Sunday, April 10, 2005


Well here I am again. Nothing better to do than post another entry. I've been a little busy lately so forgive my slowness in updating.

Well, yesterday was rather uneventful. I went to Shannon's and we went to Shoney's and went back to her house and that's about it.

The day before was better. I got up early and Shannon came over and Darrell, Shannon, and I went to the Dillon County Complex so Darrell and I could see if they had any jobs worth trying for at job service. They didn't really have anything good but Darrell went to this thingy and talked to the people about different jobs and he told me to come in there with him so I went and we applied for jobs with a lumber company. We started talking to the ladies in there about hauntings and shit and ghosts after Darrell said something like "Too bad we can't get a job using our real talents" and I was like "We have talents?" and he was like "I mean 'paranormal investigation'" and the women in there were like talking about their experiences with ghosts and shit and one of them lives near Montrose and told us she used to go down there all the time and she said she'd been to Alice's grave and shit. It was cool. So we left there and went to Shannon's b/c she and I had a class at like 3:45 so we couldn't go where we had wanted to just yet.

So Shannon and I went to her class about breast feeding (she's pregnant for those of you who don't know) and it was pretty cool. Lots of videos with boobies. lol. You'd think "Ah, fat woman with icky droopy boobies" but they were cool boobies. I'll shut up... lol.

Well later, Darrell called and asked if I would be busy at about 8PM (He knew I had nothing to do lol) and that if I was free we could go check out some haunted sites. So I took a nap and woke up at 8 expecting he would show up around 8:15 at best but he was there at 8:03! I was amazed and shit! lol.
We went to a store on the other side of town for Shannon then we headed to McColl. We got there and Darrell got some money from his grandmother and then got some more gas and we headed through Bennitsville(sp?) and we pulled over in some cemetery that covered two sides of the road. We road on the first side and we were all creeped out. It was pretty creepy looking in there. We saw a Moselium(sp?) on that side but he said it wasn't the one he wanted to show us so we went to the other side and we found it and it was good and creepy. It was big and round and made of stone and it was there since like 1910 I think it said. We went to the other side of the cemetery again and we went over to the first moselium(sp?) we had seen and went up to it and inside the gate and we walked up to it and Shannon opened the doors and there was all kinds of weird shit down in there. It was kind of creepy.

But anyway, we left there and headed to Colonel Kolb's Tomb between Bennetsville and Society Hill. We turned down Col. Kolb's Tomb Rd. and that alone was plenty creepy. Then we found the tomb itself and it was kind of cool. It wasn't too creepy but the area around it was. We heard a little something in the woods and Darrell said he saw a person in the woods and then we went down to the river which is right behind it and we heard shit in the river.
While at the River, we heard what sounded like a car coming up and then we saw headlights so we took off back to the car to see who it was and a truck full of rednecks circled around the tomb and were like "Ya'll have permission to be out here?" and we were like "Uh..." and they were like "You know who's land this is?" and we were like "No." and they were like "Well we own this land and we don't want no trouble but we use it for coon hunting and we don't want nobody to fuck it up. Ya'll need to get going and not come back here no more." and we got in the car and left since we had only one pocket nice between us and we didn't know what they had. We were pretty sure they didn't own it but we couldn't prove it just then... More on that later.

So we left there and all that shit and the hicks followed us all the way back to town and we were looking for a place to pull over to see if they would follow us but when we got into town they turned off. Shannon and I were flipping them off almost the whole time back.

Then we went back to Dillon and that was that for that night.

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