talking strictly about hot European girls... I'd settle for a Mexican girl... Even Canadian!

But on a somewhat similar topic, I have advice for both genders. I get a little sick of hearing each gender say how they hate certain things in the other gender so I decided to just make a nice list. They may be perverse, so skip over 'em if you'd like.

For Females:
1) I know its best to just come out and ask for something physical if you want it, but for some reason, its not always hot. It rarely changes in one person, though. If you're aggressive at first and the dude digs it, he'll likely dig it in the future.
2) If a guy won't go down on you, it may or may not be because of your hygiene. To be sure its not that, be sure you wash that stuff! And that's not enough. Douche often. That may create a bit of a mask for the smell that is almost always there regardless of how clean you are. And keep in mind, as time goes on, it gets icky. Even if you're just sitting around. Pissing, farting and even moving make things unpleasant.
Keep in mind, though, that some guys just find the lack of cooperation annoying. If you haven't seen 'Chasing Amy', do so and you'll understand.
3) The best way to get a guy to be all huggy and shit like you may want (if you're that type) is to not nag him about it.
4) Most guys want a girl who's much like a friend that he loves a lot and sleeps with. Don't try to pretend to be like him or his friends by faking interest in things. No matter how good you think you are at pretending, most guys can see right through that shit.
Let him do his hobbies and shit and don't worry so much about 'together time'. It'll happen eventually and it will be better because he won't resent it.
5) Don't change yourself for a guy. If a guy wants you to change how you are, that's a sly way of saying he doesn't want to be with you. He just expects you to have enough self-respect to not take that shit.

For Males:
1) If a girl's whiny, bitchy, childish, etc. and you don't like it... Leave. It will not get any better. There may be times when it all is slightly lulled but she's the same person and she's coming back... Just gradually.
2) Most of the same as in #2 apply to you (just not the part about douching). Shower at least daily. And not just at night. People get stinky and sweat at night. If you're only going to shower once a day, do it in the morning or afternoon before you leave home for the first time.
Also, don't use spray deodorant. It doesn't last. And clear is rarely any better.
And I have it on pretty good authority that woman hate tighty-whities. Apparently, they make your 'berries' smell really bad really fast. Not just that, but they don't give you much room. I've been out of those bitches since 4th grade!
3) In the same stadium as #2, women tend to like men who are at least somewhat clean as far as their surroundings go. They tend to be very disgusted and turned off by putrid clothing and food left out for even a day or more. Think about how easy it would be to just toss something when you're done with it. It isn't that hard. And wash clothes when they're dirty! Don't let them stack up and get icky.
And keep your car clean. It doesn't even have to be a nice car, but if its clean then you'll be in good shape. The outside is sort of important but the inside is more so. If you eat fast food, trash your shit when you get out of your car next. I've seen roaches inside of a friend's car before (sorry dude, lol. I won't reveal your name but you know who you are, lol) and I'm sure something like that would have turned a sexy lass off, even if she were uber-horny. Keep your shit in order and they'll see you as someone with... well... their shit in order. Women tend to like that.
To sum things up, woman are very keen on scents.
4) Be sure you've got some balls. Its one thing to shut up so you can be civil, but if you don't stick up for yourself just so you can be sure to get some or what-ever, then she'll have you by the balls. And those relationships never work out. By the time they're over, you'll have alienated your friends and no one will have anything to do with you.
5) Don't be afraid of intimacy! Even the coolest of women still dig that. Don't over-do it with too much too fast or anything like that, though, or rest assured, it will get old fast for you and her and things will be shit. Physicality ain't all of it, but once you're bored with it or it becomes redundant, your entire relationship will crash and burn.

So what do you all think? Am I right? Am I totally wrong? Let me know. Comment on this post.

And none of these were targeted at anyone. They are just observations I have made over time. I realize that every person is different and I hate to generalize, but generalizing has its purpose no matter how bad it may be. I know some of them were crude and seemed silly, but "I calls 'em like I sees 'em".

But now that I'm sure many of you may see me as a jerk, etc., I think I'm done for tonight. *yawn* I'm a little tired.

Seriously, though... I'm gonna try really hard to post about my adventures in Hurricane Ophelia a couple of weeks ago as well as a new 'addiction' of mine. Here's a hint... It deals with RSS.

Until then... Drink your own urine, you sick fucks.

