Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesdays Gone

Rob just mistook Lenny Kravitz for Bob Marley.

So the Kottonmouth Kings show was awesome. I'll post about that one at a later date.
Tonight I go see The Black Crowes. I'll likely post on both shows together at once on my next post.

My shit's getting busy. Its not supposed to be like this as the busy season winds down. The Kottonmouth Kings show was last Tuesday. This Tuesday is The Black Crowes. The next Tuesday is my mom's birthday. The Tuesday after that is Doug Stanhope in Charleston. Tuesdays shouldn't be so busy, man.
I posted before about Alice Cooper and I'm more and more jacked by the day on that shit. Rob and I still need to get tickets though. Bah!

My car's full of problems. I got an oil change and my tires rotated today and they noticed my serpentine belt was cracked and badly needed replacement. My fuel filter is in bad shape and needs replacing. And I need my transmission fluid replaced and the system flushed.
Estimate of all of this at the shop I took it to: about $390.
So... Yeah. If anyone knows a place to get it all done cheaper, be sure and let me know.Gem was TRULY outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. Woo woo! Man I'm a fuckin' loser.

Bob Evans restaurant is the fuckin' shit, dude! If there's one in your area, fuckin' eat there, f00.

Rescue Me = The BEST show on TV STILL!

Running low on shit to say.

Meow. Werd.

-=The Prynce


Rob said...

Okay let me add that I caught myself within 1 second of my mistaken idenity.

Anonymous said...

So I still can't believe that Rob mistook bob for lenny..or vice versa. Seriously...you need to work on him. (j/k Hot Rob) Anywho...consider yourself lucky that we both have off on all these Tuesdays. You have a life now. YES I know you had one before too, but this one involves things OUTSIDE OF SLEEPING all the time. So just shhhh and quit your bitchin' and have fun k? Cause you know everything we've done on Tues is stuff that you, yourself, have thoroughly enjoyed doing and have told me about. Bah to you I say.
p.s. Gem is in fact, truely outrageous. ;) And you're gay.

jessi said...

...poor rob... and by the way...lol gem? lol i love you for all the random things you are friend. =)