Monday, April 11, 2005

Who'd Have Thought They'd Lead Ya Back Here Where We Need Ya?

Hm... No introduction today, straight to bussiness, eh?

I'll just start with some older news... Well... Like a week old.

So Terry Schiavo died. Its sad to see someone forced to starve to death no matter who you sided with. Personally, I didn't see where I could side with anyone but Terry. Her parents had a point in that she never told them what she'd want to do in that kind of a situation. And on the same side, it was kind of odd that Michael Schiavo just happened to remember his wife saying she woudln't want to live that way SEVEN YEARS after she'd been in that condition. And reports of them being at each others' necks the night she had the heart attack was suspicious, too. But even if none of that is reason to dislike the guy, the fact that he stopped seeking therapy for her REALLY does chap my ass. There could have been hope for her with therapy...
Well, that and the fact that he was involved with another woman whom he had two children with. That is OPEN adultry and I don't see how the courts didn't enull the marriage or force divorce or SOMETHING. I'm not sure what their options would have been but they should have done something.

But on the side of the husband, he DID go to school and became a nurse to learn how to better care for his wife. And legally, he had the right to decided if she was taken off of life support (which she wasn't on life support in reality) and he did.

Now, simply put... Congress did not belong in the matter. CHECKS AND BALANCES! SEPARATION OF POWERS! Do those phrases mean ANYTHING to the Republicans that lead the charge? Seems unlikely. But while they did go against the Constitution and commit an act that was probably bordering legality, I did support it... It was wrong but I wanted the woman to live. Is that hypocrytical?

But the thing that REALLY got me going was the Right's trying to use this to their advantage. They did and there is no denying it. Sure, they were upset when someone wrote a memo saying they should exploit it 'cause it was pretty much a given that they would and as Nixon learned, documentation can bite you in the ass.

But Bush... The man had the nerve to look into cameras and into people's eyes and say it was only right to "Err on the side of life." Son of a bitch! This is a man that sat idley by as 152 people were executed in his tenure as Texas governor! Of course he didn't sentence them himself, he wasn't the reason the executions were so rapid, and he didn't make the clemency laws. But he didn't try to CHANGE them, either. I REALLY dislike that guy.

For more about George W. Bush's "murders", go to

Now the Pope. What a man, eh? Not that he was the best person to ever live or anything, but he was pretty cool. But he did do a lot of travelling and he wasn't unlike Ronald Reagan in that he was another "Great Communicator".
He's gonna be missed and remembered for all he did and the length of his 'reign' for a long, long time.
As could be expected, Republicans have already jumped on it and tried to draw parallels between themselves and the Pope when, in reality, one of the only things they had in common were there opposition to abortion. Did you know I don't like them much? lol.

Also rather recently, we lost Johnnie Cochran. What a great attorney he was, eh? Anyone who could get O.J. off is truly AMAZING. But apart from his job, he seemed to be a great dude. I saw him many times on TV like on Larry King and he was awesome. Dude had CHARISMA. He should have been an entertainer.
But he did do a lot. He was like a rabid dog when it came to civil rights. He wouldn't let up. He was truly a great man and he'll be missed without a doubt.

While on Cochran, I'm going to talk a little about one of his former clients, Michael Jackson.

Personally, I think Michael is innocent. Is he extremely quirky? Yes. Do I think he takes his relationships with children too far? PROBABLY. But that does not mean he has any sort of sexual or illegal relationship with them. I think he takes it too far by letting them stay at his house at all. And when people talk about how he lets kids sleep in his bed, he doesn't mean he's in the bed with them! He is either on the floor or in another room, from what I understand. You have to think about how MASSIVE this man's bedroom must be!

But although I think he's innocent, I wouldn't let my son stay there. As a parent, you are responsible to protect the well-being of your children. After the first allegations (which I also believe to be FALSE), that would be too much of a chance to be taking to let my child stay there. So I think that if he is found guilty, then the boy's parents should be prosecuted for CHILD ENDANGERMENT. If any of it is true, it is the fault of the parents for allowing it to have a chance to take place.

Now people may be saying that the parents are not out just to get money but... How true is that? These are criminal charges he was brough up on now but that's normally how these things would go. Criminal THEN civil. How much would you people like to bet me there will be a civil suit filed if he is found guilty (and maybe if he's ruled not-guilty!)? This way, it give more hope in winning the civil suit and getting MORE money.

So in conclusion... He's innocent. Leave the man alone. There's no law against being a weird fuck, which is his only crime.

Now here's a run-down for the 3/5/05 show, "Beach Bash" at Conway High School:

J-Sin lost to Ultra Dragon in what was actually a pretty cool match. J-Sin was a good heel that will probably be something some day if he works on his conditioning and in-ring skills. He can already work the crowd.