-=The Prynce

Saturday, September 24, 2005

They Call Me Mecha-Godzilla, Bitch!

Just thought I'd let you all know that my water seems to be back to its regular color. Its now clear.

Check back in the next few days, too. I'm gonna have a really cool movie that I made up on here for downloading in the next couple of days. Its short and stupid, but I like it. Its a stop-motion movie, by the way.

Last night I went out to eat along with my parents, Shannon and Rian. We went to Sheff's in Pembroke, NC.
It was OK but I'm posting about the town. I love it.
Its almost wholly compromised of people of Native American descent and you can tell. There was a road named 'Dream Catcher', every car had a dream catcher on the rear view mirror, there were stores named things like "Mother Earth", and... Well... Mostly everyone looked like it.

Tatanka, the former WWE/WWF wrestler actually grew up and lived in Pembroke for a long time.
There is also a branch of The University of North Carolina (UNC) there.

We happened to pass by a park at about 9PM and there were people singing and playing instruments and things. That's sort of uncommon around here, lol. It was probably a church group, though.

I've been to the town before but not for some time. I've been on a few field trips to the university when I was in middle school.

But enough of that great town.

Speaking of UNC, they beat NC State today. Fuckin' aye! Its a pretty big rivalry in the Carolinas. Plus it was the first win for the Tar Heels this season.

So maybe I'll have my way with football in the coming days, too.

As always, I'm hoping The Panthers win and the Patriots lose. But on top of it all this week, the Patriots are playing the Steelers and, for those of you who don't know, they're fuckin' amazing. I think they're undefeated this season so far, unlike the Patriots.
The Steelers had an undefeated season last year, too. And they beat the Patriots last year. They were the last team to beat the Patriots before Carolina did last week.

But I have to end this entry now. I'll leave you with my worse wishes towards Tom Brady and the Patriots against the Steelers.

Lose, bitches!

-=The Prynce

Friday, September 23, 2005

And it volumizes!

Hey bitches. How's it?

Anyone out there using Google Desktop?
Mine's being lame. It won't show itself when I hover on the extreme right of my screen. The bastard.

I have white water now.
Dig, I live down a dirt road (we're in the South, people) and every few years, they send people out to cut back some wild growth of small trees and weeds and shit so they won't go into the road. And seemingly like every 10-15 years, they send trucks with orange clay dirt in it to put on the road to prevent it from forming troughs when we get a lot of rain.
Well between those two bits of maintenance, someone fucked up.
At the end of my road where it meets a paved road (you can see it from my window), we have a little stream the flows under the road. You can see it on both sides and up until recently, you could see the bits of the stone tube thingy that ran beneath the road sticking out on either side.
But during the cutting and dirt laying and all, it seems as though they busted up the concrete thing the water ran through under our road. Not only that, they screwed up the steam so much that it was forming more of a swamp down there.

But like two days ago they came to fix it. Apparently, they dug up the road right there and took up the concrete thingy and replaced it with a black plastic one. They also tried to fix it so that the stream would stop backing up and actually flow (which probably hasn't worked but its hard to tell since its dry lately.).

It seemed as all would be well. Then it rained a little bit.

The sides of my road where they had done work at were already more narrow after the work but then it rained a small amount and the dirt turned to mud all the way through were they'd just placed it. Someone's car is gonna fall in the dry stream bed. You can see tire tracks about 8 inches from the edge and you can tell it started to make their car slide down there. Also, its making my road more and more narrow. Soon, I fear being trapped in my own home. =-O

Now about my water being white... yeah. My water is white.
Apparently in doing all of their work, they had to dig up my phone lines and water lines. On my way out on the day they finished, I actually saw the phone cables on top of the dirt on my road. They'd sprayed it orange...
But anywho, something somehow turned my water white. Like, REALLY white. While they were working, you could tell there was air in the pipes which was funky but fine, but then I was in the shower and I realized that the water in the bottom of the tub was white. It looks like a mix of baking soda and water and it's kinda strange. It tastes no different or anything... but MY WATER IF FUCKING WHITE!

I know I've over-told this story by branching off into things that are hardly relevant (I have OCD, bitches), but I basically just wanted it ask if any of you know what the hell can make water white like that? It's a few days later and all is still white. I mean, it's not whipped cream white, but if you fill up my bathroom basin, you can hardly see to the bottom.

