Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Diet Soda Give Me the Pees

I don't know where this post may go so bear with me.

First off, we at Tee Hee Dumbass Productions have released our newest video, 'Penny Kid'. Its pretty cool and you can check that out below.

So... Click that and watch it then go comment, yo.

I went to see WWE Raw in North Charleston a week or two ago which was pretty cool. You'd think that North Charleston would be a shorter drive than Charleston itself since I'm coming from the North but you would be terribly wrong. I hated the drive.
But I did get to see some cool stuff such as the temporary reuniting of the APA and local wrestlers "Krazy K" Kirby Mack in a Heat match with his brother TJ Mack playing the part of Marty Jannetty in a bit.

Anywho, speaking of wrestling, I had my first professional wrestling training class a month or two ago. Unfortunately, my shit work schedule has not permitted me to make it back since but I WILL be returning ASAP. If my current job does not start giving me the days off that I need then I will simply seek employment at a place that will.
At any rate, the class was excellent. My trainers are super patient but remain tough. I've always thought that the chances of doing well in anything rise drastically when you feel as though you're wanted to succeed (which also corresponds to my current employment but that's another topic, really).
I was training with four guys and they all seem to be great people. One of them is actually from my hometown of Dillon so that was a pleasant surprise. Another of them is a bigger guy so its also comforting to know that I won't be the only big dude doing things in a big dude way.

I'm so anxious to get back to the school. I haven't been to the gym like I want and need since I went but I'll be on that soon.
I got a pretty good idea of what it's gonna take. Cardio will be super important as will strengthening my knees. My knees are pretty strong as it is but I found out quickly that if your knees are tired and you try taking a bump, you second-guess it and think your knees are gonna give out on you. Not a nice feeling especially since two of those times I basically went down in a 'power slide' position only with all of my weight on my heels which did not feel nice on the knees either.
My back wasn't as bad as I expected from the bumping but it hurt in more places than I'd expected. I also learned that training in the Winter's not the best idea (the classes are in a ring set up outside) because the cold makes the mat very hard... Very hard.
I'll leave it at saying that I knew I would hurt pretty bad after the class, I just wasn't expecting the pain in all of the places that I had it.

My birthday was pretty uneventful (to my liking). Rob, Kasey, Darrell, Carissa and myself went to Dick's Last Resort to eat and it was soooooo stupid. Its supposed to be fun and the staff is supposed to insult you and be rude but we did a far better job than they did. And the food was MAD expensive and not very good at all.
After we left there, Darrell, Carissa and me all went to the Landmark Resort to attend the Ron Paul support rally.

We ran a little late but we heard a good deal of his speech and got the great honor of meeting him!
If you don't know about this guy, do a Google or YouTube search for him. You'll be impressed I'm sure!

I hate the Patriots and hope they lose badly before the SuperBowl. If they make it to the AFC championship game, I totally think it'll be against Jacksonville while I think its very likely it will be Green Bay Vs. Dallas in the NFC championship game. I'd like to see Jacksonville Vs. Green Bay in the Super Bowl personally.
And I know there's still a shard of a chance The Panthers will make it to the playoffs as a wild-card but really... I'm at the point now where I don't want them to. When it comes down to it and as much as I love them, they just do not deserve it...

Anywho, I gotta be goin' now but... You cats watch that video. Seriously.

-=The Prynce

Saturday, December 08, 2007

R.I.P. - 27 Years

October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980
"If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal."
-John Lennon

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cob Sucks Rocks

Rob just admitted to me that he sucked cock tonight. He watched Spiderman and it made him gay.

A gross whore called me cute earlier. Its unfortunate because I bet she was hot two years ago before she was introduced to crack and cock for cash.
She was like "How old are you?" and I responded with my age and she was like "Oh... Wow... You're really cute. I know guys don't like being called cute but... Wow you're cute."
I was like "Heh, thanks..." all the while thinking, "Nah its not that I mind being called cute but when its from a dirty whore... Its slightly different." but I kept that to myself.

I found out today that I had to work at a different hotel one day this week because a manager of ours keeps coming in late and causing another co-worker to get too much over-time.
Now that's pretty bad and all but the lamest part is that the manager told my roommate to tell me of the change because she "Did not feel comfortable telling me about it."
As someone with anxiety disorders, I can understand that to a degree but... I'm not a manager. And even if I was, its work related and a part of my job to deliver the effects of my crappy choices to the parties that they may effect.
Its just something I found amusing. Pawning off informing an employee in a timely manner of a change of shift prior to 24 hours until my arrival time because you don't feel comfortable telling them about it is just not a quality people would think of when they think about someone they'd want in charge of people. I mean c'mon!

Anywho, I just felt like updating really fast with lots of stuff involving cocks so... There we are. Boom!

-=The Prynce
* So Rob actually admitted to sucking up a cockroach from the ceiling with a vacuum but... Close enough.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

If Even CNN's Full of Shit, How Terrible Is FNC?!

I'm sitting here right now watching CNN's lop-sided and mis-leading mockumentary on pro wrestling and steroid usage. Of course its focusing on the Chris Benoit tragedy.

Former WWE wrestler and Harvard graduate Christopher Nowinski's group studying the effects in long-term of concussions (including those that are suffered without any knowledge of the injury occurring) in sports. I once saw a short documentary on his group (The Sports Legacy Institute) where it showed that they seem to focus largely on athletes with such injuries and their suicides and/or lives of depression.

I do not like or agree with a lot of the things that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon does and I admit that his love for unnaturally large physiques has something to do with steroid usage in wrestling.

That being said, I have to defend him.

The CNN piece can't decide if its blaming McMahon for Benoit's actions due to his brain injuries or possible steroid usage, switching from one to the next as it suits them.
They blame McMahon for the life-long drug use and head injuries that Benoit and many other wrestlers that have worked for him have incurred over the years.

People, that's a crock of shit.
Wrestlers see the WWE as the top. Its where people have commonly spent half of their lives trying to get. Once they commit themselves to a life of pro wrestling, though, there's very little looking back and it becomes how they feed their families and when you're not working for a million dollar company you have to work incredibly hard to get the money you need.
To make a name in the independent leagues, wrestlers often take extra risks with impressive but dangerous moves and by steroid, pain, and illegal drug usage.

Benoit came up on the independents in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico and Japan all the while making a name for himself as a relentless though small kind of guy. His first exposure across the US came with his time spent in ECW and WCW where he was well known for his diving headbutt finisher which some think could have caused his brain trauma.

The exact same thing goes for his steroid use. I doubt highly that it started while he was in WWE. A little man in a big man's business has to even the playing ground in some way and he chose to do it in a negative and dangerous way.

My point is this: People come into the WWE with their addictions, bad habits and injuries already fully intact from their time in the independent circuits where there is pretty much 0% oversight.
Lots of 'knowledgeable' people may scoff at the WWE's policies saying that they're loose and have loopholes, but at least there is some sort of oversight there. At least these 100 or so wrestlers are being tested. The thousands outside of the company are not.

While on the topic of the 'major loophole' in the WWE's Wellness Policy, I'd like to state that steroids and HGH are legitimate medical treatments and some of these wrestlers really do need them to help them recover from injuries.
When I was ten years old I was hit by a car which lead to a injury with one of my back muscles that after failed physical rehabbing, they were forced to turn to a treatment of steroids in my back muscle. It was just a medical treatment that my actual medical doctor decided was the best method in which to help repair that muscle and the same thing occurs with professional athletes.

Now on to something that FEW people may agree with but being Libertarian, I can't let it go unsaid.
In a profession such as professional wrestling where there is no physical contest per se, why are we so concerned with the drugs they take to make themselves look better? They know the risks and they weigh the options before doing it so if they choose to do it, that's them, right?
In addition to that, its typically more of the pain killers that do the massive damage to these guys' bodies than the steroids.

Some of you may know that I recently began training as a professional wrestler. I can say here and now that my life and my family are far too important to me to risk my life by ever injecting myself with steroids. Its stupid and not worth the risk. But that is the choice that I am making about MY life and MY body.

Another topic that seems to go hand-in-hand with this one that I'd like to briefly state my opinion on is the idea of a wrestlers' union.
Good idea. It'd have to be either VERY slowly worked in and supported by Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter but it could work. But it won't happen. Wrestlers are often times brought up as a 'flavor of the week' and when the promoter gets what they want they get rid of them and there's not a lot that can be done about it. If a group of top wrestlers decided to strike with their union and not go on TV, the companies would simply find new guys and make themselves new stars. Its sad but true: Wrestling does not have many loyalties be it in the promoters, the wrestlers or the fans.

In ending I'd like to say that I do not like a lot of what Vince McMahon and the WWE does from the standpoint of a human or a fan but that the bogus and phony 'journalists' are so fucking disgusting with their attempts to ruin lives just to get their names out there as 'the journalist to expose (insert a beloved establishment)' that they will twist things into obvious LIES. Its selfish and the exact opposite of what they're supposed to be doing and they know it but don't care. And we have no one to expose it to the masses because they control all of that exposure.
(Search Google for the comparison video of John Cena's response about steroids as CNN showed it and as it was actually said, by the way...)

