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O-Blog-Ma (I'm Clever. F-Off!)

I don't know how to start this post, so I'll just get right in to it.

I'm very pleased that Obama will be the next president of the United States.
My reasons are different than are many. There are so many out there that I'm sure voted for Obama due to his race and/or to take part in history. I decided to vote for him because I think he was the candidate that will be most likely to bring our nation to where it needs to be. Its time to progress.
I'm 23 years old and I have a son and he just turn 4 years old. My future is very important to me. No one knows how long I'll live, but statistically I may have another 23 years to go. The point I'm going for is that there is hopefully more future ahead of me than there is past behind me and I believe that the things McCain represented would have slowed our progression as a nation at best.
As I said, I also have a son that is only 4 years old. I think about his future far more than my own. At this point in my life, I would like to maybe move to Japan for a few years or months to teach or maybe move to another area in the United States with a better economy where I could also enroll in a good wrestling school. I don't do these things because my son is far too important to me. I could easily still do either of these things. Legally, I'm only obliged to pay child support. I just love my son far too much to not see him as often as possible so I have chosen an alternate route.
Instead of moving to Japan, I'm learning the language and saving money in order to travel there for a few weeks in the upcoming years. Instead of moving to another place, I'm looking for the best job that I can here and cutting costs where I can in order to have a place to live and to survive. I'm also willing to wait until I can find a new job so that I can go to wrestling school 3 hours away every week.

I'm sacrificing my wants for my son's future while not giving up on my own. I'm thinking of right here and now but keeping a sharp eye on many years down the road. I think Obama is our best shot at giving us what we need for the future.

I am a Libertarian. If there was a party that I identified most with, that would be it. I was a big Ron Paul backer and still support the hell out of him.

I disagree with some people in my general line of thought in multiple areas.

We will start with health care.
I can not afford health care. I am currently unemployed but that's not the reason. I have never in my adult life had health insurance. There was a time when I was on three medications while on my father's insurance but after some time, I moved to a different area in the state and was too old to be on his insurance so I had two options: Pay over $400 a month for them or stop taking them. I had to get off of two of them and pay out of pocket for the one that I could not get off of.
So for a year or two, I spent over a hundred a month on this one medication until I was forced to stop taking that in order to move out of the cheap, though dangerous and mold-taken apartment I was living in.

I stopped taking that medication over two years ago now and I still feel the effects. The coming off it it 'cold turkey' caused 'brain tremors' for months that essentially made me feel as though I was about to faint if I so much as moved my eyes. Even now, every waking moment feels unreal. I feel as if I'm dreaming or half-asleep and I never remember the things that I do. In fact, I can hardly remember anything. I fault having to come off of the medication due to financial reasons for these things.
I was unable to go to the doctor to be stepped off the medication as is recommended because a doctor's visit is VERY expensive and if I had that sort of money, I'd have just bought more medications.

As it stands right now, I have many concerns for my health. I can't get anything looked at, though, because I can't afford it! As I have told so many people in the past: If I had cancer right now, I wouldn't know it. And if I did know it, I'd have to just plan for my short future because I could never afford treatment.
Its times like this that I need government help. I can't get it. If I were to go out and lose my leg or something I'd be all set. But as it stands right now, the government wouldn't consider me for a second for any of their medical programs. I NEED HELP!
Someone that I consider to be a good friend said that the response of many would be that if I were to better myself and get a better job then I could afford it... Right. I graduated from one of the 'Corridor of Shame' high schools. I actually learned a lot more in high school than my grades would reflect, but the point is that the methods they used for teaching and therefore grading are not successful. Therefore my chances of a scholarship are virtually non-existent. And if they were and I got approved, I'm a dad that hardly got by as it is on the low amount I made when I WAS actually employed. Where the hell am I able to fit in school? I have no safe-guards. I don't have rich parents that can support me if I slip or stumble. I am on my own, essentially.

So health care is just one example I'm going to give here. To give others would simply take too long. I'll continue...

I think I know what McCain lost the election.

John McCain showed bits and pieces of the OLD McCain from 2000 that I used to support. That side was pretty clearly seen during his concession speech. I don't think McCain wanted things to go so negative. I think his advisers told him what to do to win and they attempted to put the negativity out there with their groups and Palin while McCain himself tried to play it nicer when it came to his own words. I think that sent confusing signals and that people were looking for more of the old McCain that his advisers denied us and many people were turned off by it.

