Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boo Bity Boo...

Bill Cosby is incredibly funny. But I don't much care for The Cosby Show... It wasn't built enough on him.

One of the best shows ever is of course, Saved By the Bell. Its fantastically cheesy. In in continuity is horrible and funny at the same time.
But I grew up on the shit and have something of an obsessive personality so I remember far more about it than is healthy, as I have posted before.

Its great how they had two senior proms. And its great how they went from JFK Junior High in Indiana with Mr. Belding as principal to Bayside in Southern California with the same bleeding principal!
See, the secret there is that the shows from Junior High were in fact an entirely different series entitled "Good Morning Miss Bliss" that aired on the Disney Channel. It was cancelled but apparently NBC bought the rights and turned it into Saved By the Bell.
Its also great how Zack and Lisa were gonna date and Screech was finally over her and then after that episode, none of that stuck and Lisa and Zack were no longer together.

So who do you guys think Zack lost his virginity to? I have a theory that it was the homeless chick from the Christmas episodes. UNLESS it was Kelly which I doubt. She seemed to be too wholesome but I know he wouldn't have tapped some of the other random chicks 'cause he wanted her and wouldn't want to screw that up.
But the homeless chick lived with them until her dad got a new job and he helped her and her dad so much that I know for sure she would have slept with him and he was over Kelly in those episodes so I'm sure he was more than willing (he was something of a shallow asshole after all).
I've known so many people similar to the homeless chick. They find someone who's willing to help them at a tough spot in their life and they melt over them and grow mad attached until it just falls apart and they wanna die.

How is Dustin Diamond broke exactly? And is he really losing his house? I think it may be a hoax, really... But I'm gonna buy a shirt regardless. $20 for his autograph and a shirt is worth it to a lamer like me.
You can find out more about all of that jazz by going to

But my question of how he could be broke remains. He was the one cast member that was on each incarnation of the show from 'Good Morning Miss Bliss' to 'Saved by the Bell: The New Class'. Even Mr. Belding wasn't on all the shows. He was absent in the College Years.
Screech was on all of the series and the specials yet he's broke and faking a home porn leak.

Jessie wasn't very attractive at all. Lisa really was the only cute one until the College Years at which point Kelly was finally hot to me.

The best episodes to me are the lamest and cheesiest such as the famed 'Jessie's Song' where her addiction to caffeine pills were comparable to some crack addicts that I've seen.
Another great one was the 'School Song' episode where I got the title of this post. Apparently drinking water with Lemon juice will make you autistic though it will have no flavor in any way.

So... I think I'm gonna wrap up this post. I had no topic in mind when I started but I think we all see now where it went. But I have to jet so... Fudge it.

Expect to see more 'Saved by the Bell' posts in the future. I'm a geek, motherfucker.

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

i lovvvve saved my the bell and i know too much for my own good about it too.

Anonymous said...

ok, first of all, we've discussed your um...little "problem" with how obsessed you are with this show. and now you're buying a shirt? lol, that is toooo funny. but that has been going on for quite awhile with dustin diamond losing his house...surely he's sold enough t-shirts by now to by a much newer, larger house. i think it's all a silly twat, you fell right into his evil plan!

Katie said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello since I haven't talked to you in forever =)