Monday, November 19, 2007

Cob Sucks Rocks

Rob just admitted to me that he sucked cock tonight. He watched Spiderman and it made him gay.

A gross whore called me cute earlier. Its unfortunate because I bet she was hot two years ago before she was introduced to crack and cock for cash.
She was like "How old are you?" and I responded with my age and she was like "Oh... Wow... You're really cute. I know guys don't like being called cute but... Wow you're cute."
I was like "Heh, thanks..." all the while thinking, "Nah its not that I mind being called cute but when its from a dirty whore... Its slightly different." but I kept that to myself.

I found out today that I had to work at a different hotel one day this week because a manager of ours keeps coming in late and causing another co-worker to get too much over-time.
Now that's pretty bad and all but the lamest part is that the manager told my roommate to tell me of the change because she "Did not feel comfortable telling me about it."
As someone with anxiety disorders, I can understand that to a degree but... I'm not a manager. And even if I was, its work related and a part of my job to deliver the effects of my crappy choices to the parties that they may effect.
Its just something I found amusing. Pawning off informing an employee in a timely manner of a change of shift prior to 24 hours until my arrival time because you don't feel comfortable telling them about it is just not a quality people would think of when they think about someone they'd want in charge of people. I mean c'mon!

Anywho, I just felt like updating really fast with lots of stuff involving cocks so... There we are. Boom!

-=The Prynce
* So Rob actually admitted to sucking up a cockroach from the ceiling with a vacuum but... Close enough.


Anonymous said...

so...i've gone from "friend" to "roommate" now huh? wow. that's awesome honey. thanks for that.

pretty soon it will be...yeah this person i know...or better yet...acquaintance.

you make me feel so special sometimes. it really is quite amazing.

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like someone was being chicken shit about possibly pissing you off. poor homo rob.