Anyone got anything? My water's kind of freaking me out.

-=The Prynce

Monday, September 19, 2005

McDonalds' French Flies Kick Ass

I was just having a bite from McDonalds when I happened to look at the fry I was about to pop into my mouth.


It had a fly or mosquito stuck to it and what I thought was a short peice of hair. It wasn't hair. It was a leg from the insect.

My meal was done at that point but not entirely from disgust. Mostly, it was so I could take a few pictures of the 'French Fly'.

Wanna see? You know you do, bitches...

So there's one of the pictures I took. I know... It's blurry. Deal. That's me fingers on ye left. The little speck, as it seems to be, is the icky insect. I wish it would have been clearer but... you know how digital cameras are about focusing on little shit.

And here's another shot of it. Again, it's but a speck in these pictures, but it's really about the size of a BB if BBs were shaped like mosquitos.

So... Fuck McDonalds of Dillon, SC. They never use enough salt and their food is typically horrible.

Hope you've enjoyed my post. I may edit later but for now, WWE Raw is on.

-=The Prynce

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I could have been a contender! I could have been a somebody!

After I got home tonight, I did my typical routine of grabbing something to drink and flipping through the channels. Now, though I have DirecTV which has about a billion and a half channels, I didn't expect to find anything on worth watch. After all, it is a Saturday night.

But I did come across something that I'd wanted to see during it original airing on CBS a few months ago. It was AFI's top 100 movie quotes from the past 100 years.
I missed probably about 30-40 of them, but I was slightly shocked at how so many of them are now in our language and culture and shit and very few of us know it.

The top 3 quotes, I probably agree with.

3. "I could have been a contender!" in the amazing speech by Marlon Brando in 'On the Waterfront'.
2. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse..." once again by Marlon Brando in the great epic, 'The Godfather'.
1. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." as spoken by Clark Gable in the American classic, 'Gone With the Wind'.

I was still sort of shocked to see some of the quotes that didn't make it into the list. Some gems! Some of my favorites.

One, for example, is the often parodied "Say hell to my little friend!" from 'Scarface'. It could have been on there in the first part that I didn't see, but if not, I'm a little shocked. Given, that was far from the best quote in the film, but it's probably the most popular. My personal favorite is the 'bad guy' speech Tony makes in the restaurant. That and him berating his wife about wanting a baby. But they're a little on the profane side so I understand them not choosing them.

Then we have 'Trainspotting' and though it isn't an American film, it's very quoteable if for nothing than Rent's 'Choose Life' bits at the beginning and the end. And that's just one small part. The entire movie is full of great lines.

Other movies with great quotes are things like 'Airplane!', 'Taxi Driver' (the 'you talkin to me' bit made it to the list), 'Pulp Fiction', 'Blazing Saddles', 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', 'The Princess Bride', 'This Is Spinal Tap', and the list goes on and on and on! Check my Blogger profile for the movies that I love. Many of them were cut off, though, as I had too many listed.

But what about YOU? What are you guys' favorite movie quotes? I know all of you have to have at least just one so leave a comment with your favorite quote. Even if you've never been here and never plan to come here again, give me your quote!

That's all for now, people. I promise to do that post about the final day of 'Operation Reverse Evacuation' ASAP. I's just lazy.

-=The Prynce

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I Really Am A Bad Person After All

I just watched something else tonight and again, I am disappointed at how I reacted to it.

I watch 'The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise and I liked it.

But its ok. Tom Cruise wasn't that great in it, it was just a great story and lots of great supporting actors.

So I can still say "FUCK YOU TOM CRUISE!"

I went to the local highschool football game tonight. I use the term 'game' loosely. Our team won like 48-0... Maybe it was 45-0... I don't remember.
I mean, the score was 31-0 at the half... It wasn't much of a thrilling game. North Myrtle Beach may be a cool place to visit, but they can't raise athletes for shit. I guess that's why the pride of that city is Vanna White, not the NMB Chiefs.
The score was almost higher, even, but Dillon fumbled on like the 2 yard line... The fucks.

But it is redemption. The Dillon Wildcats (my town's highschool team) lost last week to my friend Darrell's alma mater, Marlboro County. It was my alma mater against his and, shockingly, he won. Dillon played like shit.

