Tuesday, March 18, 2008

High Class Idiocy

Spitzer got caught with a whore.
The only reason I mention this is because; A) People seemed shocked, B) The terminology people use in discussing the matter.

A)- Has it really not been proven that if someone seems out to get or totally against something that they tend to be fore it? Foley was all about protecting kids, yet he found himself coming on to them. Limbaugh hated drug addicts only to reveal that he IS one. Its not a shock, folks!
Its just like crooked cops. They say they're against crime and commit them every day.
Its also similar to homophobes. I know people like to say that not all homophobes are secretly gay but I think many of them are. The ones that aren't are afraid they may be which is why they don't want to be confronted with homosexuality in case they're aroused by it. That isn't always the case and its unfair and ignorant for me to say that it is. I just have to say that I've seen it happen, folks.
I used to work with a guy a few years ago who was your typical Southern homophobe. He fained disgust when he found that one of our properties has a large gay group in house for a week during the summer and though I was technically the security guy at that property, for that week he decided it was best that he work here.
Stuff happened in between his first day and him demanding to work the property with the group that made him more comfortable but he was still homophobic. He just allowed himself to be around them without freaking out.
Long-story-short, last I heard of him he was good friends with, constantly in contact with, and actually staying for long periods of time at the house of the leader of the aforementioned group.

B) - No one will just say that Spitzer was with a whore. Its always that he was with 'high class' prostitutes or 'high dollar' hookers... Always something and always with the word 'high' in it.
Simply put, he was with a whore. A hot whore but a whore nonetheless and I don't understand why we can't just state it that way. Why can't people in this country just stop being so pretentious and stupid?

Also worth noting, the bitch can't sing which means she'll be HUGE on the pop music scene.

Michigan and Florida- I have to ask you Democrats of these states to redirect your anger. So many of you are angry at the DNC for not allowing you to seat delegates at the National Convention and it isn't their fault. You should be angry at the Democratic part leaders in your respective states as they are the ones who decided to move the primaries up in your states knowing very well that it could lead to such a form of reprimand from the DNC.
Did you protest to your state party leaders prior to the primaries to get them to not move up their dates? They knew well before the primary elections were held that they would be punished by not having delegates seated at the convention due to it. Why did you not try to get it changed before your state blew millions of your dollars on a meaningless primary election?
So now you guys want to hold another election because apparently the DNC isn't going to stick by their 'punishment' if you continue to gripe. That's like the parent that decides to ground a child for a week out of anger and good judgement but as time carries on, they get sick of the child moping about and being in their hair so they say, "Fine! Its only been two days but you're not grounded anymore!" It shows that there are no true consequences to your actions and therefore no reason to follow the rules.
Its also true that in holding another election, that would show brainless spending that the far right like to accuse all Democrats of being guilty of. Both states spent millions for the first one and now they'd like to spend a few million more. The world knows that the economy in Michigan is garbage even compared to the presently recessing economy that's plaguing the nation. Why would state party officials think that blowing even more of the much-needed money of the state of Michigan.

I've got other stuff to say but I'll get to that in another post. These two things have just been eating at me for a while now.
I may put an update or two to this one so... Look for it.

-=The Prynce

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~*asha*~ said...

Wait a second....Mick Foley liked KIDS??? Did I read that right? Because if memory serves me right..weren't you giving me a hard time because of TH yet one of your freakin' idols liked to hit on kids? Well aren't we the pot calling the kettle black!

Bah to you! lol