Monday, August 10, 2009

WWE Based Blog - Never Expect Another of These!

Alright, so I got bored and realized I hadn't blogged in way too long.  I was going to do a post on the healthcare thing, but wrestling came on so I just wrote my play-by-play thoughts on WWE Raw for tonight.  Never should there ever be another of these.  Don't think this is what this blog is going to become.  It isn't.

Randy Orton is starting Raw.  I don't know if I care.  I've liked the character for a while, but I've never loved it.  He does his role very well but he tends to overdo it.
WWE was clearly worried about the Canadian fans with the opening promo.  Throwing that cheap heat into his monologue...
Whodathunkit?  Cena's out to bore the world just because Orton mentions his name.  Anyone remember Cena's early years?  He hasn't been entertaining since his feud with Lesnar.
Speaking of not caring; is there anyone above the age of 12 that gives a shit about seeing Orton/Cena again?  Have we been seeing this for 3 years or what?
I hate those gay head-to-head things, Cena and Orton.  It just looks silly.  Stop it.
I think Cena just accused Big Show of blowing Shaq.  Anyone else get that impression?  Speaking of Big Show, he shouldn't be forced to wear a suit.  It makes him look like a rather regular sized guy.
Good on WWE for not making Jericho get cheap heat with the Canadians.
The tease of D-X saddens me.  I've said it before, Jesus has no place in D-X.  It will never be entertaining until Shawn realizes that God has no issue with entertainment.

Divas match.  I really don't give a shit about this.  Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix are the only reasons I'm not going to go do something else during the match.  I predict a Kim win.
The crowd seemed to be hating the pin after pin bit.  Its not the US, guys.  They expect a degree of wrestling.  By chance, I think the two most attractive Divas in WWE are Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix.  I have no doubt that the bulk of that attraction comes from them also being among the two best performers.
Kim wins.  With only 4 good women wrestlers on the roster, who really cares?  No actual wrestling fan.
Couldn't they have thrown Sarge in more of a military fatigue outfit instead of his wrestling gear?  No office to the guy, but he looks kinda weird.
Slaughter's awesome.  I love that they're getting him the Canadian heat.

I may be the biggest Jack Swagger fan I know.  This guy has it.  Mic skills could use work, of course.  But no matter, Swagger will be huge in a few years if used right and if he keeps it going.
I also am a monster Evan Bourne fan.
I'm loving this series of matches.  This guys are the future of the wrestling business.  They have very different styles but they work well together.
Swagger gets the win and I'm fine with that.  He's the best wrestler.  Bourne's just probably more exciting.
I have to say I'm looking forward to MVP and Swagger.  It just saddens me tha one of the two will have their momentum halted by the meeting.

This HBK thing is stupid.  Hokey.  Shawn was entertaining enough there, though.

Eugene.  Hooray.  I'm kidding.  Why not just have him as himself?
I wonder who the Calgary Kid is.  And I wonder if they brought in Russo to make this match.
Ha!  Miz!  WWE, that was GREAT!

Orton and Big Show.  I don't care.  I'm finding it hard to actually watch the match.  Show won, right?  I really kinda got distracted.
Shawn himself is entertaining in this bit.  The rest of it isn't...  After typing that, I changed my mind.  He wasn't entertaining.

Alas, Chris Masters.  Sucking the life out of the crowd like no other.  Its incredible.  Or unincredible.
Has anyone else noticed that since Masters has returned, his legs look too short?  And his trunks have a saggy diaper look about them.  I'm sick of him already.  I'm glad for his loss.  Good for you MVP.
Swagger's back at ringside.  Did I mention being a huge Swagger fan?  That Jimmy Carter on smack smile is awesome.  He's so fluid on those gut wrench powerbombs.
Looks like Piven and Dr. Ken may have actually enjoyed their hosting roles.  That's gonna be the benefit of the celebrity hosts, I think.  Making the hosts fans.  They will then go on Conan and other shows and folks will be like “Hmmm...  Maybe I should give WWE another try.”

I like the bit now with the 'Summer Fest' reference and the use of Shawn's real last name.  'Sweet Chin Music' on a child doesn't sound like something Jesus would like, Shawn.

The Duggan bit was great.  I love what they're doing with Sgt. Slaughter tonight.  Of course it wasn't going to be Bret Hart, but that was still awesome.

I honestly kind of stopped paying attention for a bit there.  I don't care about Henry, Hornswaggle, or Legacy.  I'm beginning to see that I don't care about a lot that WWE puts on these days.  Jack Swagger is the obvious exemption.

Jericho is great.  Talking up Canada only to butt-slam it was fantastic.  Reminds me of one of his WCW bits where he proclaimed “I'm glad I moved to the States 'cause Canada sucks!”

Freddie Prinze, Jr. hosting Raw.  Yawn.

Cena and Jericho.  I like Jericho and always have.  But I have little doubt that there will be no clear finish in this match.  I should say, there shouldn't be.  Cena's win makes a WWE Tag champ look weak.  I'll count on that dick logic from WWE, though.  Although a DQ of some sort would be right up WWE's alley as well.  Its a main event.  Why wouldn't they?
A DQ for what?  Who wins?  No contact was made?  So stupid, WWE.

Cena and Orton vs Jericho and Orton?  It MAY be interesting.

Raw's over.  Never expect this type of post again.  It'll likely never happen.

-=The Prynce