Friday, February 29, 2008

The Savage Leap

I'm posting right now and in a rush due to no reason other than its Leap Day. I had an idea yesterday that I should post today because of that reason and because I hadn't posted in some time but I quickly squashed it as pretty unimportant.
Then just a few hours later, I spoke to Rob and he said I should blog today and that he was going to so it since its the only time in four years that it'd be possible to post on this date.

So here I am posting and I can't come up with much to say.

I dislike Michael Savage. He's a hypocritical douche bag. That's not news and I understand that but I thought I'd post about it while its fresh on my mind.
I was listening to Clark Howard but after his show went off, I left the radio for a few minutes after and Savage came on. He was saying how Liberals wanted to take tax dollars to give people free health care because they don't take care of their own bodies by not eating right and its their own fault and responsibilities to take care of themselves.
First off, I've been plenty poor for a long time. I LOVE healthy foods and prefer steamed broccoli and lean baked chicken to Totinos Crisp Crust Pizzas, but for under a dollar I can get the more unhealthy choice which could feed me for a week (one a day) for about $7. For lean and skinless/boneless chicken with fresh broccoli, that's probably $20 at least. I have no health care because I can't afford it. Between $75 a week of child support, rent, car insurance, and $3+ a gallon for gas, I eat crappy foods because that's all I can afford.
I've been in the stereotypical situation where I had three things I was in dire need of and had to choose only two of them to be able to have while having to do away with the other. I chose to give up all 3 of the medications I was on because I couldn't have my medications AND a place to live and food to eat. After giving up my medication, I was still stuck on having to eat Bologna and Ramen noodles for months.
Things have now improved for me but I'm still not to the point where I can afford health. Its unfortunate because eating healthy and going to the gym almost daily makes me feel GREAT and I prefer it.

What I was going for, though, is that Savage went on to say that its dumb to try to get everyone health care when rich people (I forgot which line he was referring to) are losing their jobs and are now flat broke.
...This is the same man that I heard no more than a week ago preaching about how if you're poor its your own fault and you need to be doing something to not be poor.

He's a hypocrite. He's an idiot. He's a liar. He's a talk-radio host.

-=The Prynce