Saturday, April 10, 2004

Another Day, Another Rant (Subtle Hints That I Need a Life)

Well, it has been a week or so, hasn't it? I guess I should just get right into it...

Know what pisses me off? George W. Bush's stance on gay marriage. Come on, now. If some homosexuals getting married are compromising the moral fiber of this country, then gay marriage is the least of our worries. I mean, I do not believe that sexuality is a choice. It isn't very common but there are even gay animals in the animal kingdom. With people in the highest ranks of the government gay bashing, I don't see how anyone could CHOOSE to be gay. That's just stupid! If you're gay, you're gay. Outlawing sodomy and gay marriage isn't going to end homosexuality. That would only come from human genocide.

Why don't people give Pete Rose a break? Its obvious the man didn't bet on baseball. If he did, he'd admit it now and get in the Hall of Fame. Its like in 'The Crucible' when John Proctor could save his life and the lives of others by signing his name on a confession that says he was joined with Satan, but rather than besmirch his name and spare his life, he saved his name and lost his life. When he was asked why he wouldn't sign his name he was like "BECAUSE IT IS MY NAME! I haven't got another!" It was a pretty sad scene. That's what Pete Rose must be going through. He has to lie to get his due respect. I know this isn't really a current event but its buggin' me.

So, I saw 'The Passion of the Christ' a week or so ago. It wasn't that bad. I know I'm a Pagan and all and I'm against Christianity for the most part but I still wanted to see it. It's pretty good. The subtitles don't really bother me, either. They're easy to read. I could glance at the screen and get the words before anything happened in the scene anyway.
It is pretty anti-sematic, though. It blamed the Jews totally. Pilate really got off the hook. He had the power to release Jesus instead of the murder but he left it to the people, knowing they'd choose to have Jesus punished. I've always been told that turning your back and letting something happen is just as bad as doing it yourself and he did just that in 'washing his hands'.
I was shocked to see that they included Jesus turning towards the sky and saying "Father, why have you forsaken me?". People say that Jesus wanted to die and didn't try to get out of it but that isn't the case. He thought he wasn't going to die b/c in his fucked up mind, he really thought he was God's son and he wouldn't die on the cross. That is why he said God had forsaken him just before he died.
They made it graphic as hell so people would feel bad for him and worship him but they didn't show enough that that was common back then. Jesus wasn't the only man done like that. Back to 'The Crucible', look at the brutal things done to people who were only thought to be witches. Why don't they make a movie violently depicting the death of Giles Corey?

I say an intersting movie last night called 'May'. I'd never heard of it but it was pretty good. I thought it was gonna blow balls but it was alright, through and through. It lasted too long but it was alright. It was pretty creepy but the lead actress pulled it off well.

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll update again either tonight or tomorrow night or Sunday night about my day at the beach Wed. and about my night ghost hunting tomorrow night. Check back often and leave comments on my new comment system!

-=The Prynce

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