Monday, April 11, 2005

Who'd Have Thought They'd Lead Ya Back Here Where We Need Ya?

Hm... No introduction today, straight to bussiness, eh?

I'll just start with some older news... Well... Like a week old.

So Terry Schiavo died. Its sad to see someone forced to starve to death no matter who you sided with. Personally, I didn't see where I could side with anyone but Terry. Her parents had a point in that she never told them what she'd want to do in that kind of a situation. And on the same side, it was kind of odd that Michael Schiavo just happened to remember his wife saying she woudln't want to live that way SEVEN YEARS after she'd been in that condition. And reports of them being at each others' necks the night she had the heart attack was suspicious, too. But even if none of that is reason to dislike the guy, the fact that he stopped seeking therapy for her REALLY does chap my ass. There could have been hope for her with therapy...
Well, that and the fact that he was involved with another woman whom he had two children with. That is OPEN adultry and I don't see how the courts didn't enull the marriage or force divorce or SOMETHING. I'm not sure what their options would have been but they should have done something.

But on the side of the husband, he DID go to school and became a nurse to learn how to better care for his wife. And legally, he had the right to decided if she was taken off of life support (which she wasn't on life support in reality) and he did.

Now, simply put... Congress did not belong in the matter. CHECKS AND BALANCES! SEPARATION OF POWERS! Do those phrases mean ANYTHING to the Republicans that lead the charge? Seems unlikely. But while they did go against the Constitution and commit an act that was probably bordering legality, I did support it... It was wrong but I wanted the woman to live. Is that hypocrytical?

But the thing that REALLY got me going was the Right's trying to use this to their advantage. They did and there is no denying it. Sure, they were upset when someone wrote a memo saying they should exploit it 'cause it was pretty much a given that they would and as Nixon learned, documentation can bite you in the ass.

But Bush... The man had the nerve to look into cameras and into people's eyes and say it was only right to "Err on the side of life." Son of a bitch! This is a man that sat idley by as 152 people were executed in his tenure as Texas governor! Of course he didn't sentence them himself, he wasn't the reason the executions were so rapid, and he didn't make the clemency laws. But he didn't try to CHANGE them, either. I REALLY dislike that guy.

For more about George W. Bush's "murders", go to

Now the Pope. What a man, eh? Not that he was the best person to ever live or anything, but he was pretty cool. But he did do a lot of travelling and he wasn't unlike Ronald Reagan in that he was another "Great Communicator".
He's gonna be missed and remembered for all he did and the length of his 'reign' for a long, long time.
As could be expected, Republicans have already jumped on it and tried to draw parallels between themselves and the Pope when, in reality, one of the only things they had in common were there opposition to abortion. Did you know I don't like them much? lol.

Also rather recently, we lost Johnnie Cochran. What a great attorney he was, eh? Anyone who could get O.J. off is truly AMAZING. But apart from his job, he seemed to be a great dude. I saw him many times on TV like on Larry King and he was awesome. Dude had CHARISMA. He should have been an entertainer.
But he did do a lot. He was like a rabid dog when it came to civil rights. He wouldn't let up. He was truly a great man and he'll be missed without a doubt.

While on Cochran, I'm going to talk a little about one of his former clients, Michael Jackson.

Personally, I think Michael is innocent. Is he extremely quirky? Yes. Do I think he takes his relationships with children too far? PROBABLY. But that does not mean he has any sort of sexual or illegal relationship with them. I think he takes it too far by letting them stay at his house at all. And when people talk about how he lets kids sleep in his bed, he doesn't mean he's in the bed with them! He is either on the floor or in another room, from what I understand. You have to think about how MASSIVE this man's bedroom must be!

But although I think he's innocent, I wouldn't let my son stay there. As a parent, you are responsible to protect the well-being of your children. After the first allegations (which I also believe to be FALSE), that would be too much of a chance to be taking to let my child stay there. So I think that if he is found guilty, then the boy's parents should be prosecuted for CHILD ENDANGERMENT. If any of it is true, it is the fault of the parents for allowing it to have a chance to take place.

Now people may be saying that the parents are not out just to get money but... How true is that? These are criminal charges he was brough up on now but that's normally how these things would go. Criminal THEN civil. How much would you people like to bet me there will be a civil suit filed if he is found guilty (and maybe if he's ruled not-guilty!)? This way, it give more hope in winning the civil suit and getting MORE money.

So in conclusion... He's innocent. Leave the man alone. There's no law against being a weird fuck, which is his only crime.

Now here's a run-down for the 3/5/05 show, "Beach Bash" at Conway High School:

J-Sin lost to Ultra Dragon in what was actually a pretty cool match. J-Sin was a good heel that will probably be something some day if he works on his conditioning and in-ring skills. He can already work the crowd.

2 the Xtreme defeated Dark Riders of Appocalypse in a mildly entertaining match-up.

Danny $ won the 20 man Bunkhouse Stampede after eliminating Kim Chee (Who was VERY entertaining) in a match that included Rufis, J-Sin and Ultra Dragon.
Danny $ will go on to face AFE Champion DAVID FLAIR November 5th at "Generation Next" in Conway, SC once again.

In the Minies match, Short Sleeve Sampson defeated Todd Stone. It was a very entertaining match!

TWA-TNA and indie superstar SHARKBOY got the win over Man Child. Sharkboy made this match. I thought the persona of Sharkboy seemed cheesey as hell but after seeing him in a match, he was GREAT. He worked the crowd like no one else that night except for Foley and Stro.

Mick Foley then made a speech and donated a $2000 check to McCleod Children's Hospital.

Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young defeated The Bounty Hunters with Gail Kim. It was an ok match with two Bronco Busters by Mae. I was kind of transfixed on GAIL KIM the entire time, though. What a woman... Yumm...
Gail ended up turning on her team.

The Stro beat The Barbarian w/ Fabulous Playboy by DQ after a run-in by Dark Riders of the Appocalypse. 2 the Xtreme ran in to help Stro and they made a match for "Generation Next" in which, if Stro and 2 the Xtreme win, Fabulous Playboy will shave his mullet and if Barbarian and Dark Riders win, Playboy will take over a local DJ's radio show for a few weeks. He will be handcuffed to the DJ during the match.

David Flair came out the winner in a 3-way match with Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner to be crowned the first AFE Champion. Flair worked the crowd well by saying his dad told him people in Conway had the ugliest kids. He's just a lil 'Naitch... very entertaining.
This match was GREAT! Buff truly was still BUFF. Steiner hasn't changed a bit, either. Steiner helped Buff during the match but turned on him and walked out to give Flair the win.

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka took the win again Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in a steel cage match with Mick Foley as the referee. Foley ended up shoving Sock-O deep in Valentine's mouth after Valentine got physical with Foley, as he was warned before the match.
The match was really good but short. I'd have liked to see it go on at least ten more minutes.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'll post more ASAP. This was just a quick post, really. Stay tuned!

-=The Prynce

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