Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Know What I Love?

Know what I love?

Dropping 'F-Bombs'. You fuckers tell me it isn't fucking fun and a fucking stress-relief and you'll all be fucking lying.

'Fuck' doesn't offend me. I know it should and its supposed to, but it doesn't. I can't fucking help it! I just can't fuckin' let a word have any sort of negative grip on me. 'Fuck' to me is a positive word. It describes fuckin' greatness (well... dependant on a few factors, but ya know what I mean, fuckers...) and as I just fuckin' said, it makes me feel GREAT.

You fuckers can feel free to fuckin' ignore this post. I just have a bit of stress I'm trying to rid myself of and seein' as how people read my blog and give me hell over speaking my fucking mind, I have to find other ways to... like... publically vent.

So to sum up... Fuck me. Fuck you. Fuck us all.

We shall be fucked!

-=The Prynce


Shannon said...

BLah Blah Blah Prynce. Let it all out.
The solar and ghost weather thingy is kool.

love ya, Shannon

carrie said...


The Prynce said...

How's THAT feel?

-=The Prynce

Shannon said...

mmmm FUCK such a fun word. lol Let me stop being stupid lol. Prynce you know THAT feels. lol


Anonymous said...

hey dude:

no one dies a virgin, life fucks us all . . .that seems very apropos considering . . .