In other news, it is fucking annoying to call someone multiple times at 3AM after they tell you they plan to go to bed early because they aren't feeling well, just because you're worried about them not feeling well. It's fucking retarded.

But I guess that people are fain to worry about me since I committed suicide my senior year of highschool. That, I'll explain later but for now I'll just say that I was absent from school and my ex g/f said she was afraid I hurt myself b/c of her and everyone thought I was dead since I didn't come which lead to my friend Matt being pulled from his class by my concerned French teacher / 3rd or 4th cousin.


-=The Prynce

Friday, September 16, 2005

Phone Call

Apparently, my doctor's office has yet to call in my prescription to my pharmacy like they told me they would yesterday.

Bitches need to call it in!

Dig, I need this one thing refilled without having to go back in for a check-up because in a month or less, I'll be having to go for a check-up because of two of my other medications. That's right, bitches. I'm heavily medicated, but that's for YOUR protection. =P

But I'm seriously getting pissed. I'm about to have to call up there again and see if they're going to do it or not and while that sounds easy to most people, I have all sorts of anxiety disorders so its hell for me to do.

I hope they fucking do it, though, as I wanna go to a football game tonight, which I can't do if I'm still in the doctor's office!

Anywho, I'm gonna go call the bitches yet again. Wish me luck. I may snap.

-=The Prynce

"Shit! Charlie Got Molested!"

I just watched (like an hour or two ago) one of the funniest shows I've seen in a while, 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia', and I have to say... I feel bad about something.

The entire show was about child molestation and I laughed my ass off through the entire thing and it makes me feel guilty.

Dig, there are these 4 friends and two of them went to middle school together and they see in the paper that some brothers were molested by the PE teacher that they both had but the paper only said it was in the late 80's and that they were brothers.

The strange and almost quite one of the group, Charlie, kind of takes off out of the room without saying much and the others are like "Shit! Charlie got molested!", hence the title of this post...

So they find out who the brothers were and two of the friends (who are actually brother and sister) watch Charlie go to their apartment so they think they know he was molested without a doubt. In reality, he's in there telling the brothers they're full of shit and he knows they weren't molested and they tell him he gave them the idea like a year before while he was drunk off his ass and that they'd just say it was all his idea if he went to the cops.

So his friends have an intervention for him about his molestation and he lies and admits to it and they go to the police station and he says he needs to see a detective about sodomy and he talks to him and rats out the other guys.

During all of this, the other friend is trying to get molested by the coach and trying to figure out why he wasn't molested because he thought he was attractive enough as a kid.

But, yeah, they all find out he wasn't molested, thus ending the season.

So am I fucked up for laughing at a show about child molestation? I mean, it's a comedic show! And it was really fucking funny! And during the episode, everyone kept saying this one guy was definitely going to hell for his view on the whole thing and... Yeah.

Anywho, it was incredibly funny and I feel guilty but... I don't care.

Sorry this post was so boring, though. I promise another boring post really soon! Probably about the trip I just took to the beach.


-=The Prynce

Monday, September 12, 2005

Reverse Evacuation!

There's a hurricane/tropical storm headed for the Carolina coast and... I'm so jacked!

It should hit land late Tuesday or early Wednesday. And we are making a special trip down to Myrtle Beach so we can enjoy the storm with Darrell.

It's probably going to be either a strong tropical storm or a category 1 hurricane when it makes landfall which will likely happen in NC either on the cape or near Wilmington. Myrtle Beach is pretty close to the NC border so we should get some nice winds. It'd gonna sort of graze the SC coast near were we will be.

I've seen hurricane and tropical storms before complete with the very high winds but this will be the first time I will see if on the coast itself. I figured that a storm of this strength would be good to pop my cherry with storms on the coast.
Darrell rode out a tropical storm last year in the same beach front hotel we'll be at this time and he said it was really cool, but slightly scary since he was there alone.

I have only a few concerns to speak of. For one, storm surge. I don't know that this storm will have much of a surge, but it still worries me. A big enough surge and batter a building's foundation and take it to the ground.
Another concern of mine is a power-outage. There aren't too many trees in Myrtle Beach that I would think would be in danger of falling on lines, but three could be some amount of airborne debris even with such a weak storm that could possible mess up lines.
And that leads to my final concern of the moment-- Debris. Again, its a weak sort of storm so it's not likely that chucks of buildings will be flying about, but 80 MPH winds can still put many dangerous things into the air. Hold your hand out of a car window while doing 60 on the Interstate. Feel all of that pressure? Add 1/3 more pressure and that's about the strength of this storm. And those will be the sustained winds... In other words, they'll be steady without slowing and it doesn't include gusts that may be far over. Again, it's nothing amazing but those are still abnormally high winds. And the possibility of tornados... That can't be ignored.

