Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boo Bity Boo...

Bill Cosby is incredibly funny. But I don't much care for The Cosby Show... It wasn't built enough on him.

One of the best shows ever is of course, Saved By the Bell. Its fantastically cheesy. In in continuity is horrible and funny at the same time.
But I grew up on the shit and have something of an obsessive personality so I remember far more about it than is healthy, as I have posted before.

Its great how they had two senior proms. And its great how they went from JFK Junior High in Indiana with Mr. Belding as principal to Bayside in Southern California with the same bleeding principal!
See, the secret there is that the shows from Junior High were in fact an entirely different series entitled "Good Morning Miss Bliss" that aired on the Disney Channel. It was cancelled but apparently NBC bought the rights and turned it into Saved By the Bell.
Its also great how Zack and Lisa were gonna date and Screech was finally over her and then after that episode, none of that stuck and Lisa and Zack were no longer together.

So who do you guys think Zack lost his virginity to? I have a theory that it was the homeless chick from the Christmas episodes. UNLESS it was Kelly which I doubt. She seemed to be too wholesome but I know he wouldn't have tapped some of the other random chicks 'cause he wanted her and wouldn't want to screw that up.
But the homeless chick lived with them until her dad got a new job and he helped her and her dad so much that I know for sure she would have slept with him and he was over Kelly in those episodes so I'm sure he was more than willing (he was something of a shallow asshole after all).
I've known so many people similar to the homeless chick. They find someone who's willing to help them at a tough spot in their life and they melt over them and grow mad attached until it just falls apart and they wanna die.

How is Dustin Diamond broke exactly? And is he really losing his house? I think it may be a hoax, really... But I'm gonna buy a shirt regardless. $20 for his autograph and a shirt is worth it to a lamer like me.
You can find out more about all of that jazz by going to

But my question of how he could be broke remains. He was the one cast member that was on each incarnation of the show from 'Good Morning Miss Bliss' to 'Saved by the Bell: The New Class'. Even Mr. Belding wasn't on all the shows. He was absent in the College Years.
Screech was on all of the series and the specials yet he's broke and faking a home porn leak.

Jessie wasn't very attractive at all. Lisa really was the only cute one until the College Years at which point Kelly was finally hot to me.

The best episodes to me are the lamest and cheesiest such as the famed 'Jessie's Song' where her addiction to caffeine pills were comparable to some crack addicts that I've seen.
Another great one was the 'School Song' episode where I got the title of this post. Apparently drinking water with Lemon juice will make you autistic though it will have no flavor in any way.

So... I think I'm gonna wrap up this post. I had no topic in mind when I started but I think we all see now where it went. But I have to jet so... Fudge it.

Expect to see more 'Saved by the Bell' posts in the future. I'm a geek, motherfucker.

-=The Prynce

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Its a 'who cares?'-type post...

Rob 'Little Hoch' Ludwick has a new catch-phrase. Keep an eye out for that on as he's told me that he'll reveal it publically in his next post's title.

I was leaving Wal-Mart the other day and totally had the right-of-way so I just sort of walked out in the pedistrian crossing area and a car was like... Right on me. He waved for me to go ahead to which I was like "No shit, asshole".
As I was about to get in the car I hear someone scream "HEY LONG HAIR!!" from across the lot which, if you've never had long hair around ignorant redneck fucks, that's typically what they call you.
So I see that its the guy from the car and I'm like "Oh cripes... This guy's gonna try to start shit." so I'm like "Yeah?" and he's like "Do you like metal?". I'm thinking he's going to be a dickhead and say something like "Well next time you fucking walk out in front of me you're gonna taste chrome, you fuck!" 'cause that's pretty much what I would have said.
So I'm like "A bit." and he's like "Ah 'cause Slayer's gonna be at the House of Blues tomorrow." which sort of threw me off because for one, I knew and two I was expecting the former. I called back to him "Yeah I know but I've gotta work!" and he calls back "Ah man it's gonna be great."
But I think it was about that time he realized that he'd called me 'long hair' which most people tend to know could make a bloke defensive. So he revealed he had a mohawk underneath his baseball cap.

Stupid story but... It sounded good in my mind. Judgemental fuckers.

There's some shit going on in Darlington County, SC that gets me a bit worked up.
Most of you know that I'm pretty much the most liberal and least racist fuck you'll ever come across but when it comes to the Confederate flag and the former CSA as a whole, I view it as my history. I had many family members fight and some die for the CSA. An ancestor of mine signed the sucession order, even. And above all, you should know that contrary to what you were told in second grade, it was NOT about slavery. The whole thought of federal and confederate government systems would have blown your 7 year old mind.