2 the Xtreme defeated Dark Riders of Appocalypse in a mildly entertaining match-up.

Danny $ won the 20 man Bunkhouse Stampede after eliminating Kim Chee (Who was VERY entertaining) in a match that included Rufis, J-Sin and Ultra Dragon.
Danny $ will go on to face AFE Champion DAVID FLAIR November 5th at "Generation Next" in Conway, SC once again.

In the Minies match, Short Sleeve Sampson defeated Todd Stone. It was a very entertaining match!

TWA-TNA and indie superstar SHARKBOY got the win over Man Child. Sharkboy made this match. I thought the persona of Sharkboy seemed cheesey as hell but after seeing him in a match, he was GREAT. He worked the crowd like no one else that night except for Foley and Stro.

Mick Foley then made a speech and donated a $2000 check to McCleod Children's Hospital.

Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young defeated The Bounty Hunters with Gail Kim. It was an ok match with two Bronco Busters by Mae. I was kind of transfixed on GAIL KIM the entire time, though. What a woman... Yumm...
Gail ended up turning on her team.

The Stro beat The Barbarian w/ Fabulous Playboy by DQ after a run-in by Dark Riders of the Appocalypse. 2 the Xtreme ran in to help Stro and they made a match for "Generation Next" in which, if Stro and 2 the Xtreme win, Fabulous Playboy will shave his mullet and if Barbarian and Dark Riders win, Playboy will take over a local DJ's radio show for a few weeks. He will be handcuffed to the DJ during the match.

David Flair came out the winner in a 3-way match with Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner to be crowned the first AFE Champion. Flair worked the crowd well by saying his dad told him people in Conway had the ugliest kids. He's just a lil 'Naitch... very entertaining.
This match was GREAT! Buff truly was still BUFF. Steiner hasn't changed a bit, either. Steiner helped Buff during the match but turned on him and walked out to give Flair the win.

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka took the win again Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in a steel cage match with Mick Foley as the referee. Foley ended up shoving Sock-O deep in Valentine's mouth after Valentine got physical with Foley, as he was warned before the match.
The match was really good but short. I'd have liked to see it go on at least ten more minutes.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'll post more ASAP. This was just a quick post, really. Stay tuned!

-=The Prynce

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Well here I am again. Nothing better to do than post another entry. I've been a little busy lately so forgive my slowness in updating.

Well, yesterday was rather uneventful. I went to Shannon's and we went to Shoney's and went back to her house and that's about it.

The day before was better. I got up early and Shannon came over and Darrell, Shannon, and I went to the Dillon County Complex so Darrell and I could see if they had any jobs worth trying for at job service. They didn't really have anything good but Darrell went to this thingy and talked to the people about different jobs and he told me to come in there with him so I went and we applied for jobs with a lumber company. We started talking to the ladies in there about hauntings and shit and ghosts after Darrell said something like "Too bad we can't get a job using our real talents" and I was like "We have talents?" and he was like "I mean 'paranormal investigation'" and the women in there were like talking about their experiences with ghosts and shit and one of them lives near Montrose and told us she used to go down there all the time and she said she'd been to Alice's grave and shit. It was cool. So we left there and went to Shannon's b/c she and I had a class at like 3:45 so we couldn't go where we had wanted to just yet.

So Shannon and I went to her class about breast feeding (she's pregnant for those of you who don't know) and it was pretty cool. Lots of videos with boobies. lol. You'd think "Ah, fat woman with icky droopy boobies" but they were cool boobies. I'll shut up... lol.

Well later, Darrell called and asked if I would be busy at about 8PM (He knew I had nothing to do lol) and that if I was free we could go check out some haunted sites. So I took a nap and woke up at 8 expecting he would show up around 8:15 at best but he was there at 8:03! I was amazed and shit! lol.
We went to a store on the other side of town for Shannon then we headed to McColl. We got there and Darrell got some money from his grandmother and then got some more gas and we headed through Bennitsville(sp?) and we pulled over in some cemetery that covered two sides of the road. We road on the first side and we were all creeped out. It was pretty creepy looking in there. We saw a Moselium(sp?) on that side but he said it wasn't the one he wanted to show us so we went to the other side and we found it and it was good and creepy. It was big and round and made of stone and it was there since like 1910 I think it said. We went to the other side of the cemetery again and we went over to the first moselium(sp?) we had seen and went up to it and inside the gate and we walked up to it and Shannon opened the doors and there was all kinds of weird shit down in there. It was kind of creepy.

