Friday, November 25, 2005

Stupid Chalkies!

Hey people. How's it?

Well, tomorrow is a really big day for me. I'll be 21!

But I'm not as thrilled as most people would be or like others expect me to. It isn't even here yet and it's kind of already crumbling.

The plans were like this:

Shannon and I were going to go to the beach and hang out with Darrell and LJ. Later in the evening, we were going to go to the 'Crazy Horse'. Then, with luck, we were going to go on at least a small ghost hunt, time permitting. The next morning, we were going to go get wrestling tickets for the show in Conway on December 3.

Now it appears that much of this may not happen.

We're still going down there and all but its uncertain if we will be going to the 'Crazy Horse'. Darrell hasn't got any money. But locals get in free there so we're hoping he and LJ will be counted as locals as they live in the same county. If they're considered locals then we'll only have to pay one admission (we hope) because we found a printable coupon for one free admitance.

I don't know for sure, but the ghost hunt may be out, too. Darrell's car can't be driven b/c of tax issues or something and LJ's car isn't working. So they're going to have to drive some other car and hopefully, we'll be able to go on with our plans with the ghost hunt and the club, too so hopefully the car issue won't be much of an issue at all.

And Darrell isn't going to be able to get his ticket for the wrestling event. We're still going to get our's though, and hopefully he'll be able to get his the next Friday or he won't be able to go. Shannon assures me that we'll be able to go even if he doesn't so that's cool and a good thing.
Hopefully he can at least get seats near us, though. We hope to get ringside so maybe they won't be out of them before they sell out of them.
While I certainly hope he'll be able to make it to the show and I'll feel like a jerk if I go and he doesn't, I'm still not gonna be able to resist going, lol.

BTW, Jeff Hardy has been added to the list of wrestlers. And Mad Max (you should know him if you're local) is going to be the ring announcer.

So hopefully this birthday won't be a bust. I haven't had a good birthday in a really long time. My 18th was shit. I think I spent the night chatting online. This is my last landmark birthday before 30 so I'm hoping I can spend it having fun with a great friend. If not, its gonna suck 'cause Rian's not going with us and it'll be one of the worst birthdays ever.

Anywho, I'm going to try to post VIA my cell when I'm down there. Shannon and I are going to have about 6 hours or more of 'down time' just sitting around the hotel room so I should have plenty of time to audiopost. I'll get some pictures, too, and try to post them from Darrell's laptop if possible.

Yesterday was funky. I went to my uncle, aunt and cousin's house as always on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I almost didn't make it because of a horrid tummy ache. We got there late and all but it was fine. Thanksgiving is like the preseason of family get-togethers.

It was relatively uneventful, though. Rian played with my cousin's little boy. He tackeled him and the other kid's got two years on Rian. My wee man is a tough monster! Hehe...

Anywho, I gotta go for now. Later, all!

-=The Prynce

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Quickies #1

I have a new post idea. When I don't have time to post anything worth a damn, I'm gonna just post quick thoughts in a numbered format.

1. I'm starting to think that I'd rather not deal with people at all. Sexy people would, of course, be excluded from this. Super-sexy people that don't suck. I mean... They can suck (and that's a preference, though not a requirement), but their personality can't.

2. I'm also started to hate the weather here in SC. Within one week, we went from a high in the 80s to a low in the mid-low 20s. This place is not a sub-tropic paradise, you asses. Its a miserably hot place in the summer and sometimes bitterly cold place in the Fall/Winter. And yes... It does snow in SC.

3. I can do a full body workout at the gym but I don't feel nearly as great the next day as I would if I would have just lifted a little weights, done some sit-ups, and went biking for a little while.

4. I LOVE the pain on the day after such a workout. It hurts so good...

5. I have a pair of two-way radios that Shannon just got for me that require an FCC license to operate. Its silly and I'm poor so I don't see it happening. They have about a 3 mile max range so... What do you think... Prynceton Pirate Radio?

6. If I could strike people that annoy me or otherwise make me angry in any way with any sort of illness, I would choose Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

7. This time next week, I will FINALLY not have to depend on other people to satisfy my beer fits. (Often I'll be sitting around and I'll just crave beer [never domestic]... For those of you who didn't understand what I meant.)

8. I'm exceptionally lazy.

That's all for tonight, folks. Comment if you'd like and also on other posts, even from years ago. I need things to read!
Seriously, though... Even if you hate me, post a comment and say so. If you have never been here before and never intend to return, comment.

I don't wanna have to afflict you with IBS...

-=The Prynce

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"I've Seen It. It's Rubbish."

I haven't posted in a while but I thought I would post now for a few reasons.

First off, birthdays.

First was my son's birthday on November 4. He had a nice little party the following day. So... Happy birthday, Rian!
On the very next day was the birthday of one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Carrie. I'm not sure how old she is now, but Happy birthday anyway, Carrie! Her blog is at
Also, Happy birthday to Shannon who's birthday was Oct. 20.
Lastly was my ex girlfriend, Christy. Her birthday was on Nov. 13 and though I know wishing her a happy birthday may lead to a pissing match with myself and Shannon, Happy birthday anyway, Christy! (Whom I'm doubtful has ever even seen this blog of mine. And I haven't even spoken to her in nearly a year. But nonetheless...)

Next, Eddie Guerrero.
He was a WWE wrestler who was found dead on this past Saturday night. He was only 38 but preliminary autopsy reports show he died of heart failure.
In my eyes, he was at the top of his game recently and he was returning to main-event status but tragedy is cold and doesn't mind hitting at unfortunate times.
He was never one of my favorites, but he was one of the best at what he did.

I was on the radio again yesterday. The DJ said he didn't see why Paul McCartney wrote 'Hey Jude' for Julian Lennon and I called and told him that I've heard and read that it is about his father John Lennon's divorce from his mother, Cynthia and/or his father marrying Yoko Ono and it was Paul's way of telling Julian like "Don't let this whole mess and Yoko get you down".
Anywho, he played what I said on the air and afterwards complimented me by saying something like "Wow. This guy's really on top of this stuff."

In short, I have about another minute to be removed from my 15 minutes of fame.

I'm running low on time now so I think I'm only going to be able to tell you all that I should be attending yet another wrestling show in Conway, SC on Dec. 3 of this year. It's gonna be a bitchin' show... Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, New Age Outlaws, Psycho Sid Vicious, Abyss, and more are gonna be there. For more information go to

That's all for now, folks. I'll try not to let the space be so large between posts anymore.

Keep 'em open...

-=The Prynce