So my message is to think these sorts of things through and not only would you see that most of these problems occur during the years before time spent with WWE but also that the media does NOT do its job and will mislead you for your time and money.

-=The Prynce

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Greatest S(ho)w(s) On Earth!

Alright so this post is really just going to be about concerts and shows I've recently been to.

The Kottonmouth Kings show was the shit... The surprise performance of the night was (hed) pe. I'd heard of them back a few years ago and didn't think too much of them... But seeing them live and with a newer line-up, they were shockingly incredible.
Tech N9ne was awesome also. He had a few other guys with him who were pretty good too but I'm still madly confused as to why Tech N9ne isn't known to every fucking person alive.

Kottonmouth Kings of course were the shit. I've heard that Saint Dog's gonna be touring with them later in the year... Would have been great to have been able to see one of those show.

Pakelika (seen here holding a giant bag of 'weed') was awesome as the KMK 'sidekick'. The fact that they did a Pakelika for President bit was tops.

The merchandise booth here was really cool. It took up one of the upstairs bars at HOB in Myrtle Beach and they have away free stickers and copies of the 'SubLife Magazine' with a box standing alone and away from anyone labeled something like "$$$TIPs$$$ Or Weed/Please?".

We missed the Subnoize Souljaz and Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Maybe they would have been great but for now, I have no regrets.
The show itself and the atmosphere was among the best I've ever seen.

About a week later I saw The Black Crowes in concert and it was the most expensive concert ticket I've ever bought. And on top of it, it was probably the most terrible show I've ever seen. There's no stage presence. Every song sounded the same.
The ONLY thing that didn't make me suck on my exhaust pipe after the show was that for their encore they did a decent cover of Dylan's "Forever Young". And I must say, the light show was alright, too. Unfortunately the music that was forced to be the backdrop was terrible and lazy.

Now I've heard complaints that they didn't do their most popular songs which typically wouldn't bother me. Typically the band would just be sick of playing them night after night and in addition, they'd have so many good songs that it wouldn't matter and you'd still enjoy it.
--No. They suck. The crowd was never addressed. They're clearly full of themselves and their bullshit pseudo-hippy personas. The music was crap. The singer (who will not be honored in a mention in name) just stood there and 'sang'. But most of all, they sucked.

Probably best of all, Rob and I saw ALICE COOPER who had the BEST stage show EVER! I swear to you its a fucking magic show with him belting songs out. And the band he had with him was INCREDIBLE.
Murder, resurrection, driving spikes through babies... It was non-stop greatness. And the music would have been incredible without the GODLY stage show. I honestly can't find words for how cool it was...
Seeing Rob at a concert was odd. That was the first thing everyone asked me... Not if the show was good or if Alice was executed... But how was it seeing Rob rock out at a concert? It didn't take long to get used to, I must say. He was even gonna have a beer but doesn't like drinking out of a can because he's a homosexual.
But yeah... That could have been the coolest show I've ever seen. I just wish I could find satisfactory words for it.
I took some video and pictures... I'll likely upload 'em soon so stay tuned.
In terms of comedy, I got to go see Doug Stanhope (previously of the Man Show and Girls Gone Wild) and he was simply great. He was sporting a new 'balding man' haircut which was interesting. Carissa didn't seem to like him too much as she didn't know to expect him to be drunken and rambling. I think I should have let her hear more of his stuff first but... Oh well. Damned hind-sight.
Opening for Mister Stanhope was probably the most incredible thing ever... Going by the name, The Mattoid.
I don't know what to say about them/him. It was the oddest thing I've ever seen. He plays the guitar and sings. She plays a single drum and wiggles while looking like the hottest thing to ever exist while backing him up vocally.
Look them up and listen to them. You MAY be able to understand it by only hearing them but if you ever get to see them live (they're touring with Stanhope and perform regularly in Nashville) then go. You probably won't "get it" otherwise.

Speaking of weird... Emo Philips FINALLY came to Myrtle Beach! Not only was he as funny and strange as expected, but I got the chance to meet him!
During the show, Carissa took out her camera phone and was going to take a picture of him and he offered to pose. Embarrassed, she ducked behind me and waited a few minutes before trying once more.
Emo told her to delete that one and put her phone away and promised to take one with her after the show at one point calling her a 'hot mama'.
After the show, we didn't see Emo as we spoke to one of the openers and as we turned to leave, he was RIGHT beside us! After the girl in front of us talked to him about being in the show 'Home Movies', he gladly took a picture with us and after that, told us to go with him to the lobby where the light was better for another one. The one above is the first 'cause I hate the way I look in the other one (not that the one above is anything of greatness).
We told him how much we loved him and I told him that I had been requesting him over and over again to which he replied "Oh so you just change your voice and keep calling?"
That being said, Emo is probably my favorite celebrity I've met so far. He was SO nice and personable. And he was so quick on his feet that it blew my mind. During the show and even after, no matter what someone said to him he had some sort of immediate response that cracked me up.
Also at a UWF wrestling show a few months ago I met many GREAT wrestlers which was a honor and a thrill for me. Among those that I met were:
- "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal
- Scott & Rick Steiner
- Robert Gibson
- LAX (Homicide and Hernandez)
- Team Macktion (TJ and Kirby Mack)
- Daffney
- "Too Hott" Scott Taylor

Meeting Jay Lethal was odd. He was so quite and humble... Yet among the most talented. We were lucky in getting to see him perform twice that night.
LAX was great, too. We spoke with them for a little while and they both were upset to find that they were expected to wrestle in the wet ring outside. They were both also really cool and nice. Carissa thought Hernandez was hot so she had to get a picture with him.
Meeting Team Macktion was also great. I've met them both before in Conway, SC when TJ as Dexter Poindexter wrestled Kirby as Krazy K. They're such incredible performers but Kirby unfortunately got a collapsed lung and a 'Border Toss' from Hernandez.
I wanted to but didn't get to meet AJ Styles, Petey Williams (though I did shake his hand on the way to the ring), Steve Corino, CW Anderson, and Elix Skipper. I nearly met Elix but they did the autograph sessions in 'waves' so I only met David Young. He tried to call Elix back over but he couldn't hear him at that point.
During one match, '2 Cool' member and Jerry Lawler's kid, "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher asked the guy at ringside for gum. He had none so I gave the guy my pack and he thanked me and handed a piece to Brian who later used it in a bit with Scott Steiner. So... My gum's on DVD. lol.
Alright so that's pretty much all I can come up with as far as shows I've been to lately. I feel I'm missing something so if I come up with anything I'll do another post... Bleh.
-=The Prynce

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesdays Gone

Rob just mistook Lenny Kravitz for Bob Marley.

So the Kottonmouth Kings show was awesome. I'll post about that one at a later date.
Tonight I go see The Black Crowes. I'll likely post on both shows together at once on my next post.

My shit's getting busy. Its not supposed to be like this as the busy season winds down. The Kottonmouth Kings show was last Tuesday. This Tuesday is The Black Crowes. The next Tuesday is my mom's birthday. The Tuesday after that is Doug Stanhope in Charleston. Tuesdays shouldn't be so busy, man.
I posted before about Alice Cooper and I'm more and more jacked by the day on that shit. Rob and I still need to get tickets though. Bah!

My car's full of problems. I got an oil change and my tires rotated today and they noticed my serpentine belt was cracked and badly needed replacement. My fuel filter is in bad shape and needs replacing. And I need my transmission fluid replaced and the system flushed.
Estimate of all of this at the shop I took it to: about $390.
So... Yeah. If anyone knows a place to get it all done cheaper, be sure and let me know.Gem was TRULY outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. Woo woo! Man I'm a fuckin' loser.

Bob Evans restaurant is the fuckin' shit, dude! If there's one in your area, fuckin' eat there, f00.

Rescue Me = The BEST show on TV STILL!

Running low on shit to say.

Meow. Werd.

-=The Prynce

Friday, August 10, 2007

Like Scott Hall's Razor.

Quick Post...

I think I was getting hit on by a really cute chick that checked in last night. The problem with me is that I never know. It has to be written down and explained to me or I have no clue when someone's into me. Its inconvieniate.

I hope to go see Doug Stanhope in Charleston in a few weeks! Yeah!

I never commented on the Chris Benoit issue...
Its fucked up, okay? Do we agree? Now what I think is worse is WWE altering history to pretend that he never existed...
On one of their recent pay-per-views to air on WWE 24/7, his match was cut out and a mention of his opponent from the night in a poll was ommitted causing the total percentage to add up to like 87% as opposed to 100%. Its stupid.
He did a terrible thing and is nothing less than a dickhead for it. He's lucky to be dead as he doesn't deserve to be alive. But you can't let that negate every good thing he ever did.
Hell, even Hitler did good for Germany.

