Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Continuing Story of CEO Rob...

Ok, so here's the update for those of you who care on Southern Championship Wrestling...

The show that was supposed to be held at the Myrtle Beach Armory on 12/16/2006 was cancelled without any advance notification from SCW CEO Rob Hochman or anyone else for that matter.
Personally, I had a friend try to buy a ticket and she was informed that the show was canceled... This was around 4:30 PM with a bell time scheduled for 7:30 PM. I checked the SCW website and called Hochman's cell phone. The site was the same as it had been for weeks and Hochman's cell went straight to an answering service.

We went by the armory to see if anyone had information on ticket refunds but found only pissed off former fans of SCW ready to rip Hochman to shreds... Oddly enough, most of them knew already that Rob Hochman was NOT dead.

After a few phone calls amongst the folks waiting for news, we were told that refunds were to be given at the place the tickets were purchased... We went to try to get our refunds but got nothing back.

Just an interesting after note, SOMEONE O:-) left a poster outside of the armory to let people know that the show wasn't happening and Rob was alive... And to let Rob know that people were pissed.

But you can read more about what happened and the TRUTH behind it by going to the following link: http://www.declarationofindependents.net/doi/pages/timdolanscwsht.html

All of that information was posted by Rob Hochman's former partner and webmaster, Tim Dolan. And when he says he was against the 'death' idea, believe him. All of my 'sources' told me that long before the show mishap.

But for those of you wanting to get in touch with Rob, his cell number is (843) 241-3906 (also try 843-241-3999). His home number is (843) 236-8916. Either of these may change at any time because there are any number of people angry with him, but to my knowledge, these are still valid numbers...
And I also have a street address but I don't think I'll post that. That'd be a bit much.

In closing, this isn't the first time Rob has fucked over fans. Ask the fans in Lenoir, NC about the show being cancelled without notification... They still want his head.
But with luck, there will be wrestling in this area of the Carolinas... So as of now, it looks like the ball is now with AIWF (http://www.aiwfwrestling.net) OR Wayne Cribb to get wrestling back in the area so... SUPPORT ANY AND ALL SHOWS EITHER PUTS ON IN THE AREA, FOLKS!

-=The Prynce

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