Obama won due to a few factors.
Race was an important factor. My fear is that too many voted for him because of his race. Obama is bi-racial (and not black as so many are calling him). That's a big step for this nation. I'm very proud to witness it.
Before I continue, I'd like to point out that you will not see my refer to Obama or anyone else as 'African-American'. Its not a matter of disrespect or anything. Its just that I was taught that if you live here, are a citizen, and are proud, you are an American. I don't label myself European-American, Scotch-Irish-English-American, or any other classification. I am an American.

He also won because his campaign was nearly flawless. He kept it positive. Be got on his supporters for booing McCain at a rally. He didn't try to drive a massive wedge between the parties. It was just incredible and I hope its the future of campaigning.

Apart from all of the changes I hope he can bring with government, I think Obama may be a great role-model for kids. As I heard one guy say on NPR, kids won't be looking up to rappers, sports stars, and criminals saying "I could be that!". They'll be looking at the leader of the free world and say "I can be that. Obama has crossed that line for me so that in the future, my race wouldn't be a stumbling block." It thrills me to no end.
I was raised around black and white people. The majority of my schoolmates were black and we all got along. There were racial tensions elsewhere (I was raised in South Carolina after all) but I has just as many close black friends as white.
One thing that would annoy me is some that were perhaps not my friends. There were a lot of wannabe 'gangsta' types, drug dealers (I'm not stereotyping. They were pretty honest about it), petty criminals, etc. I was nice to all people until they caused me to change that (which happened maybe twice all together) and considered even those 'bad eggs' casual friends at worst. I would get angry, though, during the times in which our studies would touch on the Civil Rights figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and the like. They would claim to love these people and the rights they fought for and believed in, but the reality is that they would be embarrassed.
Martin Luther King, Jr. would be ENRAGED at hip-hop culture. Its degrading to the race and culture that I love (meaning, of course, the black culture). Anything that's not bettering one's self would have him livid. He fought and died so that black people (although he fought for ALL people) in the United States could better themselves and be truly equal yet so many waste it and it makes me sad.
I've never said much of it because I was afraid of being labeled racist but nothing could be farther from the truth. I'm one of few people that I know that has no shred of hate for people. The only real difference from white and black people are skin pigments. We're all human and made the same.
What I do hate about race is people who try to use it to separate us. I don't care what color you are, but if you are using your race or someone else's race to draw differences or contrasts between us, then you have A LOT you need to learn. That's not going to help.

Barrack Obama is going to be my president. Barrack Obama is going to be YOUR president. Barrack Obama is going to be OUR president. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, Hispanic, Asian, short, tall, fat, skinny, sickly, mentally ill, smelly, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, a doctor, a McDonald's employee, or even a Yeti. If you're an American citizen, BARRACK OBAMA IS GOING TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT!
Unlike others, he has no desire to separate us. He wants us to join together. He wants to unite us. LET HIM! The worse that can happen is that you won't like what he does. If that's the case, don't vote for him in 2012. Spread the word of why you don't like him. Just give him a chance. I was against Bush from the start but I gave him a chance. He had time to change my mind but he didn't. Hell, I was against Clinton! He won me over. He changed a lot of my views and opinions on politic.

I'm not trying to sell anyone on Obama, his views, his plans, or anything else. I'm just here to say that this is a HUGE step because of what he represents and the hope he gives people, not because he's not white.
Give him a chance. The bigots out there never will. Their minds aren't big enough to consider anything that's different from the hate they know. They're losing their numbers, though. I live in the deep South and I can't come up with more than 5 purely open racists that I know. That may not seem like much, but if you knew my home town you'd be amazed.

There's more I have to say on this topic, but this blog's long enough as it stands now. I may come back and add more at another time. Just keep an eye on me.

Also, its been some time since I've posted so keep an eye out and I'll be posting about Ray Stevens, pro wrestling, my jobless situation, my recent investigation with SPIRIT ( at Wedgefield Plantation in Georgetown, SC and the publicity that came with it, and a whole lot more. Keep checking on me, folks!

-=The Prynce

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