I shaved today.
I hate shaving.
There are multiple reasons for this. First off, its not a comfortable thing. Taking a razor to your face sucks.
Secondly, I feel it makes me feel too 'pretty'.
Not to come across as full of myself because I honestly don't find myself attractive, but when I'm clean shaven I get too many people calling me pretty, cute, etc. I don't like it.
My whole life people never found me attractive and I liked it. I like for people to like me based on me and not because they find me attractive. I feel it keeps people honest. Again, I don't think I'm attractive but you do find that rare retard who thinks I may be and I'd rather they think I'm homely looking. It brings better actual people to you that way.
I'm ranting now but my facial hair is really light in color so I don't have to shave too often. I can go for weeks and it just looks a bit shaggy. I love it. But that also makes shaving a half hour ordeal once I suck it up and finally do it.

So enough about razors.

I've gotta be jettin' now so... Fuckin' comment, f00z.

-=The Prynce

Friday, August 03, 2007

Dump Duh Dun Da (My Version of the Cosby Show Theme)

Alice Cooper is coming to the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. I'm jacked.
I thought I was gonna have to heavily convince someone to go with me by telling them he was Marilyn Manson 25 years before Marilyn Manson... Its true, but I don't know that it would really be what they expected.
I'd told my friend Carissa about it (she'll be out of town during that time) and somehow it was then transferred to Rob who is shockingly enough, not only willing to go but actually WANTING to go.

Anywho, I hope I can make that show so... Ja. It'd be cool.

I think my car's battery is dying. If I listen to a song with any bass or exceptionally loud parts, my panel lights fade. Bah.

A friend of mine is having sort of a difficult time emotionally lately. Any positive vibes that can be spared, hurl 'em at us, alright?

That bridge shit is crazy.

Myrtle Beach is over-run with hot Europeans/Russians on bicycles. Its somewhat maddening. And they all seem to be attracted to mad ugly American guys.
It just kind of pisses me off because I'm plenty ugly. The only thing is I have good oral hygiene. All the girls do, too... But these American goobers they go for are lucky to have 8 in their head. And those are rarely a natural color.

My son Rian has silver caps on his two front teeth now. Adorable as he is, it looks trashy. I have no idea why his mom thought it was a good idea. He also had to get a filling towards the front of his mouth. He got to choose the color and chose blue... It looks like he's been eating candy or something. Its a bit goofy and I don't mind so much but those fucking silver teeth... UGH! Luckily, he may start losing teeth in about two years. My parents are gonna look at me in such a way that it burns a hole in his mother when they see those tacky things... Honestly. You'd think it was 1989.

The 24 ounce Monster energy drink is tits. Two of 'em a night with Vault in between have managed to keep me up at work.

Rescue Me is still such a great show. I bought season 1 on DVD and now Carissa's diggin' it too. You've just got to watch it...

Eh, so I'm running low on time and can't post about the wrestling show and the people I met so if I decide to post again soon (and I really will try) then you can see about that then.


-=The Prynce

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Special! $2.99!

Rob uses his hands for disgusting things when he has no options.

Alright so maybe that's non-wrestling kayfabe but you can always go fuck yourself.
Also it just hit me that its virtually impossible to get just what we were going for there...

I met Gallagher and Bridget the Midget recently.

Bridget freaked me out a bit because she was kinda hot... And she's a midget. She had a really nice body, the only thing was that SHE'S A MIDGET!
Anyway, she sat on my lap for a picture which was cool. She crawled across the table to take a shot with Darrell and Scott nearly cried. His eyes were HUGE as he slowly pulled back his cup.
She was cool though. We talked to her as we were leaving (she was hanging out outside). She read my shirt that says something along the lines of "Join the Marines. Travel to strange and exotic lands. Meet unique and interesting people... ...And Kill Them."
I think she over-looked the 'Join the Marines' part and she told me about her friend who was in prison for murder. She said he was a little person also. I'm like... Okay... I think she said it was because they spilled his drink or something... I don't know... We were walking away at that point.
Interesting note is that there was a hearse behind that strip club... Not sure how I feel about that one.

Gallagher was mad funny, though. I've been a huge fan for ages now.
There were no real personal moments with him really. He was nice to everyone but you could tell he was hardened to it all and would like to be taken seriously on some of his ideas (and they're good ideas, really!).
It was still tits though.
I had only heard about 3-4 of the bits he did that night before. And he worked the place for over 2 hours. Its really impressive. And he's getting away from props which was good. I'm probably one of very few people there who was Okay with the lack of Sledge-O-Matic.

I just saw another set of comedians at the same place (Comedy Cabana) this past Saturday. The headliner was 'Spanky' who may have been funnier than Gallagher. I honestly laughed until my throat hurt (which I did not know was possible).

We got cable Monday. Ha!

My car doors are fucked up. Its apparently a problem with that model of car... I can't open the doors from the outside. I ghetto-rigged an electric cord around the door handle and now its popping out of the back of the door. Its in such a way that I can still pull it which pulls the handle, opening the door. Luckily, my doors do not open from the inside if the doors are locked so its not TOO insecure.
Its fun.

I found some cool shit on Google that allows you to control and view security cameras from around the world (Italy, France, Japan, US, etc.) and its greatness...
If you want to know about it then ask. I'll likely post the method sometime regardless. But if you can't wait, ask.

Rob and I came up for an awesome movie last night. We hope to film it this weekend and to get it online within the month. Its tentatively called 'Penny Kid' but that'll likely change soon.

I want chicken. I want liver. Meow Mix-- Meow Mix, Please deliver.


-=The Prynce

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"I ain't takin' no piece of bologna to no steak house"

I recently had to move. It was a bit sudden and pissed me off a bit but in the end, I'm just like 'what-ever'.
So now I'm living with Carissa, Mallory, Sam and Sam's mother. I have to say its a MUCH better arrangement. Its a temporary thing until I can afford a deposit on a new apartment. It shouldn't take too long I hope.
But, yeah. Its not a terrible arrangement. Due to my work schedule, I'm there alone most of the time and my sleep is uninterupted.
We don't have cable which sucks. But I AM able to syphon off a neighbor's WiFi so... That's a positive.

I went jet-skiing on the waterway with Darrell and Carissa a few weeks back. We got to go for free due to an arrangement we made with the guy. It was GREAT! I'll post a link and more information on them in another post (or perhaps an update to this post) so... yeah. Get up with those people.

UFW is having a wrestling show later this month in Myrtle Beach at the NASCAR Grille. (http://www.uwfusa.com/072007.asp) Looks like we're gonna be paying $50 for ringside seats and a chance to meet the wrestlers beforehand. I've met some of them before but the main reason I'm up for paying that much is due to LAX with Konnan being scheduled to appear... Those guys are awesome.
There are others that may be there that will be great to meet but... Konnan is my main target. I've always thought he was among the best on a mic and in the ring. And now it looks like his US career is running down...

I got to work tonight to relieve Rob. He drew my attention to the floor at which point I realized it was littered with icky white stuff. Turns out that the floor was covered in his peeling skin. He recently got sunburn and when it heals (for those of you who don't know), it typically peels.
As gross as it was, it honestly made me think of GoldMember. Bet he ate half of it...

The title of this post was inspired by a guest who checked in last night. This morning he was telling me about his ex-wife trying to rip him off for a disability settlement he won. Then he said she asked if she could come with him down here from Virginia and he said he told her, "I ain't takin' no piece of bologna to no steak house" which she didn't understand... If you don't get it I will not explain but... It is a priceless statement. Ha!

Anywho, gotta jet. More coming soon. I promise.

-=The Prynce

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Axe Murderer

I've got a lot of stuff I want to post about but I'll get to that another time.

Right now I want to just talk about the UFC fight last week between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and "Iceman" Chuck Liddell.

I didn't get to see the fight due to the retarded traffic situation in Myrtle Beach (that's a whole other post though) and I'm kind of glad. I have no clue who I would have pulled for, really.

I've always liked Chuck Liddell and I always thought he was probably the top fighter in the UFC. I mean, there are few people he has fought in which I didn't pull for him.

"Rampage" Jackson is another thing entirely. I've never been a big fan but I've never denied that he may be one of the best three fighters in the world.

Jackson beat Liddell a few years ago due to Liddell's corner stopping the fight due to the punishment he was taking and I honestly did believe that this was the time for it to happen again.
The only thing, of course, is that I prefer Liddell as a fighter over Jackson.

But alas, Liddell now has 4 losses in MMA and this is the only one he's not been able to avenge.
Jackson just may be too much for anyone in the Light-Heavyweight division of UFC...

My actual favorite fighter in the UFC has been beaten only five times in MMA and may not be in the top three fighters in UFC, but he's in the top five for sure. That would be "The Pit Bull" Andrei Arlovski. I don't know how to explain why I like him. You'd just have to see him, really. But he's just got a style all to himself. Its really great.