No matter, in Darlington County there are two graves that the Sons of Confederate Veterns want to put CSA markers on (CSA markers contain a small Confederate flag engraved on it, also). It happens all the time. No big deal, right?
The only thing this time is that the two soldiers who fought for the CSA happen to have been black. That's right, folks... People of all colors fought for the South and many of them were slaves that were already freed for what-ever reason.
But the NAACP's local chapter (which seems silly to me to have a chapter of the NAACP in SC at all seeing as how to have the chapter they have to live here which is kind of not participating in the NAACP boycott on the state of South Carolina) wants to fight it. Not the decendants of the men... Not the people who are there to preserve the history of those two men...
The NAACP should really have no say in the matter. The SCV isn't a racist group (although I know a number of members who actually are ignorant bigots) in any way. Regardless of bigots that may be members, the group itself is for direct descendants of soldiers of the CSA and they're out to preserve the history of the state of South Carolina as it pertains to that period in time.

I dunno I just don't get it. This stuff happened. Taking the flag down from the monument in Columbia isn't going to erase it. Not allowing two soldiers to be honored isn't, either. If we're trying to erase all traces of the CSA, Charleston will certainly need to be erased off of the map. The fort where it all started is there and its now a national monument. Its not a national monument because the nation is racist. Its a national monument because its our HISTORY. No matter where your ancestors were from, if you consider yourself and American in any way then it is your history.

Anywho enough on that whole trip, eh? lol. Hopefully I pissed no one off. It wasn't my intention.

Bill Maher is Jesus... Little known fact, friends.

People, don't vote for Hillary if you're a Democrat and you're voting in the primaries... Please?
She's ok in my eyes but she plays to whomever she's talking to too much. Her stance is what-ever the 'correct' stance is for the people she's blowing at that moment. I don't see her winning the White House.
Instead, vote for Edwards or Obama!
I'd love to see Obama get the nomination but I'm worried about his lack of experience and how well it'd hold up to the firestorm that he'd get in the actual race.
That's why we need Edwards. The man is the shit. He's got some of Obama's charisma and speaking skills only he blinks more.
Watch him talk... Seriously... He blinks a lot...

So... Edwards/Obama '08!

-=The Prynce

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yeah so... Moving sucks. There's no way around it. It sucks.

But in the end, its for the best. I must get out of my current residence. Apparently they want to get rid of the mold that infests that place but... C'mon. That wouldn't work at all. That would require a total renovation of the entire place. They'd have to redo all interiors and somehow destroy the mold in the walls. Its impossible.

But its kinda what my three days off are going to be made of, it seems. Due to a freakish scheduling accident, my days off for next week come just after my last day off from this week so I get the coveted three days off. Joy.
Actually it is a good thing... I'm hoping I will have time to do something fun and get totally moved out by the end of those days off so that I can do something... Anything. lol.

Soo... Uhhh... I really don't know where to take this post. I mean, I have some free time but I've got nothing to say. All that comes to mind is that I'm sooo ready to get the hell out of my apartment but I think I've pretty much covered that... lol.

This city is stupid.
People with pull are trying to make it more of a resort town like Orlando than a nice but large family beach... It won't work.
Crackheads, crime, and prostitutes are the only things that are increasing here in significant numbers- Not revenue. Its becoming a very dangerous place to live and to visit. The crime rate of Myrtle Beach is higher than that of New York City... That's kinda terrible.

But that's about all I can come up with this morning so... Deal. And shut up.

-=The Prynce

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quick Hits, F00z

Time for a quick post with random and flowing thoughts...

Ok... Colts are gonna win the Super Bowl. If they don't, its blasphemy. The Bears are lame. They have a shite quarterback. Brian Urlacher is a cock-sucking asshole.
Manning deserves this win and if there's a higher power of any sort, he'll get it. And if that power loves me, the win will come with the play Darrell and I 'rehearsed' in Dollar General... Made the Immaculate Reception look like it was thrown by... I dunno... Rex Grossman.

I got a nice assortment of liquors today. Hooray for me, yeah? And I got high quality, name-brand shit. Crazy.

So, I'm moving out of my apartment. The place is infested with mold and I've pretty much had my fill of being constantly sick, the place smelling horrible, and everything being untouchable due to mold. Not to mention, its a shite place for the amount I'm paying. Given utilities are included but... No.
I'm moving into an actual house with Darrell and his girlfriend. Its a nice place and for now, it will make things easier on them and me finacially for me to live with them. I do intend on it being temporary but it'll do fine for now.
My only issues are sharing a bathroom (which is doable) and the fact that its a former military house on the old Air Force base. Go only knows the horrors some angry airman inflicted upon his family in the years since that house has stood.

But those things are out-weighed by all of the positives. And the positives are many.

Doing the actual move is gonna suck. I'm gonna have to pack when I can and move when I'm able. I'm hoping to be totally out of my apartment by next weekend though which I think is doable.

So all-in-all I see my life as improving. Change can make me a bit worrisome and edgy at times but that's the case with most people, eh?

Anywho, time is running low so I gotta jet. Be cool, folks!

-=The Prynce