Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mop Handled Ass Crack

Finally I post!

So here's a quick update on my life as a whole as of late.

I've moved out of the Devil's Asshole and I'm now in Myrtle Beach. I'm unemployed, but it feels good to know I have employment opportunities now at least.

Today, though, was pretty cool in most ways.

Darrell stopped by shortly after he got off of work this morning (he got off at 7AM and got there just after 10:30 AM) and we slowly woke up and got half-dressed to walk to a store on 17 (Eagles I think. Maybe a Wings.) that's a few blocks from where we're living (The Bahama just across from the Polynesian).
We got to the store and were looking for a pair of cheap swim trunks and t-shirt for Darrell and I to swim in. We found the cheapest (and also ugliest) trunks we could find then we found some cheap t-shirts on sale. We each got 'Vote For Pedro' shirts.

Anywho, we went back to the motel to change and get Rian and we went to get in the pool and waited around outside the Polynesian to go swimming but Darrell was hesitant.
We all got in (after much persuasion of Darrell to actually get in including climbing on a deck above the pool and freezing my ass off while soaked) and chilled for a while. Rian loved it.
It was all wholly uneventful until we left the hot tub, though. When we got back I saw this cute girl sitting beside the pool. She caught my eye because I thought she looked like this girl I used to know online named Bryanna.
Anywho, later on she actually stripped down to her swim suit and got in and took her hair down and she looked a lot like her which was shocking. I doubt it was her, but it was strange regardless.
The girl Bryanna's name was Bryanna Cairnes or Bryanna Cairns or something similar and she was from Connecticut... Not sure what town, though. But here's a picture...
So if by some unbelievable chance anyone knows her, let me know or give her this blog address or something. We haven't spoken in ages and we used to be sort of close.
Also, she used to date a guy named Hans, had a sister named Amber, and I think she lived with her aunt.

In the pool, Darrell and I were messing with the mind of some like 12 year old kid who was staring at Shannon. We were saying shit like "Man, I'll be glad when we find out which of us is the father" and the dude was looking pissed and it was very funny... Tee Hee!

But after seeing the hottie, Shannon got angry and we had to leave per her pouting.
Darrell, Rian and myself went through the side and stood in front of drier vents from the maids' driers in the laundry room to warm up a bit. We got lint covered.
On the way to there we passed Shannon's stalker and a friend and they saw us leave and walked back towards the pool area.

Anywho, we got back and ordered Ho-Wah.

So now its much later and we're here with Darrell as he's working. I'm in a bit of a rush to post 'cause of these cunts but s'okay. lol

Dick Cheney shot a bitch. He'll be in no trouble. But let me shoot a fucker with a pellet gun and I'll do life.

Steelers won the Super Bowl! They brought their C game and still beat the Seahawks playing their A games because Seattle is only good at home.

The US was boasting about their bitchin' Winter Olympic team this year and they're shit. Funny, isn't it?

I recently 'regained' a lost ICP CD of mine so... YaY!

At any rate, I'll try my best to post again sooner than this next time. Maybe tomorrow these cunts will back up and let me post.

-=The Prynce


carrie said...

you didn't put the picture in...

Bryanna said...

Yea... i just totally googled my own name out of complete bordem and came across your blog. I'm bryanna... no joke. Those are my pics to prove it