He's a former Heavyweight champion in UFC after making Tim Sylvia tap in under a minute. He lost two rematches... The first he lost after Sylvia hit him with an ILLEGAL punch to the throat. It wasn't seen by the referee and was counted as a TKO.
In the second, he lost when it went the distance and then to the cards.
But hey... He's a knock-out fighter. His matches should not even go the distance of I think his odds of losing are much higher. And I must say he seems a bit too cautious in his last few fights. (Not to mention Sylvia tested positive for steroids in one of his fights prior to this one.)

But he's young. He's only like 28.

My favorite fighter all together right now though is "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva.
His last two fights were a loss for him but it doesn't matter. He's still fucking incredible.
And yeah, he's lost to that cock sucker Tito Ortiz but... So? He's beat Guy Mezger back in 2000 when he was amazingly good and he's beat Quinton "Rampage" Jackson twice.

But that's about all for my MMA post so... Yeah. Rejoice.

Just remember that Wanderlei Silva is Jesus and Jesus is Wanderlei Silva...

-=The Prynce

Thursday, May 31, 2007

'Strange Noize', Motherfucker!

I had another blog half written and shit but decided I'd post it later. Besides, I've got fresh shit to talk about, f00z!

First off and most recent, I'm going to see the Kottonmouth Kings in August!
They're going to be at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach on the 14th of August and I'm fuckin' pumped.
If you've yet to hear these guys then you must. And if you live in the Myrtle Beach area, what better way to get a band than to see them live? And tickets are mad cheap.
If you like the Insane Clown Posse, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Humble Gods, or any of the sort then you'll love 'em. Or if you're fond of marijuana... They certainly are.

Anywho, the show's going to be Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Hed P.E., and Sub Noize Souljaz. Check it out. Seriously.

Its really odd that I'd find out about that, though. I was just telling Carissa a day before I found out about KMK and she was liking 'em. Then she stops by for a bit and as she's leaving, I get an email saying they're coming to Myrtle Beach. I nearly shat.

At any rate, a week after that show I'll be attending a concert by The Black Crowes also at House of Blues. Its the most I've EVER paid for a concert ticket so it'd better be a totally tits show... Seriously.
I could buy two tickets for KMK and a few beers at the show for about the same as the Black Crowes ticket...

I really and truly believe that The Drew Carey Show is one of the funniest shows to ever run.

That's about all for now, really. I foresee a post coming up about Memorial Bike Weekend, Bridget the Midget, and Mixed Martial Arts (the previously mentioned but unfinished post).

Check back, f00z.

-=The Prynce

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lady M Sings the Blues

I'm going to start with mentioning a nice young lass that I really think the world of. I haven't seen her in what seems to be nearly forever, but she's a great person and we recently had a conversation that I found pretty insightful. I kinda understand her a bit more.
Anywho, I'm talking about my great friend Marcie. Some of you know her or know of her and some of you don't. Its no matter, really.

Yeah so the other day I went to Legends in Concert and I have to say it was fuckin' cool. They had Bobby Darin, Johnny Cash, The Blues Brothers, Tina Turner and Elvis. The last two weren't really impressive but the first three were excellent.

The Blues Brothers were fuckin' awesome. And the highlight of the night was Darrell and I getting a picture with them after the show after buying sunglasses and hats from the gift shop. 'Twas awesome.
I even got a giggle out of 'Elwood' when I noted that my shades actually looked a lot more like Roy Orbison's shades than the Blues Brothers.

Why the hell do people wear turtlenecks?

It is now the Spring Harley-Davidson Rally here in Myrtle Beach and though it has only just started, I'm already sick of it. It fucking caused me to waste an hour earlier in the day due to a parade that apparently no one knew about on Ocean Blvd... FUCK!
And apparently Farrow Parkway AKA the local secret to avoiding much traffic this time of year is now being openly being spread as a route bikers should be taking and congesting... Its my only route to work and now it'll be backed up.

Also, the national deficit is nearly 9 trillion dollars... and Rob is angry. Just see his latest blog post.

I recently saw my friend Mallory for the first time in forever! It was great to see her although she wasn't happy as I'm so used to her being. That sorta sucked... =(

Anywho, I'm a busy bitch so I'm outta this motha. I'll try to get back to my more entertaining post style from my previous years as opposed to my more matter-of-fact method as of late.

Be cool, bitches!

-=The Prynce

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why Rob was the hippo...

Let me explain my previous post.

My ex girlfriend Christy is an incredibly beautiful young woman in all ways.
She called me as I was waking from my six pill induced sleep (I've had a lot on my mind lately so I needed help) on Saturday and was essentially informing me she'd be in Myrtle Beach and she'd be able to return my video capture card.
She asked where I was at so she could bring it by but I didn't want to get her lost trying to find my house (and also I don't like seeing her lately for some reason. As I explained to Carissa, its like seeing the corpse of a loved one as she doesn't act like the same person she used to be, though its clear to me that inside, she is) so I told her to drop it off where I work.
I thought she knew I work at Viking and where it was (I told her last time she was in town and called me) but apparently she thought I was still at our sister hotel so she went there to drop it off for me.
Rob was working there on second (and third) shift because someone called in sick and he's told me a few times that he thought Christy was hot.
I really thought nothing of it until I got here and Darrell came and brought my card to me (he went to the other hotel for a minute first).

As he walked in, he was snickering slightly and immediatly began telling me that as he went in up there Rob was like "Dude Preston's ex Christy is smokin' hot!" to which Darrell agreed (I think) as he met her when she came to visit me back in December.
The topic changed after a few minutes and the phone rang. He said "Bet that's Rob" and I was like "Yep" and started laughing, knowing it was him and what he was gonna say.
I probably had a bit of a chuckle in my voice as I picked up and he was like "What?... You know what I'm gonna say?" and I was like "Uhh... Is it about Christy?" and he was like "Hell yeah. She's smokin', dude."
He went on to explain how hot he thought she was and just how incredible she looked. He covered their short exchange and how she recalled him from our videos.

Anywho, I got the idea when Rob called as Darrell was leaving here and had him tell Rob was I was down because Christy really dug him and was asking about him. As he told him, he held the phone out and I could hear that Rob laugh in process.
We built it on more and more including one bogus compliment after another for about fifteen minutes.
I have to say that Rob did say a few times that he didn't believe us, but his reaction was saying he had some amount of doubt in it being a hoax.

Regardless, we continued on for a while and we decided to let him down by saying she said it was the guy with the scar on his lip (the other guy working that night, Travis, has a notable scar as such) so Darrell asked "She said it was the one with the scar on his lip... You've got a scar on your lip right?" to which he said he did but it was very small and only noticable when he smiles and he was shocked she'd noticed.
Revelation plan number was was a failure.

Darrell left and I decided to post a blog (the one previous to this one) to Rob stating it was a joke. Rob called me in a few minutes and asked how I felt about the whole thing and I told him I'd posted a blog explaining and he could just read that. As I was telling him, someone came in and he had to go. About twenty minutes later I noticed he'd commented and shite. And just a few after that even, he called once more opening with "Dude I knew you two were kidding." which may or may not be true... I dunno...

Anywho, that's the explanation for those who don't get the previous post and for posterity so... Ya.

-=The Prynce

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rob's the Hippopotamus!


You're so gullable.

We were kidding.

But she did say to tell you 'Thanks'.


-=The Prynce

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Price is our own life until its gone...

I'm very tired.

Last night I met Heather and like... Three of her friends at Broadway. I was drained and totally unaccustomed to being awake at such a time but I dealt.
Anywho, those of you who know me well know my horrible anxiety. I mean, I've got GAD and SAD. I'm not a very social person. Especially when I'm around people I don't know and virtually no one that I do. And when I am able to be around people without freaking, I'm a pretty quiet person. I've always been like that unless I'm around certain people. So that was a bit of torture in and of itself.
They were cool people though. He friend Danny actually reminds me like... A LOT of a friend of mine from high school, Kel.
Heather's great, though. Incredibly tiny, though. Probably about the same size as Christy when we were dating which is... Again... Tiny. lol.
She still can't really get that I just don't talk a lot though. The rare times that I do talk a lot, it has to be in one-on-one situations unless I'm REALLY comfortable with everyone involved which is really rare.

I've been off the last two days and it feels like a fucking eternity! See, like, when I got home Thursday morning I went to bed early and got up early that afternoon, showered, then went and got Rian. It was raining or I was gonna take him to the park or something and since it was getting late, I just took him to Chik-Fil-A and after eating, I was gonna take him to their little indoor playland thingy and let him play.
But he kept messing around and not eating so it took forever...
Then before we could go play, he wet himself and it leaked out of his diaper and all over his pants. His diaper was really really full so I kinda see why... I just assumed he'd have a fresh one on when he left home. Or at least one that wasn't filled completely.
So anyway that killed our plans for playing which sucked because after I changed him and put his wet clothes in a bag, we had to leave of course and as we were leaving he was saying something like "I gonna play outside, Da-Da." which was what I was telling him we were gonna do when he finished eating.
I really hate disappointing him... Seriously... I know he's just a baby but I still don't want him to get mad at me and stuff of to begin to think that I don't keep my word.