But anyway, we left there and headed to Colonel Kolb's Tomb between Bennetsville and Society Hill. We turned down Col. Kolb's Tomb Rd. and that alone was plenty creepy. Then we found the tomb itself and it was kind of cool. It wasn't too creepy but the area around it was. We heard a little something in the woods and Darrell said he saw a person in the woods and then we went down to the river which is right behind it and we heard shit in the river.
While at the River, we heard what sounded like a car coming up and then we saw headlights so we took off back to the car to see who it was and a truck full of rednecks circled around the tomb and were like "Ya'll have permission to be out here?" and we were like "Uh..." and they were like "You know who's land this is?" and we were like "No." and they were like "Well we own this land and we don't want no trouble but we use it for coon hunting and we don't want nobody to fuck it up. Ya'll need to get going and not come back here no more." and we got in the car and left since we had only one pocket nice between us and we didn't know what they had. We were pretty sure they didn't own it but we couldn't prove it just then... More on that later.

So we left there and all that shit and the hicks followed us all the way back to town and we were looking for a place to pull over to see if they would follow us but when we got into town they turned off. Shannon and I were flipping them off almost the whole time back.

Then we went back to Dillon and that was that for that night.

Monday, April 04, 2005

What More in the Name of Love?

I've been lazy the past few days and haven't had a chance to post yet but I thought I needed to today.

This day in 1968, a great life was senselessly brought to an end by ignorance. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on the balcony of a Memphis motel.

I felt that I should post something today to the memory of him and while time is short, I'd just like to say that he was a brilliant mind that wanted nothing more than harmony and peace through peaceful means. He was not a bigot or a racist as most bigots and racists will claim. He was a loving man who wanted ALL people to be free.

But as I said, time is short so I decieded to just post the lyrics to a GREAT son by U2 that is about this great man. Read it. Enjoy.

-=The Prynce

Pride (In The Name Of Love)
by U2

One man come in the name of love
One man come and go
One man come, he to justify
One man to overthrow

In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love

One man caught on a barbed wire fence
One man he resist
One man washed on an empty beach.
One man betrayed with a kiss

In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love

(nobody like you...)

Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love...

Friday, April 01, 2005

Now They Know How Many Holes it Takes to Fill Up Albert Hall

Sorry! Been busy and all so I haven't updated. I know you all hate me now but... It was to be expected. lol.

I recently had an EXCITING weekend in which I met two of the greatest wrestlers of all time! And I got to see them both in action LIVE and I got a picture with them both. But more on that later...

But for now... Let's talk movies.

1/7/05, I went early in the day to see the first showing of "White Noise" in Florence, SC. I had been waiting since before November to see this film! I wasn't at all disappointed.
Now I know that most of you may not know of this movie 'cause it did rather poorly at the box office. But it was GREAT. I'm not much of a Micheal Keaton fan, but he did an amazing job in this movie.
The basic premise of the movie is this: Dude's wife dies in what is thought to be an accident and after her death, some creepy fat guy stalks him and tells him his wife contacted him through EVP, which is the REAL LIFE phenomena in which 'ghost voices' are imposed on to tape when you record something. Well he tells dude to fuck off in so many words and he does but leaves him with his card. He ends up calling him and hearing from his wife and becomes obsessed.
The movie have MANY creepy moments, such as him getting a call on his cell where the number shows up as his dead wife's number after she'd been dead for months. Another series of creepy moments is the three 'beings' that keep showing up on his 'visual EVP' or whatever you'd like to call it.

Overall, this is a pretty long thriller/horror movie. I think it bombed at the box office because people though the whole thing was too unbelievable while still not over-the-edge. But as a ghost hunter, I knew about EVP's existance MANY years before this movie came out. It is very much REAL. It was not created for this movie. It does make you question its safety, though.
Anywho, I challange you all to go see it or rent it when it comes out and to keep in mind that it is based on something that is REAL. That being known may make the movie 100 times better for you.

Keeping with the theme of horror movies, I just recently saw "The Exorcist: The Beginning" and lemme tell ya... I'm glad I waited until it came out on video. It's kind of weak. I know most others say the same about the first hour and a half of the original but by comparision, the original is ACTION PACKED for the first half. The back-story itself was pretty good and could have made for a great movie but instead, it was 2 hours of them trying to capitalize on everything the original was but with more advanced special effects. Regardless of how much was spent on effects, it was too little to save the movie.
The commercials I had seen made the movie seem really scary and interesting but... How little they DO tell! It was like if the original "Exorist" and that one "Omen" movie where they got all historic and archeological got together and had a child who then went on to have a child with frickin' "Gili" or some other horrid movie and this was the spawn of that in that it has a touch of both (or at least it seems to borrow heavily from them both) and then it's just watered down with urine and released as this.
But overall, the acting was good. If I had my way, the actors and actresses would be the only cast memebers getting paid. Not to say it was Academy Award winning acting, but juxtaposed to the rest of the elements of the movie, it was the only good point.

