Monday, August 23, 2004

Sing Us a Song, You're the Piano Man!

Ok, so it's been a while again, hasn't it? Sorry... Been busy... ish.

So what's new, eh? Well... Hm... I've been gettin' comfortably close with an old friend, Ashleigh. Sexy bitch, that one. :-D And before anyone *AHEM* gets mad at me, bugger off! It's how I see her and plus this is my journal and if you don't like it, don't read it! Simple, isn't it? I can't go editing myself so people won't throw fits now can I? Well I could but I assume you all know me better than that.

Hm... What else... Well, I was supposed to be learning Dungeons and Dragons last night but ended up watching 'Easy Rider' instead. It's a really good movie... Its sad as hell at the end, though. I dunno if 'sad' is the best word for it but if you're like me and lived in a place like I have my whole life it'll piss you off knowing that people 'round here would probably do the same if they had half a chance. But thanks to my Paxil (I'm blaming it on the medication... shhh...), I wouldn't be so passive.

Darrell's wife totalled his Tracker a few weeks ago. She fucked it up good, too. I don't think it's beyond her to have done it purposely but, hey... I dunno her. From what I've been able to put together of my experiences of her, I think I feel comfortable in saying that.

Shannon started school back about two weeks ago. She's already missed at least three days. Pregnate or not, they're going to fail her ass. I know it's gonna piss her off, but I don't even know why she pretends to care anymore. Her grades are good but if you miss over 5 days a semester, grades aren't shit! You fail! Now I'm not saying she hasn't got ambition... just not at the level that I like it.

I realised the other day why Republicans win elections so often with so much true opposition. People who are afraid of change of that 'different' people could become their equals in society vote Republican without knowing anything about either candidate. My dad, for example... His work has been virtually non-existant since Bush came into office. Not only that, but since then, my parents have been stretched for money ALL THE TIME... Bush has taken a record surplus in funds and made it into a royally deep deficeit... The economy is SHIT now. Its to the point that the markets closing a few points up is something that Bush claims as some sort of amazing victory and proof the economy is on some recovery.
My dad is the assistant fire chief at a small volunteer station. They're getting no government support and are in danger of having to shut down and it's been that way for about 2-3 years. Bush's position is to close small volunteer stations down and to halt government funding raises for firefighters across the country. John Kerry is in support of volunteer fire stations to the point that all sorts of fire fighting organizations now officially endorse and support him. He wants to make sure they all survive because if they didn't, YOUR home owners insurance would take a major spike.

I told you that to tell you this... My dad support Bush. All of the crap that has affected him and put him into worries for the past 3 years is because of Bush but because he's so afraid that a black man may some day be treated as a white man's equal everywhere, he votes for conservatives that he knows are just as racially biast as him.

But I digress. It just irks me. If there's anything true on this planet, Bush will not be elected (I say elected as opposed to re-elected since he was appointed by the supreme court and not elected by a majority) and give us another four years of fear and shite.

Scott Peterson did it.

Well, that's about it for now. I gotta go take a shower in a bit so... yeah. I'll try to update more often, I promise... lol.

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-=The Prynce