But according to his mother, he said he had fun so that's good. He's also a little jerk, though as he also told her that I was mean and ate all of his chicken! All I did was eat a small piece so he'd eat one. And when that wasn't working, I had to tell him I was gonna eat it for him to eat. He'd say I could have it and I'd slowly put it towards my mouth and he'd scream "No Da-Da that's my chick" or something similar.
On a similar topic, I was telling someone about that and called him a little jerk or something and they noted that I word things strangely apparently. I'm not sure if she meant my calling him a jerk or not but if so (or if anyone else is like "That's a terrible thing to say!"), you've got to understand how I see him. Yeah, he's only two... But I see him as almost like a full grown person with a horrible vocabulary. I mean, he sits in the back of my car in his little seat when I pick him up and he constantly talks shit about my driving.
So, yeah. I love our relationship. He's my son and best friend all in one.

I mentioned my anxiety disorders earlier... They never went away when I was on anti-depressants although it was supposed to treat all of that, also.
My depression, however, did seem to at least fade into the background of my mind, though.
I came off of my medication probably over 6 months ago. It was one of those sad situations that politicians don't fucking understand where it came down to me having to choose between the medication I needed, a place to live and eating. I chose to drop the medication. The withdrawals from the Effexor was probably one of the worse months ever... There are these things called 'brain shivers' that occur almost non-stop with any movement you make. It feels a lot like it sounds... Like you brain just shivers really fast in your head... It sucked BADLY. I could hardly function. It was like having an incredibly high fever for a month straight.

Nonetheless, I came off of them and I was fine. My depression didn't come pounding at my door and I thought the chemical imbalance in my brain had corrected itself while I was medicated or something.

Alas, it did not.

I haven't been nearly as bad off lately as I used to be, but over the past week or so I've felt it creeping back in. Maybe I've just been tired which I know from experience can cause depressive feelings in me. I don't know.
My fear, however, is that its what I feel it might be which is (in hurricane terms) the 'outer rain bands' of the approaching storm.

The good part of all of this is that I feel more like me when I'm depressed. That was when I had creativity spilling out of my body, though I rarely acted on it.
And if you're a fan of my older blog posts (which more people were than are my current shite posts, lol) then maybe I can somehow fall back into that groove. I dunno.

At any rate, I'm out of shite to say so... I dunno...

-=The Prynce

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Draft Peter Sellers

What I'd like to have right now is for all of you fat, out of shape, Internet idiots to keep the noise down while I take off my inhibitions and give you a good look at the sexiest blog to ever exist with the title 'Eve of Destruction'.

Heh, just wanted to start this blog off on a Rude note.

I watched a really bizarre movie for the second time recently... Its one of those movies that leaves an impression on you that is impossible to explain, really. Its just a "You'll just have to see it" type thing.
But the movie was Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb and... Wow. It is truly one strange thing to see. Given, it's a Kubrick film so it is somewhat understood that it is going to have something of a interesting feel to it. But this movie constantly blows my mind.
Its a mostly comedic/satirical movie about nuclear holocaust set off by a crazed general who thinks that the fluoridation of water is a Communist conspiracy to "sap and impurify" the bodily fluids of Americans.

Simply said, fucking watch it if you ever have a chance. It took me months to find a copy to watch and it was worth it.

Chris Leak wasn't drafted in the NFL draft in a classic "What the fuck?!" moment. The local college, Coastal Carolina, had their quarterback (Tyler Thigpen) drafted in the 7th round. Not to say he didn't deserve it but... He didn't lead his team to a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!
Everyone's like "Eh, its because Leak's only 5'11" and he can't cut it in the NFL." to which I say "Fuck you!"
Most defensive players in the NFL would have a hard time getting a hand on someone so small and fast. I mean, Michael Vick is fast as hell but he's what... 6'5"?
To me Chris Leak is like Michael Vick but more accurate and harder to get a hand on...

I dunno. I complain.

I had lots of things to post about but none of them are coming to mind so... I find myself ending this blog with nothing at all being stated that was worth half a nickel. Sorry. =(

-=The Prynce

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The MAN Can't Make Me Title This Post

I love few things more than going into a gas station and buying a soda for $.79 and paying for it with my card, knowing I have a dollar on me.

My friend Carissa and I were recently in the greatest pancake house here in Myrtle Beach (Pan American) at around 3-4 in the morning and just as we sat down, this guy guy that was visibly intoxicated came in and chose the booth adjacent to our's.
He broke the ice by saying something like "I know I'm fucked up, but I'm celebrating..." to which Carissa replied something along the lines of "Oh really?".
He was like "Yep! I'm celebrating that I made it here!".
We both were kind of confused but I think we both just figured that he'd made a long trip and got down here and got drunk-- It happens all the time. However, he then informed us that he was celebrating that he'd made it there from North Myrtle Beach, which if you folks don't know, is less than a 30 minute drive and its a straight shot down Highway 17... It was pretty funny but we figured that he was done as he sat down at his booth and stopped talking.

So Carissa starts asking me my personal beliefs in religion and all and he pops up and he's like "As long as you're not a damned Muslim you're ok with me." which, as racist as it was was still funny.
He continued to pop in and out of our conversations for the rest of our time there. He was actually pretty funny... Though I'm not sure he intended to be. His religious beliefs are apparently built around Homer Simpson saying something along the lines of "Why should I go to church? What if we chose the wrong god and the real one is just getting madder and madder wach time we go to church?".

He also spoke to us about his sex life. He said his wife was a nurse in Conway and was going to be getting up for work in about an hour and that they were scheduled to have sex, which he claims is a must for him and began to explain that he wishes he had the kind of free time that's required for an extramarital affair. Very true, sir.

His drunken banter ran the gammit of topics. One not to be excluded is his thoughts on bike weeks in Myrtle Beach and all of the noise it causes.
A valid point was made though when he stated "If my car was as loud as these fucking bikes, I'd get a ticket..." at which point there was a drunken pause of about five seconds... "...And I got a whole car! Shit, you can fit a dog and four people in there!"

Anywho, the point is the guy was a riot. And he looked a lot like Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa... Or like Ron "Tater Salad" White with a bit of The Sandman.

I spent the majority of my morning just around noon today in Garden City. Its a great city... It's like Myrtle Beach was 15+ years ago.
We originally went to kill time while I waited to hear from my friend Heather about when she'd be in town but it turned into us hanging out down there until noon-ish.
Our intention was to go to Sam's Corner (which is a great resturant that's open 24/7 and serves coffee for only a nickel... There's another in Myrtle Beach) as that's the original down there. But as we were walking across the street, we noted how old-school it all looked including the old-school arcade beside/behind Sam's Corner.
So we went in there and I spent an extra $5 that I couldn't afford on tokens and we played some games and turned in our tickets for two Chinese finger traps and tiny back-scratchers each... 'Twas bitchin'.
So then we got food which was Great. That places it tits... And as we waited, Darrell ordered a Mimosa and I ordered a Tequilla Sunrise. That is until Darrell asked what all was in a Tequilla Sunrise at which point he decided he'd cancell his Mimosa for the Sunrise.
Dunno that it was worth $6 but, hey... What-ever. They specialize in food, not cocktails.

But once we left there we walked angrily by a closed ice cream shop and then to a beach store that was moving like two doors down so they were selling everything at 50% off or better. I got a few bumper stickers and a remote control car for like $6 all together and Darrell got the same and a Bruce Lee wall scroll.
So wrap up, we got some Baskin-Robbins and went the fuck home.

Alright, this post isn't at all interesting or entertaining so I should totally stop... AFTER I give you all the link to a new blog of a friend of mine. Its probably the gayest blog (pound-for-pound) that you'll ever read... I think he's gonna try to just cover headlines and shit and his views on things but... Hey... That's what I said when I came over to BlogSpot from DeadJournal.

Anywho, the blog is Q's Persective and you should all go read it or fuck yourselves!


-=The Prynce

Friday, April 13, 2007

Love is a flower; You've got to let it grow

No clue what'll wind up in this post... I'm just gonna type until I don't have any time to type more, really.

I recently saw Chairmen of the Board for like the third time and it was as great as ever. I even had some hot young thing standing right up on me right before the person I was with wanted to go to the second level. Kinda gravy.

But speaking of concerts... I've probably been to no less then three including that one that I haven't posted about.

