Monday, August 08, 2005

Please, Go All The Way

So am I the only loser that's actually planning on watching the shuttle Discovery landing this morning at around 4:37AM EST? I figured since I was normally up until 4-6 AM anyway, I might just as well tune in. Its almost certainly either a sign of how pathetic my life is or how geeky I am, but I'm kind of excited about it.

What's everyone been up to lately? Me? I've been Pimpin' My Firefox, but that's only taken a very small portion of my time. I really just wanted to share the link with everyone. lol. If you use Firefox, check it out. It has a lot of good 'enhancement' ideas and the like. And it's got a good sort of links to some bitchin' add-ons. I'm proud to say that I already had somewhere around half of them. lol.
And if you don't use Firefox, what the hell's wrong with you? Look to the far left on my blog just below the 'current users' information. Click that image. GET FIREFOX YOU PEOPLE! All other browsers are being phased out in my mind. Hell, my sites are tested and guaranteed to work only on Firefox. More and more sites are becoming the same way.

You people wanna do me a favor? Anywhere you see ads on this page generated by Google, CLICK THEM! After you read what you wanna read and do your thing, click an ad. I get paid for that shit and I'm broke and unemployed with a 9 month old son so I need the $$$. C'mon, people... It won't cost YOU anything.
And apart from that, link to my blog, tell your friends about it, etc. I know I'm not all that entertaining but the more hits I get, the bigger my blog will get which will give me a reason to be more entertaining.
Not to mention, the more hits I get, the higher the odds that they'll click ads and I'll get $$$.

Do any of you know about Audioblogger? I'd heard of it just after I started this blog as I recall but I forgot about it completely.
Basically, it means that you sign up with their site (its a site approved/sponsored by Blogger) and they give you a phone number to call. You call when you want to update your blog and you can leave audio messages up to 5 minutes in length that will be posted to your blog automatically. It really helps for blogging on the go.
But since I have found this again, I'll probably be trying it soon and I'll probably do it a good deal in the future when I'm too lazy to just type.
Another good reason for this for me is that I can blog while I'm on the go and not have to count on my cell phone's WAP, as my free WAP service is CONSTANTLY down. So... yeah. Look for some of those posts really soon.

That's about it for now, folks. Keep checking back here. Just because I don't post doesn't mean I'm not updating. Ya see what I mean with that? Huh? Eh?
Yeah, well, all I mean is that I'm constantly working on my blog and adding things to make it better (though they often cause a slightly increased load time for we 56k'ers) so... Take a look around sometime. I'll keep adding things that at least I find interesting or fun, lol.

Well, off to go watch CNN to see crap about the shuttle! Keep an eye to my blog, you bastards!

-=The Prynce


carrie said...

I <3 firefox. my blog looks like shit in IE! fuckers.

I had google ads on my shit for a long time, but I never made any money, so I said fuck it and took that shit down cos if I ain't getting paid, I'm not pushing your shit.

don't you have to pay for audioblogger? I was gonna use it but I think I might end up using my mic to record and make my own buttons. if I ever come up with anything interesting to say in my "seattle accent". hahahahahah..yeah.

I'm gonna go add yer link to my blogroll now, cos I just realized it wasn't there yet..duh.

The Prynce said...
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The Prynce said...

Yeah. FUCK IE. You're in WA... Tell Bill Gates he's a dildo. Then ask him if I can have like $5. I'm not greedy.

Yeah... I doubt I'll make anything what-so-ever. I'm gonna add an ad thing to all of my sites for a month or so and if nothing comes of it, it's coming off. I've almost made money with similar things before but they caught me cheating and wouldn't pay. O:-)

Nope Audioblogger's free. Maybe it used to be a pay service and that's why I didn't sign up a while ago.
That'd be cool. I'm rather interested in hearing just what a 'Seattle accent' sounds like. It has to be better than a Southern one. UGH. People in the South often say I don't have one but everyone else pretty much thinks I have one. My ex g/f came from NJ and she could understand me fine but she said she had no clue what my cousin was saying to her... lol. 'Tis great to be less hick-y.

I still haven't had the nerve/reason/time to do an AB post yet but I may Friday. I shall not be home or at my girlfriends. FUCK YES! lol. If I see anyone about that I feel I need to rip on or just discuss on here then I'm gonna call and do it.

Well thanks. I'm honored. :-D You're on my blogroll, I just haven't added my blogroll to my page yet. Every time I go to add someone to it or add it to my page, someone fucks up my plans.

-=The Prynce

carrie said...

I dunno what a seattle accent sounds like to be honest. I don't think I have one. in fact, I'm pretty sure that I don't have an accent; its called enunciation!

my friend danielle lives in huntsvegas, bamalam and she told me she can tell someone from seattle by their voice!
she said we sound nasally (like honkies, er whatever)..but I don't think so. well, maybe some of us do.
she says we talk slow like surfers. duuuuuuude. hehehh..actually, I might kinda sound like that.

the only accent I know I have for sure is when I am angry or drunk, I sound black. like seriously, cos I used to live in the ghetto. my friends think it's hilarious.

y'know, I should audioblog, and prove once and for all that the residents of the pacific northwest speak with no discernable accent. truly compelling shit, no doubt.

The Prynce said...

I enunciate but there's some little 'thing' in there that gives a southern 'smell'. lol. I'm an asshole about grammar. Maybe not in casual type blogs and things but elsewhere... oi vey.

I used to get the whole 'surfer' comment a lot myself but not in a while really. I don't talk to many people, though. lol. Everyone's a dude in my mind, though. It's easier than remembering or saying names.

I've been told I sound retarded when drunk but that's about it. lol.

Maybe you should. It'd be a bit of interesting. lol.

-=The Prynce

Tickles_Tapeworm said...

That pipelining tweak kills small time servers. Imagine 30 or so computers requesting a page at once, because that's pretty much what it does. If you do enable it, keep it to a lower number, like 5.

I used to have it enabled, but certain sites would display images in the wrong places. And I never really noticed it loading much faster anyway. There's some great extensions out there.

Between both those sites, you'll find pretty much everything out there.

The Prynce said...

Yeah the site says that pipelining can be a bitch to small servers. It also says to keep it at like 8 at the most which makes sense because otherwise it'll be like a frickin' SYN Flood and if I wanted to SYN flood a site, I'd use my program, Waffle. lol.

I love Mozilla but it's only partly because of the extensions, though they do make it the greatest browser without any doubt.

-=The Prynce