Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Your Head

Every time I start thinking to myself, "Humans are pretty neat. Yeah a lot of them blow but overall, what an awesome lot."
Then those people have to fuck it up.

People are animals. We are very complex and highly intelligent with amazing amounts of potential, but animals. Highly evolved.
Just being what we are is a blessing. Not a blessing from God or a god or any other being, but a blessing still.
The human brain is an amazing thing. Nothing amazes me more. The things we can do, concoct, accomplish, etc. with them is astounding. Without education, we still are able to do things that nature hasn't fully replicated in other species.

As incredible as we are, the majority of us give up on our awesomeness. I encounter people daily who have decided they've got no use for their brains past it's current usage. And I see minds I once adored turning away from reality and reasonable thought. That breaks my heart.

Be imaginative, silly, creative, whatever. But don't be stupid.

-=The Prynce

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