Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Operator, Let's Forget About This Call..."

Quick post, folks.

I'll be going to the beach this coming Monday barring any changes/flub-ups. I plan to do at least a few audio posts from down there and perhaps some short posts from a WAP email service.
All I care about is that I'm getting the fuck out of this place for a while. Myrtle Beach may be only an hour away, but it's a whole other fuckin' state of mind. I'm hoping my problems won't follow me, though the source of many of them will be with me (Don't misinterpret this as an attack on anyone. It's just a simple statement of fact.).

But before then, I hope to start a new post idea I'm kicking around that is tentatively titled "Fuck You! / Fuck Yes!".

FX is the greatest network out there right now.
It is the home of great shows like 'Rescue Me', 'Over There', 'The Shield', '30 Days', and now... two great comedies, 'Starved' and 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'.
You people need to give all of those shows a chance. Check your local guides and all. The Shield and 30 Days are presently in the off-season and FX doesn't even show re-runs, but the others are still on weekly (and repeat throughout the week) and they're worth it.
Personally, I'm partial to 'Rescue Me' as my dad is a volunteer fireman and I love Dennis Leary... So... yeah. It's a great show and very powerful (as is 'Over There') and touched with the amazing comedy touch of Leary, whom is seemingly over every aspect of the show.

So watch FX a lot and... Watch my blog. If I can ever get rid of the BS people keep putting in my life, I'll get back to posting more regularly.

But that's all for tonight. I'm tired and bed calls.

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

Your the soure of your problems not anyone else. You cause your problems.

Anonymous said...

See the line let the DRAMA stop there.
It's taking up to much time and hurting to meny people.

Matt said...

shame on you for causing your own problems by calling people fat and having that person's friend retaliate. you're such a selfish ass Preston, gah! lol.

Hey, I got a great idea. Since you'll be in Myrtle Beach Monday and I live here, you should stop by! That'd be awesome! And bring your baby. Leave everyone else though. lol Yeah, I'm sure that'll happen. Anyway, have fun down here and if you get a chance to breathe, give me a call. 234-8049.

Shannon said...

stop casuing more problems. you dont even know what i was talking about when i wrote the frist comment matt. i dont think preston is a bad person and in some cases he is a wonder person and i know why you are keeping up this crap. you think i'm going to hurt preston well its been over 2 years and i havent made him at his worse that you have seen in the past, so to speak. I admit i did hurt YOU in the pass and it was a mistake. i wish i wouldnt have done it but i cant change the pass i can only try to make things better now. I know that is damn near impossible with you but still. You havent made mistakes before?? I know you dont trust me and i dont blame you but you nor i are helping preston by causing more drama. if you care about him you will stop, as will i. how do you think he is probably feeling with his friend and his girlfriend fussing with ever thing they say to each other? i dont think you are a bad person even with all the shit you have called me i just think you are trying to pertect your friend. i cant blame you for that because my best friend is doing the same trying to protect me.

So this is for you and her "Let Preston and I deal with our own problems and you two stop trying to help cause its not helping its making shit worse on my part and prestons"

crystal i know you just want to help and protect me and i thank you for that. I can protact myself. You have been my friend for a long time even though we have ha our share of fights but when it comes down for it you are still my best friend.

matt preston can protect his self and he will tell me if he dont want to be with me.

crystal and matt please stop trying to help cause its just making things worse for everyone. stop the drama for everyone.

i know i'm going to get cussed out for the comment but i just want to end the drama as does preston. can we all call a trusc? please


Matt said...

You hit a few points dead on. I don't trust you. I don't like you. I never will.
As far as Preston telling you he doesn't want to be with you, I'll leave that alone for now.
Now Shannon, all of this involving me BEGAN when you talked shit about MY friend - to which I've yet to see you publicly apologize for. If you hadn't done that, she would have never told me and I would have never gotten involved. You fucked up and you brought me into this. I hope this whole ordeal will teach you that when you talk shit about somebody, somebody else will talk shit 3X as bad as you first talked. Watch what you say and who you say it about. Make sure they're not my friend. I can't stop you and Preston from being together and I know that one day you will push him just an inch too far and you'll lose him. You will see that everything I have said was the truth and you'll regret not listening to me when you had the chance. I anticipate that day more than the next 3 Christmas's and my 21st Birthday combined. When that happens, I can die happy. And just remember, if you and him are still together 5 years from now, you'll never completely have me out of the picture. I'm like the herpes. I'm annoying as shit and you cannot get rid of me. I have to go away on my own, which I'm not prepared to do.

Another thing I'd like to touch on is you saying Preston doesn't need me to protect him. I'm not trying to protect him. I'm trying to support him and my other friends. If it means taking shots at you that cut very deep and very personal, I would do that for my friends. Oh and I could care less if you think I'm the devil himself, a remotely bad person, or a saint. Your opinion, like so many others, do not matter to me. So there you just wasted server space(I should stop, shouldn't I?).

So Shannon, I'll end this by addressing your proposal for a trusc(or 'truce' as us literate folks like to say). I decline any sort of truce. And no, in the past, you didn't hurt me. Shannon 3-middle-named Page, you NEVER, not even in the smallest manner, hurt me. If you'd like to think you did, that's fine with me. But the truth is you never did. How you ever could have is beyond my comprehension.

So I'm finished now and have nothing more to say. I think everything that needed to be said at this moment has been said. Next time you know better.


P.S. Shannon, you live in Dillon. . .a.k.a. DRAMA CITY. . .I couldn't let you be an uncomfortable citizen of Dillon and go without a little drama here and there, and I'm full of heavy drama-causing words and actions. Get used to it, I'm not leaving anytime soon.

The Prynce said...

Matt - I'd love to stop by but, of course, I won't be driving. lol. Maybe I'll take a bus to CCU or get my friend Darrell to take my by there sometime while I'm down there, though.

Regardless, I'll actually still see about giving you a call.

Hey you know that little chapel near CCU on 501? Go in there sometime and turn to the left and look under the last pew on the left side as you walk in and there's a little plastic box with some shit in it that me and Darrell put there a few months ago. It's a silly little hobby called Geocaching, but if you ever get a chance you should go find that one.

Shannon - I don't mean to sound like an asshole or anything but please use some sort of spell/grammar-check before posting on here.


I think I'll leave my responses to each comment at that to save myself from being yelled at, fussed at, or just plain out flipped out on.

But I do have to say that the problem isn't people defending their friends-- It's other people OVER REACTING.

-=The Prynce

Shannon said...

ok i spelled something wrong oh well you spell things wrong preston like the word "pregnant" but i dont say anything. anyway "WHATEVER" to everyone. Leave me alone thank you. bye

Matt said...

yew heared tha selly beetch. leaf har ay-uss alawn! lol
Fucking simple bitch!

Preston, we should def. get together. It'll be great. lol later.

Shannon said...

Prynce, Are you winning that bid on Ebay? Oh and did Darrell think of any topics? I hope you win that capture card. We really need one. I'm going to see if my mom can go by Radioshack and see if they have one. lol

love ya