Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ziggy played guitar.

I am officially no longer security for the Polynesian Resort.

I'm night auditor in training now. More hours and better hours so I'm kinda thrilled. I train for five days this upcoming week. That makes me cool.

The lass I posted about in my last post turned out to be something less than 'amazing' after all. But my life is like... Al Queda. The top person blows up making brownies with plastique shipped to them as flour by the CIA and another just as qualified and often more qualified pops up and takes their place.

RAW was great. One of the most memorable in years I think. It was the one with DX as the McMahons and the poop shower though seeing RVD was the best for me.
And as a side note, we made the 3 hour trip in about 1.5 hours thanks to Darrell's skillful Expedition driving and my superb navigational skills.

Shannon was forced to move out a week or so ago but I only got about a day of solo living. Darrell's brother JR needed a place to crash for a bit until he could get his own so he's staying with me now but its pretty much like living alone still. He works 1st shift and I work 3rd so we see each other in passing and little else. So it isn't that bad.

Got a new laptop recently. I kind of love it.

I've got some of my videos uploaded to MySpace. Check them out. You can see my sleep-less performance in "Oceanfront kNights". You can view them by clicking pretty much any place in this paragraph.

I also bought a GameCube recently.


David Bowie is sort of great.

Ernie's is the best place to eat in this fucking town. Its located on the 9th floor of Captain's Quarter restaurant in Myrtle Beach.
The best delivery is Pizza de Roma.

My blog is probably cursed but that's a whole other topic for a totally different day so we shall explore that at a later date (if I even remember my current line of thinking at that juncture).

-=The Prynce