Thursday, October 26, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Run-Around Sue

Joggers and runners should be disallowed to run and/or jog until the sun itself is at least peeking over the horizon.

Every so often I look out of the window here in the lobby and I see a small woman or not-so-small woman running/jogging by and they aren't always dressed as you'd think a jogger/runner would be dressed and all I see is someone running by in the dark on a less busy end of Ocean Blvd. (and crime goes up this time of the year) and I'm like "Holy shit! Should I go see what's wrong or call the cops?!" only to realize a few seconds later that she's fucking jogging or running for exercise purposes.
I'm thinking there's a fucker behind her with a knife and some anal lube looking for some free sodomy and she's just being healthy... Fucking people.

So if not for your own safety than at least for that shred of fucking sanity it could save me, DO NOT FUCKING RUN OR JOB BEFORE THE SUN COMES UP!

-=The Prynce

Friday, October 13, 2006

Panky... Minus the Hanky

After a brief discussion with Darrell just a few minutes ago, we both realized that we know way too much about 'Saved By the Bell' to be healthy.

I'm tired and no one is shocked.

Last Monday night didn't go at all as I said was planned but it was cool still.
Carissa and I went and saw 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' and it wasn't too bad. It was better than the first remake but the original is still the best.
Then we met Brenna (my boss) and Darrell at Island Sports Bar which I think is technically in Murrells Inlet and it sucked a little cock. Ok so it wasn't terrible but it wasn't that great either. I had a nice glass of Yuengling before we left but we left before kick-off even.
Then we went to Spencerz in Surfside and it was much better. The food was good and after an additional and large amount of more Yuengling, I was feeling pretty nice. Carissa and I shared a couple of pitchers and Brenna took care of some light American beer by herself (I know Yuengling is American but it doesn't taste like it, lol)
The game was incredibly boring and we all left at or just after half-time... Darrell was the only fully sober one.
Brenna fuckin' killed me when she was drunk. She's loud and funny.
So when we were leaving Carissa wanted me to go stay at her place but I had to do laundry (which I ended up not doing) so we went back to my apartment and hung out and stuff...

But apart from that my week has been all together uneventful.

As I sit here presently and think about it, I can only think of one good source for news on the Internet...
That's The Onion.
Even if you don't give a damn about news, current events, etc. you will be pleased if you check out that site. Trust me.

Once again, just as I'm finding myself getting in a writing rhythm (or something somewhat similar) I have to get ready to change shifts so... Check back later. One day I'll post something that matters.

-=The Prynce

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Patrick Duffy is his other leg...

I'm sitting here at work in the middle (or actually the end) of the fall Harley rally and its incredibly calm. I mean, it just started raining and lightning and shit but before that, even, this end of the beach was dead. Which isn't all that bad, really.

So for now I'm sitting here watching 'Saving Private Ryan' and not being interrupted which is a bit of tits.

Today was another day... Nothing too special I guess. I got off of work this morning and didn't have to walk, bike, or call a cab 'cause earlier in the night, a drunken Carissa didn't think it safe to drive home so she just crashed at my apartment and in the morning she gave me a ride home so that was kinda bitchin'.

Speaking of Carissa, I recently had someone tell me it was 'disgusting' that I, being only 21 (about a month shy of 22) was hanging out with a woman that was 26 (and is only a few months into her 26th year). Apparently she thinks its creepy that a woman would be into a younger guy
People can have their opinions... That's fine. But the person in question is an 18 year old girl dating a 31 year old guy. That's nearly pedophilia and I get flamed for HANGING OUT with someone under 5 years my senior?
People are stupid.

But anywho, I'm kinda anxious about Monday. Its so close and its my first day off in a series of two and it seems like I was just off. Not sure what I'm gonna be doing that day, though. Odds are I'll get to bed early, get ready early, go to a movie or something with Carissa, hang out with my son (though its unlikely we'd take him to a movie, lol) then when he goes home I'll likely get a wee bit drunk with Miss C and watch as much of Raw's Homecoming special as possible and then do my laundry in the super early morning hours. Sort of simple but it should be a good day.

As for tomorrow though I'll just be going to bed soon after I get off of work and get up around 1 to watch the Panthers hopefully smash the Browns and I'm undecided on if I'm gonna stay up to see the Cowboys at the Eagles. It could be a bitch for me. See, I hate the Cowboys and I'm not fond of Bill Parcels but I love T.O. And on top of that, I'm an Eagles fan and I love Donavon McNabb. But maybe I'll catch at least a bit of it.

K I kinda feel like a dick right now. I haven't eaten tonight so I went in back to pop some popcorn and as I was sitting here typing I hear something like a crackling sound and I'm like "What the fuck?" Then I think maybe there was a power surge on the phone system or something and I'm about to freak the fuck out to find out what was going on only to remember I was popping fucking popcorn.
Not a very entertaining story, I'm sure... But bite me.

Anywho, I kinda forgot what I was intending to blog about so I'm gonna shut up and fuck off now. I gotta eat my popcorn and drink my dee-licious grape Faygo and watch 'Saving Private Ryan'.

I may post again tonight if I get bored enough and/or think of what I wanted to post about originally.

-=The Prynce

Monday, October 02, 2006

Droopy Dong.

Soo... I'm at work and super-bored again. But I'm about to be getting off so... yay.

Its kinda funny because in the past week or so I've actually had a few people say that they love the way I word things and shit but when it comes down to consciously doing it, I can't do it anymore.
I used to write poetry, little stories, etc. but as of late it doesn't come out when I need it to for venting purposes or what-ever. It sucks a bit.

Maybe I recently was stricken with retardation or something... Well, not recently, but over the past few years. I mean, I hardly write anything at all anymore. And the few things I do write are kept totally to myself because I was a bit coy about my writings even when I thought they were good in the past so now it's like... Nope.

But its time for me to get off of work so... Fuck you guys.

-=The Prynce

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm incredibly bored.

I'm at work and its been a pretty slow night... I've seen slower but for some reason boredom is kicking my ass far earlier in the night. It's already after 6 AM but I'm miserable! I've been finished with everything that I can possibly do for almost an hour and now I'm like, what the fuck... I should blog.

I was watching 'Bloodsport: ECW's Most Violent Matches' earlier and it hit me that I know someone who's dating a guy who looks like Bill Alfonzo with light hair.

I'm a little bored...

Football this afternoon may kick a little ass. I'm kinda hoping to see a few ruptured spleens on the Saints' roster after today. =)

My old high school was a black hole of talent. If you're from the area and cared at all about high school sports in your day, odds are you can name a player or two that's been on some sports roster in the past decade or two.
When people come to check in at the hotel I work at and they ask where I'm from and I tell them, they're like "Oh man Dillon High keeps a good football team" which is true. But its like everyone who has a chance loses it.
Stan 'The Man' Manning was a huge star in the mid-early 90's and could have gone to nearly any college he wanted and almost certainly could have gone to the NFL in time but last I heard of him, he was working at the Waffle House in Dillon, SC.
But that's far from the end of it all. But I'm running low on time. I'll probably revisit this topic in the upcoming days.

I thought I had more time but I kinda don't. It's almost time for me to leave. Yay!

Check back tomorrow...

-=The Prynce