Monday, May 30, 2005

We Can Dance if We Want To...

Ok so I have been lazy again... Sorry.

Hmm... Where to start? How's about the whole fillibuster deal?

THE FILLIBUSTER IS A USEFUL TOOL USED TO BALANCE POWER IN THE SENATE!! It is a tool that keeps one side from having a complete and unbalance control. What I find odd is the history of the fillibuster and what party used it...
Anyone know the longest fillibuster on record? The late REPUBLICAN (though he was a Democrat at the time, he was still a strong CONSERVATIVE) Strom Thurmond of SC. And you may feel free to correct me, but I think it was a civil rights bill he put so much effort into blocking with the fillibuster. I know he did fillibuster a civil rights bill either way.

But I'm not gonna spend anymore time on the fillibuster. All I can say is that if it is done away with, it'll be one screwed up thing. I'm sure the Republicans will be plenty anxious to get the fillibust back when they lose the majority in both houses of Congress.

Anywho, George W. Bush is an idiot. Did anyone else notice? lol.

Seriously, though. He doesn't support a woman's right to choose which is something I can't understand. He's so keen no 'pre-emptive' strikes and going after terrorists (both of which killed MANY innocent children) as well as capital punishment and... well... you never know... The unborn embryo could some day become a terrorist or commit a capital crime so by his policies involving pre-emptive actions, shouldn't he just kinda... take 'em out before they have the potential to possibly some day do something he doesn't like?

And before anyone says I'm being cruel, it's called SARCASM. He's an idiot and a hypocrite and I was only making a point.

Now onto John Bolton. Not only does he look like a stuffy, insane asshole... He IS a stuffy, insane asshole. Chasing woman while screaming at them in hotels, saying the UN does not exist, and that mustache... How the hell can he be our UN embassador?! HE SAID THE UN DID NOT EXIST!! He said it would not matter if the top ten floors of the UN building were torn off.
I really cannot see how the hell anyone could possibly use any amount of intelligence and still think he'd make a good embassador. Maybe he'll be in the top floor of the UN building when they tear it off of the building... That jerk.

Eddie Albert died a few days ago... For those who don't know, he was "Oliver Windell Douglas" in the 'Green Acres' TV show. He had just turned 99. He also was the warden in the orriginal 'The Longest Yard' movie.

I do believe that people at Guantanmo Bay in Cuba are being abused. Most are being held without representation and I have a feeling many are being abused. I dunno if they've flushed the Koran down the toilet or not but I do think it has been defiled. Apart from the accusations and accounts and all, I know how many Americans are and I know how they treat people and all and it's silly to think someone hasn't done something.

Luis Posada Carriles was arrested and I'm glad. He was a criminal. Yeah he did things to try to toss Castro and all but he was a criminal nonetheless. We'd be all angry and freakin' attack a country that tried to keep away a terrorist we were after.

Schapelle Corby lady who is now in prison in Indonesia should be freed. I mean, the Aussies are looking into a smuggling scam that they've been looking at even before all of this went down. It's really unjust, I think. Some terrorist there plotted to kill some 90 Aussies in Indonesia and he got less than 3 years in prison as compared to 20 years she got. Injustice is crazy in other countries too which is almost comforting, lol.
I've heard they may be thinking of trading her for an Indonesian prisoner in Australia. I kinda hope that works out as long at it isn't too much of a criminal. But if it is, he'll be going to Indonesia so that'll be their problem, lol.

Is anyone else having NFL withdrawls? I dunno if I can make it 'til the season's start...

WWE is doing another 'draft' soon... Could be crappy... But it'll get things mixed up a bit and I'm a great fan of change.

Anywho, sorry I couldn't type more but I'm a little busy. I'll do more ASAP or whenever I can.

-=The Prynce