But I'm going to force my fears aside and brave it out down there. Even if we only get minimal tropical storm winds, I'd be happy. I love that sort of thing.

I'll do some audioposting while I'm down there while outside if possible. I'm also going to take some pictures with my digital camera and we're going to get some video footage.

Just thought I'd let you all know about my plan of stupidity!

Comment, people!

I'll try to post again if anything else grabs my attention before leaving tomorrow so keep an eye out.

-=The Prynce

Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Short People Got No Reason To Live"

I promised a post today explaining why I think many may find me so far out of the 'norm'. It's simple.

My family has a history of rebellion.

Let me start with Captain Volentine/Valentine Rowell. He was a captain in the Revolutionary War. He was my Great Great Great Great Grandfather. The fact that he was a captain in the revolt against Britain shows that he clearly was a rather rebellious person.

But let me skip forward to the Civil War.

As some of you probably know, the Civil War started in SC when SC succeeded from the Union. The first shots of the war were fired in SC at Fort Sumter in Charleston.
A relative of mine (I'm not sure of his exact lineage in relation to mine, only that he's now, through the generations, a very distant cousin), William B. Rowell was a state congressman for Marion County (which encompassed modern day Marion County, Dillon County, Florence County, and bits of others). He was one of the people to sign the succession of South Carolina from the United States.

So as far as he goes, one of my relatives was one of about 100 men that were responsible for the start of the Civil War.

In a closer and more direct lineage, I had many people in my family to actually fight for the rebel South in the war.

My Great Great Grandfather, David Rowell was a private in the war as were his brothers John H. Rowell, Jeremiah Rowell and Jesse R. Rowell. One of their brothers, James Volentine/Valentine Rowell was a 5th Sgt. and was captured in the battle at Petersburg, VA. He later died in a POW camp in Elmira, NY.

I had many others in my family in the Civil War and probably in the Revolutionary War, too. I know at least one relative on my paternal grandfather's side was supposed to be in the war. His name was Julius Cox.
Many people from my maternal side were in the war(s) as well.

My point in posting all of this is this: Maybe rebelliousness is genetic! That wouldn't explain why so many of my family on both sides are dull and content with 'status quo', but... so? lol.
I wouldn't call myself the 'black sheep' of my family. To me, the 'black sheep' is supposed to be a trouble maker or at least that's how most people see it. I'm just the one that doesn't fit in with the rest of the family. I'm just more of an outcast in my family than a trouble-maker.

And no I'm not 'bragging' that my family was on the Confederate side of the war. But I do feel the need to clarify something that is often mistaken. The Civil War was not over slavery. It was about the rights of states over the rights of the federal government.
A modern example today would be the whole gay marriage thing. The South of then would want states to decide for themselves if it's to be legal in their states while the North would be like Bush and everyone trying to outlaw it in each state regardless of that state's own thoughts.

Given, the South was largely in favor of slavery. But African-Americans fought for the South and while I'm sure some where forced to, some volunteered and were free at the time. But there was slavery in the North, too. It just wasn't as big up there. And slavery changed very little after the war because the former slaves could not find jobs so they stayed with their former masters and worked for small amounts of food just as they had in slavery.

Luckily, I've found no evidence that any of my Rowell family had any slaves. Some of my Jones family did, though, and I've found evidence that one of my Cox relatives may have had one servant.
I'm not defending slavery AT ALL here, people. I'm sure you all know that I'm FAR too liberal for that shit, lol. So please don't mistake my comments for that. I'm ASHAMED that my family owned slaves. It sort of pisses me off. Instead, my comments were simply to tell you all that, in spite of what you were taught, slavery was not the sole or even the main reason for the war.

That's about all I have, folks. Sorry to all of you who actually believed me when I said this might end up being at least SLIGHTLY interesting, lol. But if you're a fuckin' geek like me, maybe you actually did give a damn.

