Monday, October 03, 2011

This Is Only a Test

I'm such a failure/loser when it comes to blogging. I just saw that I have posts on my front page from when I was 23. Not okay.
This is a test post via MMS just to see if I like the way it comes posts and shit. If so, hoooooraaaaaaay! I'll totally blog more when I'm bored and away from a computer. Or most likely just when I'm trying to avoid conversation and small-talk. Often, in other words. Sometimes uncomfortable (for me) situations last longer than Twitter's ( 140 characters will allow for me to fuss with that short bullshit.

I haven't been in a wrestling ring in over a year now. Things in my head got really shitty for a year or so. Now with improvements, I'm gonna continue to dig myself out of the hole I allowed myself to be put into and get back at it before I get too old!
All done. That's a good length of a test post, right? Good. I assume you all said "Yeah that's good enough."

-=The Prynce

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