Since I've last posted, I've also seen two more Kevin Smith films. I FINALLY saw all of Chasing Amy and it is the BEST of his films I've ever seen. GREAT comedy, a GREAT romance that's just really sad and of course, that GREAT Kevin Smith writing.
And I got Mallrats from Ebay a while ago and it was the crap! I've heard it called Kevin Smith's worse film, but I was in stitches throughout! I mean, it did seem to be more of a reason to just goof off and be weird but it was entertaining! ** But c'mon! It brought us the classic lines: "I eat peices of shit like you for breakfast!" "You eat peices of shit for breakfast?"

Anywho, I DO digress.

What I was talking about at first with meeting wrestlers... On 3/5/05, I got four autographs and a picture with THE HARDCORE LEGEND, MICK FOLEY! For those of you who don't know him by that name, he is also known as Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love... Or just Frank (Read his book you'll understand. lol)
I got him to sign my copy of his first book, the picture I had taken with him, my hoodie, and my cell phone. I no longer have the cell phone, though, as it was a peice of shit and my dad had it traded in. All's well, though. His signature was rubbed 98% off already.
A memorable story about Mister Foley... As I was coming in the line to get some stuff signed, my friend was just ahead of me. He asked, "So when's the next book coming out, Mick?" to which he replied something like "Ah, this April. It's gonna be a novel." and I, being in awe of seeing my WRESTLING IDOL, had a brain fart and was lost for meaningful response so I mustered all that I could... "Oh, cool. Is it going to be fictional or what, then?" to which he replied, "Well... Most novels DO tend to be fictional..."
My excitement may not make any sense to most of you but it shows he thought enough about me (be it good or bad) to say to me the equivilant of "DUH You stupid shit!" and that's something I'll ALWAYS remember.
But... yeah. In reality, I think he did mean it to be insulting. He seemed to genuinely dislike me and kept giving me rather nasty looks. But to be disliked is still to be noticed so I'm flattered either way... Though deep inside, I'm hoping I just looked like one of his childhood friends or something. lol.

But if that wasn't enough, I also got a picture taken with the man that inspired Foley to wrestle in the first place, JIMMY "SUPERFLY" SNUKA!! I don't have a copy of the picture in my possesion, but I'm expecting a copy of it from my friend Darrell really soon!

On the day before this, I went down to the beach and stopped off at Conway to go to the wrestlers' autograph session. I met MANY wrestlers including Danny $(Dollar), The Barbarian, The Fabulous Playboy, SharkBoy, The Stro, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, and Diamond Lil!
Barbarian is sooo cool! He really can't speak English very well! And what a large MONSTER he is! My friend told him he'd pay him to get a picture of him powerbombing me through a table. lol.
All of the others were great too, though. The most down to earth seemed to be Shark Boy and Stro (which is kind of shocking 'cause they've had a great taste of fame at the very least) and also Danny Dollar and Barbarian.
Barbarian was takling to his manager about what time the session would be over 'cause he said he was hungry. "Around six or so.", said his manager, The Fabulous Playboy.
"Ah. I be really hungry by then", responded the Barbarian.
My friend Darrell turned to me and said, "You heard the Barbarian! Go get him a sandwich!" to which Danny Dollar replied, "I think it will take a little more than one sandwich..."
Barbarian was hard to understand but still managed to say something that nearly had us all in stitches... "Maybe half a cow!"... I don't know why it was so funny. I guess it was just the way he said it. Well... That and the fact that I've been watching him on TV FOREVER and had just bought a picture of him from the 80's with his tag partner and Mr. Fuji.

Anyway, as I said earlier, I met The Stro. He wrestled in WCW as The Maestro shortly before they went under and I've known him very slightly through a friend who's site I used to do. But I talked to him a little bit about our mutial friend and he seemed to be a great guy. He told me he's going to be on a few episodes of "One Tree Hill" on the WB in April and he's going to be in TWO movies coming up. I don't know if they'll be B movies or what, but I'd love to see 'em!
He had a match against Barbarian at the show and it was GREAT. I've never seen him wrestle before and now that I have, I don't get how he's still in the indies. He's really good in there.
For more about The Stro, cruise on over to !

I'll post a full review of the match results next time I post but as for now, I'm gonna just say goodnight.

Check back soon to see my comments on some of the latest news stories including the Pope's failing health, Terry Shiavo's death, and the death of the great JOHNNIE COCHRAN.

I swear I'll try to update in the next 7 days...

-=The Prynce

** Denotes the point at which I started again on 4/1/05. The rest of this above this point was written around 8PM on 3/11/05.