Monday, October 11, 2004

BREAKING NEWS! -- Christopher Reeve

It's now just after 4AM and as I was shutting off my TV for bed, a breaking news announcement came on saying that Christopher Reeve has died at age 52. He is, of course, best know for his role as Superman in the 'Superman' movies and as an advocated for the paralyzed. He was paralyzed in the 90's in a horseback riding accident. He was an advocate for stem cell research and was just used as an example of people worth helping through the use of stem cells by John Kerry in the most recent presidential debate.

Apparently, he lapsed into a coma sometime this weekend after going into cardiac arrest as a result as some sort of severly infected sore of some kind.

Sorry I can't offer any information right now but it is BREAKING NEWS and the shock of it all prohibited me from taking in all of the things mentioned on CNN. If you want more information, I'm sure more will be avalible in the coming hours so check and check your favorite news channel for more information.

The world has lost a good man, a great actor, and one of the greatest advocates for stem cell research and he's gonna be missed.


-=The Prynce

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