Thursday, April 15, 2004

Too Early, Dammit

Well kiddies, here I am again, yeah? It's about 10AM as I am beginning this post and that's pretty early for me. I got up at 6 after going to bed at 2... I'm not a happy guy.

Anywho, let me fill you in on my trip to Myrtle Beach with Matt last week.

He called me at like 10AM and woke me up and asked if I could go with him to the beach. I was more than ready to get out of the house and break from my everyday inane track-lead life so I went. We left my house at 1:30 if I recall right. We got in the car and Blair called and he told her we'd go by there before we left. We went to see her and she gave him this cool 'Crow' pen she'd got for him then we left...

We started goin' and it was a usual Matt/Preston excursion. We stopped by one service station to get gas and something to drink and I got a ton of free shit from the thingies outside. On the way in, I saw this poster of a missing/runaway Conway girl that I had seen online. She's really cute and its just a sad thing all together. It's terrible that she'd do that to her family, but I digress.
We kept on 501 and ended up stopping for directions and this Indian/Pakistani guy in a service station (I didn't think the stereotype was true until then) told us where it was and the girl working there with him was kinda cute but we left anyway.

We got to the beach and went to a store to get Matt a camera and he put on his sandles and shite and we went in the store and there were plenty of hotties, of course, but we ended up leaving and he found a First Citizens so he could get some money. We then went to another store and he got a camera and then we found a place to park and went down on the beach. It was cool even though no one was out there. We found a ton of those little prickly plant thingies on the shore in tidal pools and Matt dropped a big rock on one of them. It's ok though because we saved about 3 of them!

When we left the actual beach, we went in this little shop and Matt got a bag of Mardi Gras beads for $5 and gave me half of them. We then just walked around and did lots of looking and rode up and down Ocean Blvd. We kept walking and riding and shit just getting an eyeful every minute and then when we were in the car, we found like an SUV full of girls that were screaming at everyone and we got behind them and waved and they waved back and there was some flipping off done and shit. Everytime I waved, the girl in the front passenger seat waved. She was ok but Matt liked the driver... lol.

Then later, we were doin' some walking and we were looking for the car (I think) and Matt thought it was one way and it was really the other way (and I told him that. lol.) and this really nice car with even nicer looking girls in it just rolled by and the passenger was like "Ya'll are sexy!" and we were somewhat dumbfounded at first so we asked "Huh?" and she was like "Ya'll sexy." but they were driving away so we couldn't talk to them or anything. It got us good and confident, though.

So later we were just walking around again and we went in this store with a big stairwell in the window that was like 5 stories and had a little pond/fountain at the bottom. I started feeling like shit, like I was gonna pass out. Matt was trying to look up skirts/down shirts using the stairs and I stood innocently by. :)
But after we left there, we went to get something to eat. We went to New York Pizza or something like that (Matt, if you remember the name let me know so I can correct it) and I got a 20 oz. diet Coke before b/c I was really thirsty and that was all I could get from the machine. Anywho, we went in the store and we each got a cheeseburger for like $3 (and worth every penny!) and I got a Pepsi and Matt got Sum Poosie ($3.50 a bottle, I think it was. That's a lot of money just for Sum Poosie. :))

Well we left there and went to the car and then we just rode around the rest of the night. We were behind this black Eclipse with two cool guys in it. The cops on the bikes ran their plates so we warned them that we heard them calling them in and they ended up going somewhere else. Either before or after that, though, we saw an alright girl out my window and she was on the phone and Matt was like "I like your hat" and I was like "And that's a nice phone" and the girl's friend turns to us and she's like "I've got a boyfriend so back off" and she was talking to me! I got wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy indignate about that time and I was like "...And I've got a girlfriend but no one was talking to your ass to start with." and I kept talking shit to her and calling her a prude and Matt ended up rolling up my window so I couldn't bitch at her anymore... But that pissed me off. Bitch thought we wanted her. Shit, the girl Matt was talking to wasn't even that great and the one that got all pissy was just plain out bleh.

But anyway, I was trying to get some attention so I started telling girls that I loved them. It worked best with this little goth girl. She was so cute. Her and her friend were just walking along and I was like "I love you" and she tried to ignore me so I was like "I LOVE YOU! Really! You don't love me!?" and she was like "Yeah I love you" and started laughing and I was like "Call me!" and she was like "Alright!" but I, of course, didn't give her my number (although I wish I would have given her some way to contact me b/c she really seemed cool). So later on we saw them again and I was like "Hey!" and she and her friend were like "We still love you!" and I was like "Ya!" and she was like all lookin' cute standing there and I held my arm out for a hug and she ran over to me with her friend and I hugged her and I was like "Your arms are cold!" and she told me it was cold out there so I told her to get a jacket and she said she didn't have one so I told her to take her friend's jacket. She said she probably would eventually and her friend took off her jacket and gave it to her and then we had to drive off and they walked away and that was that. I didn't get a picture of her or nothin'! That's my HUGE regret for the year. I think she would have been a cool friend!