A few weeks back, I won two tickets to Lonestar under a Kenny's name on the radio. The seats were OK but I managed to correctly guess the home province of a Canadian radio DJ on location (Darrell and I even got to have a bit of a banter live on the air) which was Manitoba... That managed to win us front row tickets.
I was shocked at how much I dug the show. It was at the Palace theater which I haven't been to in forever and I had a few Heineken and a hot dog loaded with mustard which will make anything pretty good, but really... The show was pretty nice. We even talked a roadie into giving us the guitar picks the guitarist left on stage. HA!

A while before that I got to see Everclear at the House of Blues... Nice. The like... four opening bands were pretty bad, honestly. I felt miserable and almost wanted to go home until Everclear came on and kicked a little ass.
So... Yeah. I actually have some videos up on my YouTube page of bits of the show including Art Alexakis berating a stage-diver. It was great.

I also got a car in the past like... two months. I just kinda didn't think to post it. Whoooops!

The other day, Rob was giving me a ride home from work 'cause the previously mentioned car is in the shop, and as we rounded out near Springmaid Resort, we both kinda saw something in the median of the road. I didn't say anything as I pretty much knew it as a dead bird and we were talking about something.
But as I noticed it, I saw the car drift over and into the median a bit at which point we were just a few feet away from the bird in said median. Rob suddenly exclaimed in a fit of laughter, "IT'S A DEAD BIRD!" followed by a hyper-excited and patented 'Rob Laugh'.
As he was finally finishing up his reaction which of course, caused much laughter to spill from my own face, he said that he could "Totally reenact it" if I wanted to take pictures/video (which pretty much confirms the theory that Rob will do ANYTHING as long as it is in some way recorded visually for posterity).
It was only about a 3 minute ride from there to my house and the entire time I'm questioning the humor in a dead bird until we get to my community and there's a living bird in the middle of the road. He speeds towards it and it flies off as he almost reenacts the whole thing only this time saying "Did you see it poop?!" (which he apparently now claims was a joke).
Just seconds later, we spotted a pug dog walking on the sidewalk near a sharp curve which is not un-common but apparently, the crack in his system made that funny also.
I basically told him to run it over so he could laugh at the dead puppy and he was like "...That's not funny". His logic being that puppies are bigger than birds and 'take longer to go away.' We then had a quick discussion about the souls of birds versus dogs which really reminded me of the "Filthy Animal" bit from Pulp Fiction.

That's pretty much the whole story. If you don't know Rob, you may not find it funny. So... Fuck you. And go away.

The worse thing about being a human is shaving. I fucking hate it. Given, I get off lucky because I'm Scottish so my facial hair isn't very thick or dark so I don't have to shave often.

I also recently decided that Easter was best called "Zombie Jesus Day" only to find that someone else already came up with it! What the fuck, yo?!

I was gonna totally get on the topic of wrestling but I think that'd make this post a wee-bit too long to read so I think this is a nice place to stop, no? I'm not out of time, though. Just running short on it...

Be good, bitches.

-=The Prynce

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Everybody's Free (To Drink Sunscreen)

Let me start by saying that I'm sick as hell right now with a near constant fever of about 102.6 for two days now, so is this blog makes no sense, that's why.

Now on to a story... Nay, THE story. The story of the funniest thing I've ever personally experienced in my lifetime.

A week or two ago, there was a problem at the hotel that I work at involving a problematic guest and his large main window being shattered by what HE claimed was just some random woman who, by chance, happened to randomly choose his window of them all and kick it and break it. Of course, its funny because the woman was older and rather frail looking and for her to simply be able to kick his window made to sustain hurricanes on an ocean front building appears to be an absolutely absurd story.

But that's not the part that will stick with me eternally.

After I spoke to the guy in the room, I had a woman come down to the office clearly tweaking on what I'm certain was crack telling me they took her money to which I told her I'd called the police and she could talk to them about it if she wanted. She freaked and begged me not to have her arrested and then she left, half flashing me through a side window (she was wearing a jacket and underneath a short-cut tank-top, exposing her belly which appeared to be made of something similar to curdled milk that was accentuated with a few hundred stretch marks, leading me to believe she used to be rather large).

But still, that's not the FUNNY part.

The funny part follows...

I was on the phone with Darrell at one of our sister properties telling him what was going on about an hour after it all went down when I heard the door open only to see it was our previous crack-whore returning for God-only-knows-what.

She just came up to the counter and stood there and I tried ignoring her and she walked over to a bucket we have with packets of tanning lotion in it. She picked up a blue packet and asked what it was. I held my finger up to her to say "One minute" and she asked again. I repeated my finger raising.

At that moment, she ripped the top off with her mouth/teeth and started drinking the tanning lotion! At first, she didn't have much of a response that you would associate with someone drinking tanning lotion, but after a few seconds, her face turned sour and she asked once more, "What is this?!"

She hardly got the last word out before she bolted for the door to our side lobby and spit loudly then came back into the main lobby and left.

The entire time, I was on the phone with Darrell and trying very hard not to laugh at this crazed whore but the second she left, I burst into laughter and told him what had happened.
Now to those who say "Wow that's not all that funny..." I say "Fuck you, sir/ma'am!"
I was in stitches for like 5 minutes straight afterwards. And it may not be nearly as funny unless you have to deal with the people I have to deal with daily... But still... Fuck you.
-=The Prynce

Saturday, March 17, 2007

One Snare in the March of Death

This was written by the former singer of Rage Against the Machine, Zack de la Rocha.

Read it. Seriously.

You can hear it for free without even having to download it by going to http://www.marchofdeath.com/

-=The Prynce

'March of Death' by Zack de la Rocha

I was born with the voice of a riot, a storm
Lightening the function, the form
Far from the norm, I wont follow like cattle
I'm more like a catalyst; calm in the mix of battle
Who let the cowboy on the saddle? He don't know a missile from a gavel
Para terror troopin flippin loops of death upon innocent flesh
But I'm back in the cipher my foes and friends
With a verse and a pen, against a line I won't toe or defend
Instead I curse at the murderous men in suits of professionals who act like animals
This man child, ruthless and wild
Who gonna chain this beast back on the leash?
This Texas Furor (F├╝hrer), for sure a, compassionless con who serve a
Lethal needle to the poor. The cure for crime is murder?

On the left, left, right, left
But it's just the march of death

I read the news today, oh boy, a snap shot of a midnight ploy
Vexed and powerless, devoured my hours I'm motionless with no rest
Cause a scream now holds the sky, under another high-tech drive-by
A lie is a lie this God is an eagle or a condor for war and nothing more
Islam peace, Islam stare into my eyes brother please off our knees
To beef now we feed their disease, interlocked our hands across seas
What is a flag but a rag, a shroud out loud, outside a faceless crowd
Cause a cowering child just took her last breath, one snare in the march of death

On the left, left, right, left
But it's just the march of death

Here it comes the sound of terror from above
He flex his Texas twisted tongue
The poor lined up to kill in desert slums
For oil that boil beneath the desert sun
Now we split flame we flip this game
All the targets are taking aim
All targets are taking aim
We're the targets, they're taking aim

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boo Bity Boo...

Bill Cosby is incredibly funny. But I don't much care for The Cosby Show... It wasn't built enough on him.

One of the best shows ever is of course, Saved By the Bell. Its fantastically cheesy. In in continuity is horrible and funny at the same time.
But I grew up on the shit and have something of an obsessive personality so I remember far more about it than is healthy, as I have posted before.

Its great how they had two senior proms. And its great how they went from JFK Junior High in Indiana with Mr. Belding as principal to Bayside in Southern California with the same bleeding principal!
See, the secret there is that the shows from Junior High were in fact an entirely different series entitled "Good Morning Miss Bliss" that aired on the Disney Channel. It was cancelled but apparently NBC bought the rights and turned it into Saved By the Bell.
Its also great how Zack and Lisa were gonna date and Screech was finally over her and then after that episode, none of that stuck and Lisa and Zack were no longer together.

So who do you guys think Zack lost his virginity to? I have a theory that it was the homeless chick from the Christmas episodes. UNLESS it was Kelly which I doubt. She seemed to be too wholesome but I know he wouldn't have tapped some of the other random chicks 'cause he wanted her and wouldn't want to screw that up.
But the homeless chick lived with them until her dad got a new job and he helped her and her dad so much that I know for sure she would have slept with him and he was over Kelly in those episodes so I'm sure he was more than willing (he was something of a shallow asshole after all).
I've known so many people similar to the homeless chick. They find someone who's willing to help them at a tough spot in their life and they melt over them and grow mad attached until it just falls apart and they wanna die.

How is Dustin Diamond broke exactly? And is he really losing his house? I think it may be a hoax, really... But I'm gonna buy a shirt regardless. $20 for his autograph and a shirt is worth it to a lamer like me.
You can find out more about all of that jazz by going to http://www.getdshirts.com/.

But my question of how he could be broke remains. He was the one cast member that was on each incarnation of the show from 'Good Morning Miss Bliss' to 'Saved by the Bell: The New Class'. Even Mr. Belding wasn't on all the shows. He was absent in the College Years.
Screech was on all of the series and the specials yet he's broke and faking a home porn leak.

