Monday, October 03, 2005

God Loves Quickies

Tonight's gonna suck for a loser like me.

Good things are gonna be on TV at the same time.
WWE Raw is going back to USA and it's coming on at like 8PM and it's gonna be 3 hours.
There's gonna be a live UFC fight on Spike TV at either 8 or 9.
The Panthers are gonna be on Monday Night Football against the Packers which also starts at 8 or 9.
And there's a movie that actually seems to be watchable that's gonna be on Lifetime.

Bet if I had a life, I wouldn't have these problems. lol.

I'm gonna be watching Raw mostly, though. All sorts of old school superstars are gonna be there. Foley's gonna be in Piper's Pit, even. Plus Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is gonna be there along with people like Harley Race, Greg Valentine, Jimmy Hart, "Hacksaw" Jim Dugan, and others.
Also, there are gonna be a few returns including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, HHH (Raw must have a new tour scheduled called 'Raw's Return to Dullness'... Cunts), and Hulk Hogan (and if there is a deity in this universe, he won't wrestle or be involved in any story lines).
Its also rumored that The Rock may appear, but I'm kinda hoping against it.
And to top it all off, WWE will announce that Owen Hart is not dead, nor is Brian Pillman or Andy Kaufman, the later of whom will set Jerry "The King" Lawler on fire and then punch a woman/Jonathan Coachman. Ok, so none of that shit's true but... C'mon!

But there is at least one match that may be cool. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle in a 30 minute Iron Man match. I doubt it will be to the caliber of Michaels/Hart's Iron Man match, but it has potential.
John Cena has a match against Eric Bischoff, too. That should be nice and lame. I'm sick of WWE pretending that Eric Bischoff isn't a fuckin' champion kickboxer, 'cause he IS!

UNC won their game against Utah on Saturday. Tarheels fuckin' own.

And lastly, The Patriots went down in flames to the Chargers and Drew Brees and L.T. Patriots suck.
My prediction... Colts will win the AFC championship this year.

And with that, I shall end what is no doubt one of the most boring posts I've done in a while.

-=The Prynce

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The_Sphinx said...

Don't feel bad i too was flipping show to show,I am a loser too.