And I forgot to include this in my last post which is kind of silly since it was the reason for my calling it 'Sasquatch'. It's a quote about following your dreams. It'll follow my signature in this post.

And here's that...

-=The Prynce

"It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, whether you're white, black, or Sasquatch, even. As long as you follow your dream, no matter how crazy or against the law it is... except for Sasquatch. If you're Sasquatch, the rules are different."
-Sire Meatwad of Jersey


I've not nearly as much time to post as I would normally want but I figured I'd still post to give those of you bored enough to read me something to do.

The NFL's first regular season game is tomorrow night. FUCK YES! Finally. Given, it is The Patriots (whom I hate) against The Raiders, but one of my main reasons for posting right now is to go ahead and tell you people before their first game that I think The Raiders may end up being AFC champions this year... Ok so maybe not, but I do think they're going to do VERY well this year.
As some of you may know, they've now got Randy Moss (and though that means The Vikings are without him now, they're a great team, too, and they will survive. Mike Tice looks too mean to want to let down.). And not to mention other notables such as Kerry Collins, Doug Gabriel, and their kicker Sebastian Janikowski.
So for more information on the Oakland roster, stats, etc. Click Here for their Yahoo team page thingy.
The game is at 8PM EST tomorrow night on ABC so check that shit out.

And people, George Bush is not 100% to blame for all of the shit and flub-ups in New Orleans. He's only about 95% to blame. I mean, local and state government gets an assload of blame too but Bush IS largely to blame if not directly than through some of the shit people he's put in charge over his term thus far.

The guy's an idiot. It's kinda simple and sad... Like him. =)

But I'm off to bed for now, people. I'll probably post tomorrow if I can. I plan to tell you all why I think I turned out to be so far out of main stream though it seems that, being from my area, I was pre-disposed to it.
You'll learn a little history about my past and where I come from as well as some possible genetic reasons... It could actually be a (dare I say) slightly interesting post.

So stay tuned, motherfuckers!

-=The Prynce

Monday, September 05, 2005

You Can't Over-Love Your Underwear!

Hello again!

Sorry for not posting over the past week or so I've just been busy... or at least lazy.

My beach trip was nice. We didn't get to do as much as we'd planned but we got the hell out of Dillon so that was cool. Most of our trip was documented in my three most recent and rambling audioposts. I listed to them after we got back and... wow. I think I'll only be audioposting in the future only when it's an urgent post or something.

But after the last post, I got about 4 hours of sleep (and not very good sleep with Shannon waking up just to bitch at everything/everyone.
Then I got up and we watched CNN to see what Hurricane Katrina had done to the Gulf Coast and it was horrible. But more on that later.

We all showered and everything. Darrell made a run to McDonald's but forgot my fuckin' parfait! But we all ate and by then it was time to pack up.
So we did just that. We packed up and I was miserable because it had gotten hot in the room from all the showers and the opening and closing of the door. But still, we packed. Then we took our stuff down to Darrell's friend's car and Shannon, Rian and myself went and waited for the bus. That was a miserable experience. It was hot and I was already hot from the room anyway and the breeze was steady but it was rather hot itself.
But the bus came and it was nice on there. We took it down to The Viking were Darrell was working (he wasn't supposed to have anyone in his friend's car so we just met him there) and waited for a lady to leave and we went inside where it was nice and cool. That place had a nice lobby... lol.
Shannon resurrected BS from my blog and her's in the lobby while we were chilling with Darrell. Rian played as though it was HIS lobby (and it was, lol). I spent about $5 on sodas because I was dying of thirst, plus the section of the sub-lobby place with the stairs to the machines was glass and had a nice view of the pool. This one lass was sun-bathing and I took a few shots of her (she was topless but lying face-down but she had a great ass on her though she looked like she may be in her 40's and if she stood, it'd flop down a few feet) but all of my photos from the trip were deleted by the time we got back.

