Saturday, September 17, 2005

I Really Am A Bad Person After All

I just watched something else tonight and again, I am disappointed at how I reacted to it.

I watch 'The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise and I liked it.

But its ok. Tom Cruise wasn't that great in it, it was just a great story and lots of great supporting actors.

So I can still say "FUCK YOU TOM CRUISE!"

I went to the local highschool football game tonight. I use the term 'game' loosely. Our team won like 48-0... Maybe it was 45-0... I don't remember.
I mean, the score was 31-0 at the half... It wasn't much of a thrilling game. North Myrtle Beach may be a cool place to visit, but they can't raise athletes for shit. I guess that's why the pride of that city is Vanna White, not the NMB Chiefs.
The score was almost higher, even, but Dillon fumbled on like the 2 yard line... The fucks.

But it is redemption. The Dillon Wildcats (my town's highschool team) lost last week to my friend Darrell's alma mater, Marlboro County. It was my alma mater against his and, shockingly, he won. Dillon played like shit.

In other news, it is fucking annoying to call someone multiple times at 3AM after they tell you they plan to go to bed early because they aren't feeling well, just because you're worried about them not feeling well. It's fucking retarded.

But I guess that people are fain to worry about me since I committed suicide my senior year of highschool. That, I'll explain later but for now I'll just say that I was absent from school and my ex g/f said she was afraid I hurt myself b/c of her and everyone thought I was dead since I didn't come which lead to my friend Matt being pulled from his class by my concerned French teacher / 3rd or 4th cousin.


-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

You dont have to worry about anymore me calling you so much.

The_Sphinx said...

Hey you aren't bad hell i am the one who said i wanted to punch jesus remember.You are however a tom cruise lover,just kidding last samuri was good not because of tom cruise but in spite of him.Wow dilon won so did marlboro they beat wilson 30 something to zip,wow i guess even bind squirrels find acorns every now and then.So tommrow is the big day huh panthers and gatriots,i mean patriots,lets home tom brady,gets seriously injured by the half the sillyl ittle prick hey tom cruise,tom brady guys name tom suck lol sorry to all innocent uys named tom.

carrie said...

wow..your teacher was your cousin? you speak french? the only languages I understand are english, html and accounting. I can count to 12 in japanese and I took russian but my teacher FORCED us to eat stale gummy bears if we answered correctly so I tried not to do very well. but the dancing was fun :)

The Prynce said...

Darrell - Good point, Jesus Puncher.

Panthers won! FUCK YES! Fuck Tom Brady. Fuck the Patriots. And Fuck all of New England 'cept for the hotties and the cool people.

Carrie - I had the same teacher for like a year before I found out she and I were related. Throughout my semester with her in French I, neither of us know.
Then a year or two later in French II, she mentioned being related to some 'Rowell' people and I told her my grandmother was a Rowell and we sat there while everyone was doing work and figured up how we were related. She was a Rowell before she was married and her dad and my dad were 1st or 2nd cousins I think.

I speak some French. I may be able to get by in France but odds are they'd think I was retarded. I can understand it written and write it much better than I can understand it, though.

I understand English, some French, very small amounts of German and Italian, as well as HTML, VB, some C/C++, a little PHP, and some other shit. (If you get to claim programming languages as languages, so do I! lol)

Stale gummy bears are the shit! My junior year, I would get bored in gym class and eat gummy bears but I'd sit at the top of the bleachers in the gym so I would be against the painted cinder block walls and I would bite the heads off of the bears and leave a little moisture on the place where my teeth cut through and I'd stick them to the wall.
I was shocked at how well they held over time and how many I could actually get on there. Some jerk knocked them all off but I can't say I cared much, though it was fun to do.

Russians are too white to dance.

-=The Prynce