Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jesus Ate My Puppy!

I'm not dead.

But much has changed in my life.

Shannon and I broke up last Sunday, Mother's Day. It wasn't intended and in fact I hoped for her to have a nice Mother's Day but there was too much BS over too many years and it was only getting worse at an incredible rate as of late.

But as predicted, she makes things as difficult in my life as possible whenever possible. Who didn't see that comin', Eh?

I realized a few days ago that this blog of mine doesn't look right on IE so... If you have IE and it doesn't look right, get FireFox.

I'm a great deal behind on my Soundtrack blog but... Blow me.

I've got a new amazing friend. Her name is NiCole. She's really great. She's a homewrecking whore. Nah she's actually really great. We're only friends so chill out bitches. I can't think of any words to really describe her but let me just say she's truly amazing.

I just bought tickets to the WWE Raw event in Fayetteville, NC. It's the night after the PPV where D-X is rumored to be making their return so...

In other news, NiCole is fucking awesome.

I'm bored and tired.

I'm sure I'll think of something else to post after I post this one so look forward to another soon... Maybe even tonight. HAHA!

-=The Prynce


carrie said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you gonna tell us more about your friend er what????? "amazing" makes me curious!!! wheres her blog damnit!!

oh yeah, hi.

Katie said...

Congrads on making a new friend! I'm about to graduate with fuckin honors!

ashton said...

Hi There!!!! u should post on my page & keep up ur blog i enjoy reading them!!!