Another slightly lesser obsession I had was this really cute girl with long, stripey socks and tiny little denim shorts. Oi vey... That looked yummy. lol. I felt like Bernie Mac as the preacher in 'Friday' where he's like "MmmmHmmm... The Lord is my shepard, HE KNOW WHAT I WANT!". Yeah was perfect lookin'. I almost got a picture but I was gonna wait for us to get closer but the traffic was so crappy that I couldn't.

We spent the rest of the night just riding around trying to get off of the strip or boardwalk or w/e you wanna call it. I never saw my two obsessions again. :( We did see Ashleigh Arriginton, though! It was for a split second as she went by! She's cool.

After we left, we went to a service station to take leaks and we asked the lady how to get to Super Wal-Mart in Conway and she told us and we went and played video games, then left. The ride home was kind of boring as we both were spent and it was like 1:30AM before we got back. On the way back, we were going slow down the median on 301 so we could get the left over relfectors from the plows from the snow we had. We got some good ones but Matt busted some of them up. There was no traffic and it was cool. We would turn around and anything we had to do just to get them.

I got back to Shannon's house and dealt with a lot of whining and that was virtually the end to one of the most fun days I've had in a long time.

I didn't get to go on my ghost hunt Saturday. We were in the car and about to leave when Darrell's wife called and he decided not to go. This Saturday, though, we're goin'. Hopefully plans won't change. We want to go to All Saints cemetery in Pawley's Island and possibly to/by The Hermitage in Murrells Inlet if we can get directions. Anyone know where it is?

Well, that's all I have got for now, really. I'm rushing to finish this so I can go watch Dick Van Dyke, lol. I'll see about posting later today about my thoughts on current events and things and I'll post more on what this post was about if I think of anything.

Take care!

-=The Prynce

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Another Day, Another Rant (Subtle Hints That I Need a Life)

Well, it has been a week or so, hasn't it? I guess I should just get right into it...

Know what pisses me off? George W. Bush's stance on gay marriage. Come on, now. If some homosexuals getting married are compromising the moral fiber of this country, then gay marriage is the least of our worries. I mean, I do not believe that sexuality is a choice. It isn't very common but there are even gay animals in the animal kingdom. With people in the highest ranks of the government gay bashing, I don't see how anyone could CHOOSE to be gay. That's just stupid! If you're gay, you're gay. Outlawing sodomy and gay marriage isn't going to end homosexuality. That would only come from human genocide.

Why don't people give Pete Rose a break? Its obvious the man didn't bet on baseball. If he did, he'd admit it now and get in the Hall of Fame. Its like in 'The Crucible' when John Proctor could save his life and the lives of others by signing his name on a confession that says he was joined with Satan, but rather than besmirch his name and spare his life, he saved his name and lost his life. When he was asked why he wouldn't sign his name he was like "BECAUSE IT IS MY NAME! I haven't got another!" It was a pretty sad scene. That's what Pete Rose must be going through. He has to lie to get his due respect. I know this isn't really a current event but its buggin' me.

So, I saw 'The Passion of the Christ' a week or so ago. It wasn't that bad. I know I'm a Pagan and all and I'm against Christianity for the most part but I still wanted to see it. It's pretty good. The subtitles don't really bother me, either. They're easy to read. I could glance at the screen and get the words before anything happened in the scene anyway.
It is pretty anti-sematic, though. It blamed the Jews totally. Pilate really got off the hook. He had the power to release Jesus instead of the murder but he left it to the people, knowing they'd choose to have Jesus punished. I've always been told that turning your back and letting something happen is just as bad as doing it yourself and he did just that in 'washing his hands'.
I was shocked to see that they included Jesus turning towards the sky and saying "Father, why have you forsaken me?". People say that Jesus wanted to die and didn't try to get out of it but that isn't the case. He thought he wasn't going to die b/c in his fucked up mind, he really thought he was God's son and he wouldn't die on the cross. That is why he said God had forsaken him just before he died.
They made it graphic as hell so people would feel bad for him and worship him but they didn't show enough that that was common back then. Jesus wasn't the only man done like that. Back to 'The Crucible', look at the brutal things done to people who were only thought to be witches. Why don't they make a movie violently depicting the death of Giles Corey?

I say an intersting movie last night called 'May'. I'd never heard of it but it was pretty good. I thought it was gonna blow balls but it was alright, through and through. It lasted too long but it was alright. It was pretty creepy but the lead actress pulled it off well.

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll update again either tonight or tomorrow night or Sunday night about my day at the beach Wed. and about my night ghost hunting tomorrow night. Check back often and leave comments on my new comment system!

-=The Prynce