We hung out in the lobby for a few hours while watching TV and stuff. Rian was standing at the door with his face pressed to it and blowing. Strange little man... We saw Shannon's dad (who was in town for a law enforcement seminar) drive by at one point. But when we left, we went to The Olive Garden.
I have to say, with the hot waitresses and hostesses, it was cool. My herb-grilled salmon was excellent. Everyone else wanted pasta or some crap but salmon's the shit so... ya.
The main hostess at the door was HOT! Her face and body overall was only slightly above average but that ass... Ah yeah. It had to come at least 6 inches or more out from the small of her back. And it wasn't a fat flabby big ass. It was rather perky and flexed when she took a step but it had that nice little giggle to it, too. And it wasn't all that big. It was perfect. And I'm not an ass-man! But I did take some pictures of it but they were also deleted. =(

After leaving there we rode by the Blue Moon Boutique for some pagan shopping but it was closed so we went to Barefoot Landing.
We found a bathroom for Shannon's mom and then we went to Black Market Minerals to buy Rian a crystal. Since he was born, he's always stared at and played with mine. So Shannon got one for him and one for herself. I bought a bitchin' pendulum. I'll post a picture sometime.
I want to think we did something else while there but I'm drawing a blank. Shannon, if you remember feel free to post a comment and let me know what I left out.
I know we went to Build-A-Bear and Shannon's mom promised to get Rian a bear next time we went but that took like 3 minutes.

Then we went home.


As I said earlier, I'd post something about Katrina. She's a bitch.
But really. That was a terrible storm. Being from SC and no more than an hour from the coast, I have had many experiences with hurricanes.
My first was the infamous Hurricane Hugo. Now for some reason, people don't remember Hugo. It hit the coast of Charleston, SC on 9/21/1989. Charleston, for those of you who don't know, is near the Southern tip of SC. I live in the Northern area (of the coastal plains) about 3 hours away. But Hugo fucked this state up.
Myrtle Beach is at the other end of the coast in comparison to Charleston and it was almost flattened. I've seen the pictures of our favorite hotel, The Vancouver, after Hugo hit and, though it was at least 100 miles from where the eyewall came ashore, the building was virtually non-existent. Almost the only thing left were the hanging lamps in the rooms and a few cinder walls. If my friend Darrell can get the GM of the Vancouver to scan those pictures, I'll post 'em.
But where I live, as stated, it about 3 hours from Charleston. We lost power, had trees blown down, lots of destruction, and tornados. Given, the only things that were leveled or badly damaged were warehouses and mobile homes and shit, but still...

But my memories from that time are a little sketchy 'cause I was pretty young.

A local weather man spoke to my GATEway class in middle school and said that Hugo spawn so many tornados that they just stopped counting after 200. That's a lot of twisters, people.

I think Hugo is so often forgotten because of Andrew. It hit Florida in 1992, I think. As far as power and all goes, it was only a little worse than Hugo. It just hit Florida and leveled everything and Florida can't handle hurricanes because they're a penninsula. So mother natured razed Florida and because of inflation, population, and a few other things, Andrew cost more. But Hugo was still bad and its almost a little annoying that its so forgotten.

Here are some pages with pictures from Hugo:
Hugo's Effect on part of the Caribbean
A Bridge Near Charleston During the Storm
Before & After Photos at Folly Beach
Hugo Plays with Boats
A Hugo Survivor's Story w/ Photo

If you'd like to see more, just search Google Images for "Hurricane Hugo", including the quotation marks.

Then more recently, we had hurricane Floyd. I think that was in 1999 or 1998. It wasn't nearly as bad as it almost was. It was a HUGE storm-- The biggest I think I've ever seen. And at one time just before it hit land, it was either a category 4 or 5. But just before it hit land, it dropped down to a category 1. It was sort of a slow moving storm, too. THAT is why it was so memorable and destructive. The winds were minimal but the rains were HEAVY, the storm was WIDE and it was moving very SLOWLY. Almost everywhere in NC and the more NE section of SC had at least some flooding problems. But in some places, it was really horrible. Whole towns completely under water (rooftops included).
But that goes to show that even low category storms can pummel you.

But as horrible as hurricanes are, we're used to them down here. People evacuate and all but they're still used to them, much like Florida. We're in misery when they hit but we know we're prone to them but no one leaves.

My area is actually kind of a bad place to be as far as natural disasters go. While we almost rarely have to deal with them, we're prone to all of them.
Hurricanes, floods, tornados (not just from hurricanes, either), earthquakes (Charleston's set on a giant fault line and from what I've heard, the inter-costal waterway all along the SC coast was made by a fault, meaning it's on one.), and even blizzards.

Hmmm... Maybe that's why this place is shit. Companies don't want to put things here because they know nature may just fuck it up at any moment.

Wow, I need to move.

-=The Prynce