Jessie wasn't very attractive at all. Lisa really was the only cute one until the College Years at which point Kelly was finally hot to me.

The best episodes to me are the lamest and cheesiest such as the famed 'Jessie's Song' where her addiction to caffeine pills were comparable to some crack addicts that I've seen.
Another great one was the 'School Song' episode where I got the title of this post. Apparently drinking water with Lemon juice will make you autistic though it will have no flavor in any way.

So... I think I'm gonna wrap up this post. I had no topic in mind when I started but I think we all see now where it went. But I have to jet so... Fudge it.

Expect to see more 'Saved by the Bell' posts in the future. I'm a geek, motherfucker.

-=The Prynce

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Its a 'who cares?'-type post...

Rob 'Little Hoch' Ludwick has a new catch-phrase. Keep an eye out for that on http://robsworld247.blogspot.com/ as he's told me that he'll reveal it publically in his next post's title.

I was leaving Wal-Mart the other day and totally had the right-of-way so I just sort of walked out in the pedistrian crossing area and a car was like... Right on me. He waved for me to go ahead to which I was like "No shit, asshole".
As I was about to get in the car I hear someone scream "HEY LONG HAIR!!" from across the lot which, if you've never had long hair around ignorant redneck fucks, that's typically what they call you.
So I see that its the guy from the car and I'm like "Oh cripes... This guy's gonna try to start shit." so I'm like "Yeah?" and he's like "Do you like metal?". I'm thinking he's going to be a dickhead and say something like "Well next time you fucking walk out in front of me you're gonna taste chrome, you fuck!" 'cause that's pretty much what I would have said.
So I'm like "A bit." and he's like "Ah 'cause Slayer's gonna be at the House of Blues tomorrow." which sort of threw me off because for one, I knew and two I was expecting the former. I called back to him "Yeah I know but I've gotta work!" and he calls back "Ah man it's gonna be great."
But I think it was about that time he realized that he'd called me 'long hair' which most people tend to know could make a bloke defensive. So he revealed he had a mohawk underneath his baseball cap.

Stupid story but... It sounded good in my mind. Judgemental fuckers.

There's some shit going on in Darlington County, SC that gets me a bit worked up.
Most of you know that I'm pretty much the most liberal and least racist fuck you'll ever come across but when it comes to the Confederate flag and the former CSA as a whole, I view it as my history. I had many family members fight and some die for the CSA. An ancestor of mine signed the sucession order, even. And above all, you should know that contrary to what you were told in second grade, it was NOT about slavery. The whole thought of federal and confederate government systems would have blown your 7 year old mind.

No matter, in Darlington County there are two graves that the Sons of Confederate Veterns want to put CSA markers on (CSA markers contain a small Confederate flag engraved on it, also). It happens all the time. No big deal, right?
The only thing this time is that the two soldiers who fought for the CSA happen to have been black. That's right, folks... People of all colors fought for the South and many of them were slaves that were already freed for what-ever reason.
But the NAACP's local chapter (which seems silly to me to have a chapter of the NAACP in SC at all seeing as how to have the chapter they have to live here which is kind of not participating in the NAACP boycott on the state of South Carolina) wants to fight it. Not the decendants of the men... Not the people who are there to preserve the history of those two men...
The NAACP should really have no say in the matter. The SCV isn't a racist group (although I know a number of members who actually are ignorant bigots) in any way. Regardless of bigots that may be members, the group itself is for direct descendants of soldiers of the CSA and they're out to preserve the history of the state of South Carolina as it pertains to that period in time.

I dunno I just don't get it. This stuff happened. Taking the flag down from the monument in Columbia isn't going to erase it. Not allowing two soldiers to be honored isn't, either. If we're trying to erase all traces of the CSA, Charleston will certainly need to be erased off of the map. The fort where it all started is there and its now a national monument. Its not a national monument because the nation is racist. Its a national monument because its our HISTORY. No matter where your ancestors were from, if you consider yourself and American in any way then it is your history.

Anywho enough on that whole trip, eh? lol. Hopefully I pissed no one off. It wasn't my intention.

Bill Maher is Jesus... Little known fact, friends.

People, don't vote for Hillary if you're a Democrat and you're voting in the primaries... Please?
She's ok in my eyes but she plays to whomever she's talking to too much. Her stance is what-ever the 'correct' stance is for the people she's blowing at that moment. I don't see her winning the White House.
Instead, vote for Edwards or Obama!
I'd love to see Obama get the nomination but I'm worried about his lack of experience and how well it'd hold up to the firestorm that he'd get in the actual race.
That's why we need Edwards. The man is the shit. He's got some of Obama's charisma and speaking skills only he blinks more.
Watch him talk... Seriously... He blinks a lot...

So... Edwards/Obama '08!

-=The Prynce

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yeah so... Moving sucks. There's no way around it. It sucks.

But in the end, its for the best. I must get out of my current residence. Apparently they want to get rid of the mold that infests that place but... C'mon. That wouldn't work at all. That would require a total renovation of the entire place. They'd have to redo all interiors and somehow destroy the mold in the walls. Its impossible.

But its kinda what my three days off are going to be made of, it seems. Due to a freakish scheduling accident, my days off for next week come just after my last day off from this week so I get the coveted three days off. Joy.
Actually it is a good thing... I'm hoping I will have time to do something fun and get totally moved out by the end of those days off so that I can do something... Anything. lol.

Soo... Uhhh... I really don't know where to take this post. I mean, I have some free time but I've got nothing to say. All that comes to mind is that I'm sooo ready to get the hell out of my apartment but I think I've pretty much covered that... lol.

This city is stupid.
People with pull are trying to make it more of a resort town like Orlando than a nice but large family beach... It won't work.
Crackheads, crime, and prostitutes are the only things that are increasing here in significant numbers- Not revenue. Its becoming a very dangerous place to live and to visit. The crime rate of Myrtle Beach is higher than that of New York City... That's kinda terrible.

But that's about all I can come up with this morning so... Deal. And shut up.

-=The Prynce

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quick Hits, F00z

Time for a quick post with random and flowing thoughts...

Ok... Colts are gonna win the Super Bowl. If they don't, its blasphemy. The Bears are lame. They have a shite quarterback. Brian Urlacher is a cock-sucking asshole.
Manning deserves this win and if there's a higher power of any sort, he'll get it. And if that power loves me, the win will come with the play Darrell and I 'rehearsed' in Dollar General... Made the Immaculate Reception look like it was thrown by... I dunno... Rex Grossman.

I got a nice assortment of liquors today. Hooray for me, yeah? And I got high quality, name-brand shit. Crazy.

So, I'm moving out of my apartment. The place is infested with mold and I've pretty much had my fill of being constantly sick, the place smelling horrible, and everything being untouchable due to mold. Not to mention, its a shite place for the amount I'm paying. Given utilities are included but... No.
I'm moving into an actual house with Darrell and his girlfriend. Its a nice place and for now, it will make things easier on them and me finacially for me to live with them. I do intend on it being temporary but it'll do fine for now.
My only issues are sharing a bathroom (which is doable) and the fact that its a former military house on the old Air Force base. Go only knows the horrors some angry airman inflicted upon his family in the years since that house has stood.

But those things are out-weighed by all of the positives. And the positives are many.

Doing the actual move is gonna suck. I'm gonna have to pack when I can and move when I'm able. I'm hoping to be totally out of my apartment by next weekend though which I think is doable.

So all-in-all I see my life as improving. Change can make me a bit worrisome and edgy at times but that's the case with most people, eh?

Anywho, time is running low so I gotta jet. Be cool, folks!

-=The Prynce

Monday, January 29, 2007

Let the Sun Shine In.

So... Turns out the Eastern world is explodin'.

Anywho, so I got a tattoo today (Or yesterday, I suppose... It was 1/28). Its just my symbol. Its on the lower portion or my left upper-arm. Its just black outlined and black filled in over most of it with it fading to flesh tone at the top. I kinda like it as it is but I'm really thinking about getting it faded to green instead of my flesh color... That'd be fucking tits.
But, yeah. I had it done at Pitbull Tattoo Clinic (http://www.pitbulltattooclinic.com/)... Give 'em a go if you want.

So tomorrow/today is the long-awaited ghost hunt at the Old Charleston Jail. I'm sort of excited, I must say... It's gonna be kinda cool. And apparently we're also going to be 'sharing' the building with two other ghost hunters (or 'paranormal investigators' if you truly are that pretencious) which should be fine unless our styles clash too horribly.

But, yeah. We're hoping to do much touring of the city on Tuesday, also. I'm personally hoping for a trip to Fort Sumter 'cause its been forever for me. I miss that place.

Look for pictures and audio and shite from that trip soon, of course. Hopefully they'll be fruitful.

