Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Tussin, The Tussin! - (INCOMPLETE POST FROM 11/28/04. ACTUALLY POSTED 1/10/05 @ 7:44PM)

Hello everyone! I got lazy again so forgive me... or blow me. :-P

Well let me start with the most recent things...

Looks like Bush's tactics from 2000 have rubbed off onto Ukraine. There's speculation that the recent winner for leader over there actually cheated. I think the US is backing the effort to get to the real results. Good for us. Now we actually care about true democracy.

Some groups are wanting to push back the elections in Iraq. I don't know what I think on this... We've made such a mess over there that no matter who is elected, eventually it is going to revert right back to a dictatorship when we finally get the hell out of there. This whole war is just nonsense and should have never taken place.

Speaking of the war, though, I finally saw Farenhiet 9/11 and... wow. Micheal Moore did it AGAIN! It started kind of slow with the whole Bin Laden family's connection to the Bush family and regime but while it was the source of a few really good points and questions, in the end it was redundent. They had like 20 people all saying the same things. Micheal Moore was trying to drive that home too well and it ended up being annoying...
But luckily, that was just the beginning! The rest of the movie was AMAZING! It showed the gorey trueth of what is happening to our guys over there and their civilians, too. It shows how just before the war, things in Iraq where great! Totalitarian my ass! I think this movie sort of proves my theory that Hussien was an asshole back in the day and even in the early 90's but he tried to change that in his later years in power to be more of a president than a dictator. I mean, this part of the movie shows kids at a carnival riding rides and having fun. It shows woman dressed like some women dress over here. They weren't wrapped up with only eyes peering out. They wore what they wished and were smiling and happy.

It also showed how they felt about the US before the invasion... They thought we were pretty good as a people... Then it showed how they felt after bombings began. They HATED us. It showed one young man having to pick up peices of his 20 year old female neighbor after a US strike. It showed a man piling bodies of dead Iraqi children into the bed of a truck while damning the US. It just showed how little planning was actually put into the first strikes. It was a matter of taking over the country by any means neccesary as opposed to through tactfully bombing key targets.

Probably the worse and saddest part of the movie was the way some of the US soldiers acted. They were childish, disrespectful, and just assholes. Don't get me wrong, though. It wasn't ALL of them but the fact that any acted that way was just SHAMEFUL. I have always been against this war over there but that doesn't mean I don't support our troops. The opposite is actually true. But after seeing the ways some of those soldiers were treating civilians and old men, I think those of them who acted that way should be forced to be infantrymen in Falluja.

I can't keep going on about this movie or the war, though, or this post won't end. Just watch the movie with an open mind. You might learn something. It gets 4.75 our of 5 stars from me. BRILLIANT movie!

'SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie' is probably the closest cinematic experience closest to a drug induced trip that I have EVER seen. It's good, though. Very funny. If you're a fan of the show it's a MUST. Of course, there's some subtle and more adult jokes and gags in there but that's in the show, too. Great movie. 4/5

While on the topic of movies, go rent '21 Grams' starring Sean Penn (amazing movie, 5/5) and the Kevin Smith film, 'Clerks' (cult classic if I ever saw one, 4.98/5).

So... Darrell and I went to audition for a 'B' film last Saturday. It was so much fun! There was a hott goth to interview us


Sorry but I never finished this post and just saved it as a draft but I am now going to post it (the date is 1/10/05) in it's incomplete form. And about the B film we were interviewed for, we've been contacted once for it but not since with any further information. He had to improve on the spot the scene of him walking the green mile knowing he was innocent and there was being an injustice done. My scene was being pulled over by the cops and them finding 3 pounds of cocaine in my car. Oddly enough, we both blamed the actions we were defending on foreigners (Mexicans, I believe it was) lol. I hope to have more on the film soon.

-=The Prynce

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