Thursday, September 08, 2005


I've not nearly as much time to post as I would normally want but I figured I'd still post to give those of you bored enough to read me something to do.

The NFL's first regular season game is tomorrow night. FUCK YES! Finally. Given, it is The Patriots (whom I hate) against The Raiders, but one of my main reasons for posting right now is to go ahead and tell you people before their first game that I think The Raiders may end up being AFC champions this year... Ok so maybe not, but I do think they're going to do VERY well this year.
As some of you may know, they've now got Randy Moss (and though that means The Vikings are without him now, they're a great team, too, and they will survive. Mike Tice looks too mean to want to let down.). And not to mention other notables such as Kerry Collins, Doug Gabriel, and their kicker Sebastian Janikowski.
So for more information on the Oakland roster, stats, etc. Click Here for their Yahoo team page thingy.
The game is at 8PM EST tomorrow night on ABC so check that shit out.

And people, George Bush is not 100% to blame for all of the shit and flub-ups in New Orleans. He's only about 95% to blame. I mean, local and state government gets an assload of blame too but Bush IS largely to blame if not directly than through some of the shit people he's put in charge over his term thus far.

The guy's an idiot. It's kinda simple and sad... Like him. =)

But I'm off to bed for now, people. I'll probably post tomorrow if I can. I plan to tell you all why I think I turned out to be so far out of main stream though it seems that, being from my area, I was pre-disposed to it.
You'll learn a little history about my past and where I come from as well as some possible genetic reasons... It could actually be a (dare I say) slightly interesting post.

So stay tuned, motherfuckers!

-=The Prynce


The_Sphinx said...

OK in the words of Hank Willams Jr Are you ready for some football!!! Interesting predicitions,for the upcoming NFL season. First let me gon on record as saying Carolina will win it all.I look for my other team the Steelers to do well and make the playoffs ,I just don't know if they can make the super bowl,as to my other team the Titans,I just hope we can win a few.Of course they may suprise every body lets not forget the music city miracle,that shows us hey it could Happen.Any way its shapping up to be a good season prynce i hope to get you down here so we can catch some monday night games at this great little sports bar near by.Hey and amybe a few sunday afternoon games as well. ::Grabs big bucket of pop corn and awaits the next post:: Now this should be better than last years Super Bowl.

The Prynce said...

Fuck yes on the Panthers front! Delhomme wasn't looking all that great in the preseason and they lost Mohommed(sp?) but they're still the shit.

Steelers are gonna be fuckin' GREAT again this year if Roethinsburger(sp?) of last season wasn't just a fluke and I'm hoping it wasn't. That and if Jerome Beattis isn't out for long (he's gonna miss their opener).

Other than that I'm always behind The Vikings (like I said in my post, Mike Tice looks mean so I doubt his players want to disappoint him, lol). I'm a big fan of Peyton Manning so I'm hoping the Colts do well. As far as his brother and the Giants go... They can fuck off along with The Patriots and Tom Brady.
And there's something about The Falcons that I like. Maybe its just Vicks.
And speaking of black QBs, THE FUCKING EAGLES! McNabb's the shit if for nothing else than those Chunky Soup commercials. And T.O.'s sort of an asshole but he's a great player plus I've heard he's gonna stop being a dick. lol. And of course there's Jevon Kearse. His name sounds too much like "Hearse" to not scare the opposition, lol.

One more thing I need to stress... FUCK ELI MANNING AND FUCK TOM BRADY.
But The Patriots lost too many 'brains' after last season. Def. and Off. coordinators. All they have now is Tom Brady. I hope he chokes.

And as far as the Raiders go, I forgot Warren Sapp! What's my problem? lol.

Hell yeah we gotta go to a sports bar. Is there a 21 age limit? If so we'll have to wait until November, lol.

Panther's season opener against New Orleans is this Sunday at 1. I think too many people may be praying for a Saints victory so that all the dieties may be working against Carolina, lol.

And wouldn't it be great to see a team at the bottom of the NFL's totem do really well this year? Maybe the Browns or the Cardinals or The Bengals (whom aren't looking all that bad, though not too great either). Or maybe Green Bay. They've been rather dull lately. I just saw something last night about Brett Farve that made me kinda not hate him.

Ya so I'm rambling now but its not my fault! I used to care very little about football but over the past years I've been all about it more and more each season and this season I'm way fuckin' excited. I think it's 'cause I'm a father now. lol. So I'm gonna just end this comment and get my ass to bed. 'Nite!


-=The Prynce

The_Sphinx said...

I have to say ,I used to be the same,and i agree with pretty much everything you said,all you have to be is 18 on that front for the bar.Hey maybe i can score us some panther tickets thru work and we can go see a game that would be cool.I am serious about the game i may bring my sons but i plan on going if you want to meet up just say so.The good thing is if the bulldogs get there asses handed to them ,i can be like yeah i am from conway ha ha.Oh and yes i agree fuck tom brady,and eli manning.Oh and monday oct 3rd is the day you have to come down to go to the bar,Its Carolina At GreenBay.

Anonymous said...

darrell if you go to the game me and you can leave lol j/k ;-P


The_Sphinx said...

you are a tease,shannon,i don't think i am gonna go now my youngest boyi s al ittle sick and i will probally stay home so i can spend time with all my kids.Any way sorry.I will see though.

Anonymous said...

aww It's ok get your baby better.

See ya Dude.