Ermmm... Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to mention it but Rob now has a blog. It's at http://robsworld247.blogspot.com/ and the one post he has so far is... Interesting. Its worth the read and he says he may have another one coming tomorrow so... Ya know... Check that shit.

Alright well I'm sort of drawing a blank at the moment so I'm gonna be jettin'.

But before I go, I'm going to leave you all with a link to a 14 second piece of video I shot tonight. I was playing with my phone and a guy that was almost certainly on coke of something comes in and he's all crazy acting and I happened to catch this one moment of him so hyped up that he seems to MoonWalk multiple times... Very funny if you ask me...
So that being said, be sure you go to THIS link... Its fucking crazy funny, foos.

Check back, people.

-=The Prynce

Thursday, January 25, 2007


People are stupid.
I'm at work and I just had a guy call me to make a reservation for Memorial Day Weekend and he just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that 1) Its a weekend in May, 2) Its a biker weekend, 3) The very brochure he was reading to me from states in bold and all CAPS that WEEKENDS, HOLIDAYS, AND SPECIAL EVENTS are higher.
So he asks about the weekend before-- Same price. Again, he can't wrap his mind around the fact that its a weekend in May... It won't be cheap anywhere. In fact, to find one cheaper than the price I gave with similar or better location would be nearly impossible.

One thing I can't stand is a person who gets angry that they can't be cheap assholes every day of their lives.

"So just because the hotel will make more money by certainly selling those rooms on those nights, why not have them lower so people like me can be cheap and you don't have to worry about making money."

I'll repeat... People are stupid.

Anywho, that's not what my post is about. In fact, I don't know what its about really but it isn't about some moron who can't understand 'supply and demand' or other simple capitalistic ideas.

So... I won a radio contest the other day. I won two tickets to the movie 'The Queen' which I'd never heard of until I won the tickets...
But after I won, I went to get my taxes done... After that we went to the radio station to get my prize.
We went in and dealt with the rude ass lady in the office, I got my winnings and we went back to the car.
Darrell and I were discussing something as we were about to leave (probably the rude lady inside) when I happened to change the radio to the same station I'd just won from. Over our conversation we heard them announce to call in and win something and Darrell called, he was the correct caller (#5) and he won a t-shirt and a chance to be entered into another contest.

Summation; Almost exactly one hour after I won, Darrell won. We were in the parking lot picking up my prize when he won. And of course, we were both in the car with the other when they won.
What are the odds of that? I mean, really. It was a radio station played in resturants and offices all the time and at this hour, thousands of people had to be listening. I really would love to know the statistical odds of what happened happening again.

Anywho, I totally just started drawing a blank sooo... Yeah. I may post again before I get off of work but... eh, I doubt it.

Big brother is watching.

-=The Prynce

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Peace Not Greed

For the life of me, I do not understand why marijuana is still criminalized. I understand why it was ORIGINALLY outlawed in this country. Overall it was xenophobia. Mexican immigrants brought it with them and criminalizing it made it possible to arrest, detain, etc. immigrants.

But that alone wasn't enough to make it illegal. Fear had to be utilized more skillfully.

It was then decided that it was dangerous and would cause madness. But in addition to that, it also caused white women to loosen up and sleep with black men, or simillarly, it would cause black men to rape white women.

That bit of silliness held strong but it wasn't enough to convince people. So then it became the hand-in-hand partner of heavy drugs such as heroine.

As time has progressed, however, the relative masses of people have been smart enough to realize that all of these things are true... Or at least truly poppycock.
Unfortunately, to borrow and then contort a phrase of Nixon's, the ignorant masses still believe most of the things they have been falsely preached over the years and they believe them with a passion.

Go back and watch movies from the 1930's such as 'Reefer Madness'... Its a load of crap but many Americans still believe it.

I have to say, though, I do believe that due to the fear of persecution, many Americans who have tried Marijuana are afraid to admit to it due to stigma and the fact that that very stigma would be very likely social and career suicide.

Bill Clinton was almost a break-through case. He admitted to smoking marijuana but claimed he did not inhale... What small number of you folks actually believe that?
Newt Gingrich has even admitted to being a former marijuana user.

Did either of those men turn out to be Jell-O minded lazy zombies, herione addicts, or insane criminals? Well... Some may think so based on their own political views, but c'mon... Seriously.

I theorize that if 100 people read this post in the next 24 hours, at least 85 of them would have tried marijuana and another 10 would have been around it before or at least would support its legalization.

Jimmy Carter supported its decriminalization nationally. Nixon had a presidental commision to see if it would reccomend decriminalizing marijuana for personal use-- They did. Upon hearing this, Nixon threw the report in the garbage without even reading it.

I do not smoke marijuana. I'm willing to admit that I have in the past. But as of this post, it has been some time between 3-5 years since I have used it. If people were brave enough to admit it more often, it wouldn't be illegal right now.

Marijuana is not addictive. It does not always lead to heavier drugs. It is better for your health than tobacco or alcohol.

However, given its illegal status, it is very expensive to those who use it therefore giving millons of dollars to people who may or may not be using that money to contribute to more serious crimes. It is more dangerous due to its being unable to be regulated. I've talked to far too many people who have unknowingly used other drugs due to marijuana being laced. Someone who gets arrested for possession of small amounts will become ineligable for many things in their home state and the entire country due to that blemish on their possibly otherwise clean legal record.

BILLONS are spent in tax dollars on the 'war on marijuana' in the U.S. not including the millons spent to house inmates who thought they should have the right to grow a hemp plant in their own home or property.

Think of the tax dollars to be gained by taxing marijuana sells as heavily as alcohol!

Decriminalization would solve SOME of these problems. Many states have taken steps and decriminalized it.

LEGALIZATION would fix all of these problems. But I don't see that happening due to politicians who are more concerned about if they're going to get re-elected rather than politicians who actually give a damn about their constituates. It would almost certainly be political suicide to move to legalize marijuana, although it has came very close to becoming legal many times since its being outlawed by the bogus 'marijuana tax act'.

You would have to consume thousands of pounds of marijuana at one time to overdose.

There is no scientific evidence that marijuana is harmful to the human body. However, there is plenty known about its medical benefits... Not to mention its incrediblt industrial uses.

There are so many points I'm leaving out of this post without a doubt. I'm pressed for time and I do appologize. Depending on the response, I may do a continuation of this post in the near future.

I'll close with a request that you who read this post a comment saying if you've ever tried marijuana before. You don't have to post your name if you don't want to. I just want to see how many people will admit to it...

Thanks for reading!

-=The Prynce

"How would life be if the world smoked weed? Garunteed there'd be peace not greed."
~from 'Peace Not Greed' by Kottonmouth Kings

DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate breaking the law in any way. I only advocate the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana for personal use.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'm not becoming a corporate whore but Vongo is the best shit on this planet.
I recently saw some commercials and shit on it so I went to the site to see what was up with it and it basically comes down to this: You pay like $10 a month and then you can download any of a LARGE selection of mostly great movies that they have licenced.
They have shit like "Tommy", "Pulp Fiction", "Revenge of the Nerds", "House of Flying Daggers", and tons of other really good movies.

There are two draw-backs as I've seen thus far.
1) All of the movies have a limited licence so you can only keep them for a certain amount of time... Although most of them won't expire for months.
2) Some movies are Pay-Per-View and you have to pay like $2 to download them but there are plenty of good ones that come with the subscription.

Also, you can't burn them to DVDs or CDs so that's not too great...

But, yeah. I recommend it. Check it out, bitches.

-=The Prynce

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And When I'm Kissing You I Fantisize You're a Midget

I've been thinking... And I think that the next person who asks how my New Year's Eve was, I may choke them. I was working, people! And it wasn't even a fun night at work.

Anywho, not a lot going on these days... My ex from my previous post is coming back for a bit on Wednesday but its just so she can borrow my capture card so its not the best of news. That would be that she was coming because she was dying to see me... But... Nope. lol.

I was SORTA on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell again a few nights ago. But it was just him reviewing my prediction from the same show the previous year which was wrong. Who's shocked?

So... Chuck Liddell (The Ice Man) beat Tito Ortiz (The Huntington Beach Bad Boy) in their UFC rematch this weekend. And I couldn't be more thrilled. I really can't stand Ortiz and it all goes back to his blatant and unnecessary disrespect that he showed towards Ken Shamrock and the Lions Den in his rematch against Guy Mezger.
In short, I can't fucking stand Tito Ortiz and I'm tickled fuckin' pink that he lost. Great fighter, but what an asshole, ya know?

Erm... USC beat Michigan. I don't much care for Michigan but I really dislike USC. But, eh... I'll get over it... With ease. lol.

Yeah, so, I'm about to get off work now and I'm drawing a blank on what more to go over so... Check back for more posts soon I suppose, K? Maybe I'll have had an entertaining set of events to cover.

But I doubt it.

-=The Prynce