Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Visions of Johanna Are Now All That Remain

I decided today that I want to start blogging a lot more.  It really isn't a matter of me thinking that anyone gives a shit about what I have to say or think.  It's just that my brain has been an absolute mess lately.  It has been that way before, but when I used to blog a lot it seemed to make my thoughts at least a little more...  linear.

I just saw a commercial a few hours advertising a new Jamey Johnson album, The Guitar Song.  Its a double disc album at that.  I really haven't heard anything from the CD but I can only imagine it's awesome.  One of my favorite CDs of the last 4-5 years was his That Lonesome Song.
Jamey Johnson just does things that you don't hear in music anymore.  He doesn't have that polished sound that you normally hear on the radio these days and his lyrics are absolutely incredible.  Show me anything else on the radio anything at all like 'The High Cost of Living'...

My wrestling training is still on, just in a different way.
For the last few months I have been training once a month with the UPWA out of Wilmington, NC.  I've learned a good deal of stuff.  Unfortunately, the art of wrestling itself is not something I've learned a lot about in my time there.  I like the people, the experience of setting up, tearing down, and working the shows.  I love that stuff.  And I'm learning so much about etiquette and how things work in the business.
The only problem is that my only ring time is after set-up but before people start coming in for the show that night.  That means that in the time and money I've dedicated to going to the shows to train, I've really learned very little of in-ring work.
At my last session I did meet some guys who charge about the same per month.  They also train about 3 miles from my house and 4-5 nights a week.  It's $25 a month more but there's a chance of like 20 sessions for that amount instead of nearly the same amount (or exactly the same amount when factoring in gas and food on my Wilmington trips) for once a month with almost no time to train.
I haven't started the local classes yet.  I haven't had the money.  It is something I hope I can do in the next few months, though.
My hope is that I can train in Myrtle Beach and work the shows in Wilmington for experience behind the scenes and all.  I like the owner and the people he surrounds himself with.  I've learned a lot and hope I can keep at least working around the shows.  Otherwise I'll have to stick to the Myrtle Beach classes exclusively. I'm too damn poor to drive all that way for something that's going to take 5 years to get me trained.  I've lost about 25 pounds since July which comes largely from not being able to afford anything but a loaf of bread and a pack or two of bologna each week.  I have no problem doing that for a year or two if I have to but not for 5.  Not if I'm just training.

Anywho, enough about wrestling.  I'd rather be learning it than writing about it but since I'm still a few months (due major car problems) away from getting back into the mix, this will be the last you hear about it for a while.

Know what I hate?  The formatting on my blog's layout.  There's something about the posts that are all kinda of screwed up.  I want to try to fix them but it worries me.  Redoing this thing is a bitch every time.  It has to be done.  I realize that.
That being said, the word for the day is procrastination.

I'm out of generally uninteresting things to say.  I hope I can get back into the rhythm of this again and regain some of my old readers or gain new ones.  So few blogs or bloggers interest me anymore so the old school 'networking' doesn't apply for now.
I guess if anyone can recommend some general (or niche, I guess) blogs that you think I'll like, let me know and I'll check them out.

Thanks for reading (if you read)!

-=The Prynce

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