Wednesday, August 03, 2005


As some of you may know, I'm a bit of an amateur magician. And as you may know from a previous post of mine, I'm sort of a Criss Angel fan... Nothing big, just a casual fan.
I've found, however, that a lot of magicians that no one has ever heard of seemingly hate Criss Angel because he doesn't do much actual street magic but rather stage magic in the streets... Who gives a fuck? I think that's a sort of cool idea, actually. So what if it means he's not like David Blaine? I don't like to say it, but stage magic is virtually dead outside of Vegas and anyone who can keep it alive in any way that he can is cool with me.

So everyone be sure to watch Criss Angel: Mind Freak on A&E TONIGHT at 10 EST.

Anyone care to watch Raw Monday night? It was alright. Not great, just alright. Everything 'big' that happened with the exception of one thing was already predicted on Rajah a few hours before RAW went on the air.

Among the major happenings was the return of Tatanka! He had a match against Eugene and now, apparently according to his website, he has been offered a contract by WWE. Personally, I like Tatanka and think he's a great entertainer. Plus, he's from within like 30 minutes or less of my house so that's a bonus! lol.
But about the only other highlight was HBK doing a Larry King parody dressed as Hulk Hogan. That was classic HBK and was good to see! Maybe he'll stop being such a Christian asshole now.
And, of course, Vince McMahon was there to boost ratings. All he did, though, was announce that Matt Hardy was re-signed and would have a match against Edge at Summer Slam. Seriously, did anyone really not know this was gonna happen? Hardy has clearly been working on Raw for a few weeks now and, folks, when its so constant and all, it's a work though this one has clearly been designed to appear as a shoot.
That being said, it'll be good to see Hardy back on TV.

So that's all I have for now. Its rather likely I'll update again in the next 24 hours, though, as I'm only stopping now to go take a shower.

Keep an eye or two peeled.

Also, be sure to watch "Ghost Hunters" on the Sci-Fi Channel at 9PM EST. It repeats a few times during the night, too.
And MythBusters on Discovery. It's on at 9, too, so catch that when it repeats later in the night. lol.

-=The Prynce


Marketing Guy said...

Criss Angel is just trying to update a slighly tired and sometimes lame magic game.


Shannon said...

I love Criss Angel not only for what he can do, for the fact that he is so damn hot. He is talented and sexy. Just like David Blaine.

Dont be sad Prynce you are still the hottest guy I know. LOL. I still love you more then Criss and David. Just not more then our Boo Boo Rian.


Tickles_Tapeworm said...

man, I hated Tatanka ever since he joined up with the Million Dollar Man. I'll never forgive him.

I never cared for the Hardys either. You can backflip until the cows come home. Nothing beats a Gorilla Press.

I thought that Criss Angel guy was Danzig when I first glanced at the picture. I didn't see the footage of Danzig getting knocked out until the other day.

carrie said...

what do you know about this?

The Prynce said...

Marketing Guy - I know and I find him to be a great entertainer. I just don't get why other magicians tend to be so bitter of his success.

tickles_tapeworm - Tatanka's cool. DeBiase's lame... But Tatanka's cool. lol.

I never gave much of a shit for the Hardys either and, in reality, I still don't. I just like the fact that they're from so near to me. When you live in the middle of nowhere, it's a great thing to have. lol. And I like their frive. They basically are self-trained.
But if I had to pick a favorite Hardy it would have been Matt because there's just something so lame about Jeff.

Who knocked out Glen Danzig? I used to have a friend who loved Danzig.
"That guy is so annoying... He never wears a shirt."

Carrie - Sounds like shit to me. lol. Its the first I've heard of it, honestly. Maybe that post's source was The Onion.
But I don't believe it either way. Even if he really does claim to have been abducted, I don't believe it. I'm not saying there's not life beyond Earth, I just doubt they're coming 'round to abduct Steve Austin...
Though he is supposed to be a beer drinking, wife-beating redneck... And they tend to be abducted often...
Maybe they were just getting some old episodes of the Six Million Dollar Man up in space and they came looking for 'Steve Austin' and... God Dammit. I'm shutting up.

-=The Prynce

carrie said...

hmmm...I dunno..if I were going to abduct someone, stone cold would rank rather high on my list.

beer drinking is damn sexy.