Monday, October 11, 2004


I won't waste your time with explantions of my not posting for a while again. I'll just start right in with things in the news that catch my eye...

For starters; Yusuf Islam AKA Cat Stevens... For those of you who don't know, here's a VERY short background...
Back in the day, he was a brilliant folk singer who wrote songs such as 'Peace Train'. I dare say he was a rival to John Lennon for the most peaceful person in existance. Well after a while, he converted to Islam and people (mainly Americans) grew to hate him even more than they had before.
Well, recently, he and his daughter were flying to the US (they are British citizens) and they realized that his name was on a 'no-fly' terrorist list that meant he could not fly in the US. So his plane was forced to land (in the US actually I think) to get him off of it ASAP.

Now here's what I think... I saw Mr. Islam on Larry King just the other day and the two were discussing the whole deal and other things in the media and I have to say, I'm now a fan of Yusuf Islam.
But as far as the flying issue... He has NO reason to be on the no-fly list. He is not an extremist and if you know anything about him, you'll know that he would NEVER take part in any sort of violence at all for any reason. But still, he can't fly in the US.
Another thing is that the name on the list isn't really his. It's someone with a similar first name but with much different spelling (Yassouf is what I think he said). So why can't he fly? Well... there's no real explantion. His name isn't on the list but for being similar to a name on the list he is not allowed to fly.
It's ok though because he's a rich guy and he's got his lawyers trying to get him removed from the list (He has flown to the US 19 times since 9/11/2001 and this is the only time he has been flagged).

Now for those of you who don't care too much about the civil liberties of an old folk singer, the entire thing may still apply to you and your safety. If fact, there is no doubt that it does!
Note that I said they forced his plane to land after finding out he was on a no-fly list... HE WAS ALREADY IN THE AIR OVER AMERICA WHILE LISTED ON A NO-FLY LIST OF POTENTIAL TERRORISTS! If a real terrorist was going to hijack a plane and was listed on the list he would have the chance to. All of this money Bush is requesting for Homeland Security and we had someone who they thought was a terrorist flying around! Maybe it's just my 'liberal bullshit' but I think that the best way to keep planes from being hijacked is to... like... KEEP THE PEOPLE SUSPECTED OF BEING TERRORISTS OFF THE FUCKING PLANES TO START WITH!

But I'm gonna get carried away on that... It does get me goin', as you can see. I have a kid on the way and it's not making me feel any safer knowing he's gonna be living in a world like this where the government is too stupid to keep suspected terrorists off a plane to start with.

Moving right along, though...

If you know me, you probably know that I think the most pointless 'sport' is NASCAR racing... However, I have heard something recently that really gets to me...
After a race (like last week I think) Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was interviewed after winning the race and he was excited and said a few "potty words" in a post race interview...
Now, for starters, I don't think what he said went overboard, nor do I think it was something that anyone watching has not heard before. I'll never understand how words can so deeply 'offend' someone, but somehow they manage to. To me, he sounded like any other person I know when they are thrilled about winning something and I hear much worse language walking around the streets of SC. The thing is, the FCC and NASCAR need to RELAX. It wasn't like he was dropping F-bombs like Dick Chenney on the senate floor.

Secondly, it was the carrier's fault (NBC, I think it was) for not using a 5 second delay like everyone else on the planet does. Not to stereotype anyone, but Southerners don't always use the most clean language esspecially when they're excited! Hell, I've lived in SC for my whole life so I know what I'm talking about. I'm shocked that all NASCAR programming does not work on a time delay.

And another thing... If you want to be lame and charge the guy for his foul ups then go ahead. I don't agree but it's not inconceivable. But they also took away like 25 of his points and apparently, they are very important when it comes to the championship. So... yeah. That was way out of line, I think.

Next I'm gonna touch on the debates...

Well the first debate, I thought Kerry clearly won but I wasn't going to say anything thinking that maybe I only saw it that way because I support Kerry. But then I saw that most of the country agreed so I wasn't afraid to touch on debates.

Edwards, I think probably did better than Cheney in the VP debate. See, Cheney is a smart dude. I do think he was too much on the offensive in always attacking Kerry/Edwards but all-in-all, while Cheney had many answers and spoke in a very intellectual tone and rather clearly and with intent, I think he sounded, as someone said on TV, too much like you were being called into the principal's office.
Edwards held his own. I was VERY pleased with it. While he wasn't a decisive winner, it was his first debate! He, too, spoke clearly and intelligently. As far as content goes, they both did very well.
But if I had to pick a winner, I'd have to say it was Edwards because he was less on the offensive, I think. He wasn't a clear-cut winner, but I think he was ahead by a small margin.

Now to the most recent debate...

Bush was a cocky acting ass. His 'bulldog' Republican style is rather old. He spoke none (or little) on the actual issues and was more concerned with spouting off his unproven 'facts' and putting an extremely untrue spin on everything to make Kerry seem like Satan as a Democrat. He was clearly full of nothing but lies, propaganda, and untrue spins.
But I feel like people think that I'm anti-Republican... I'm not. There are many Republicans that I actually like and a few I'm considering voting for. Bush, however, IS the Republican stereotype (but worse) except he's not as fat as most would like.

I could go for HOURS on my reasons for disliking Bush but I'm not here to spread my opinion as truth or to Bush-Bash, only to state it as an opinion.

But really... I don't care who you vote for, people. JUST VOTE! I think it would be TRAGIC to see Bush back in office but if he actually WINS it then there's nothing I can do or say. It just really gets to me that some people just don't vote. You have the ability-- DO IT! I LOVE the commercials that flash "Vote for..." and then a ton of different topics across the screen and then it says "Vote for SOMETHING!". There IS a topic relevant to you that will be decided by who is elected or by articles that you can vote on yourself.

Check the web, people. Odds are you can register to vote by mail in your state but if you can't, take the 10 minutes to get out and register. Go to your county building or what-ever and do it.

That's all for now, people. Hang tight. =)

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-=The Prynce

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