Monday, September 12, 2005

Reverse Evacuation!

There's a hurricane/tropical storm headed for the Carolina coast and... I'm so jacked!

It should hit land late Tuesday or early Wednesday. And we are making a special trip down to Myrtle Beach so we can enjoy the storm with Darrell.

It's probably going to be either a strong tropical storm or a category 1 hurricane when it makes landfall which will likely happen in NC either on the cape or near Wilmington. Myrtle Beach is pretty close to the NC border so we should get some nice winds. It'd gonna sort of graze the SC coast near were we will be.

I've seen hurricane and tropical storms before complete with the very high winds but this will be the first time I will see if on the coast itself. I figured that a storm of this strength would be good to pop my cherry with storms on the coast.
Darrell rode out a tropical storm last year in the same beach front hotel we'll be at this time and he said it was really cool, but slightly scary since he was there alone.

I have only a few concerns to speak of. For one, storm surge. I don't know that this storm will have much of a surge, but it still worries me. A big enough surge and batter a building's foundation and take it to the ground.
Another concern of mine is a power-outage. There aren't too many trees in Myrtle Beach that I would think would be in danger of falling on lines, but three could be some amount of airborne debris even with such a weak storm that could possible mess up lines.
And that leads to my final concern of the moment-- Debris. Again, its a weak sort of storm so it's not likely that chucks of buildings will be flying about, but 80 MPH winds can still put many dangerous things into the air. Hold your hand out of a car window while doing 60 on the Interstate. Feel all of that pressure? Add 1/3 more pressure and that's about the strength of this storm. And those will be the sustained winds... In other words, they'll be steady without slowing and it doesn't include gusts that may be far over. Again, it's nothing amazing but those are still abnormally high winds. And the possibility of tornados... That can't be ignored.

But I'm going to force my fears aside and brave it out down there. Even if we only get minimal tropical storm winds, I'd be happy. I love that sort of thing.

I'll do some audioposting while I'm down there while outside if possible. I'm also going to take some pictures with my digital camera and we're going to get some video footage.

Just thought I'd let you all know about my plan of stupidity!

Comment, people!

I'll try to post again if anything else grabs my attention before leaving tomorrow so keep an eye out.

-=The Prynce


The_Sphinx said...

your stupidity look at mine not only do i n ot evacuate but i invite more people to come over,and we made these when it was suppose to hit myrtle beach and be maybe a 2 ,of course we are famous for our weird hobbies and such guess thats just us for you.No wonder we are friends its to dangerous for anyone else we would ave to pay any other friends hazard pay.

carrie said...

heh. you're fucking nuts! I'd piss my pants if shit started flying thru the air.

The Prynce said...

It was fun. We were out in that shit Geocaching and Darrell and I went in the ocean. The wind was terrible at times. The rain really started to sting when the wind blew it in our faces at around 3AM.
The waves were GREAT. There have clearly been erosion problems that are gonna be problems now and in the future. They went almost over the dunes at high tide.
But they were fun. The rip current made it so that we couldn't go out very far. The smallest of waves nearly took us off our feet.
Flooding seemed to be pretty bad too. When we left it was still raining and golf courses and things were horribly flooded. We got in the pool at the hotel last night and just swimming made the water spill over the top.

It was fun, though, and I'll post more about it soon. I think I'm getting a sinus infection now though from the winds and all. =(

-=The Prynce