Monday, September 19, 2005

McDonalds' French Flies Kick Ass

I was just having a bite from McDonalds when I happened to look at the fry I was about to pop into my mouth.


It had a fly or mosquito stuck to it and what I thought was a short peice of hair. It wasn't hair. It was a leg from the insect.

My meal was done at that point but not entirely from disgust. Mostly, it was so I could take a few pictures of the 'French Fly'.

Wanna see? You know you do, bitches...

So there's one of the pictures I took. I know... It's blurry. Deal. That's me fingers on ye left. The little speck, as it seems to be, is the icky insect. I wish it would have been clearer but... you know how digital cameras are about focusing on little shit.

And here's another shot of it. Again, it's but a speck in these pictures, but it's really about the size of a BB if BBs were shaped like mosquitos.

So... Fuck McDonalds of Dillon, SC. They never use enough salt and their food is typically horrible.

Hope you've enjoyed my post. I may edit later but for now, WWE Raw is on.

-=The Prynce


carrie said...

damn at first I didn't see that it said flies and I was like "hell muthafuckin yeah they do!"

heh. damn thats fucked. if they're gonna fry mosquitoes the least they could do is put some goddamn salt on it.

The Prynce said...

McDonalds' fries are good as long as they're not from the store in my home town.

They're like "Salt makes you touch yourself at night."
The fuckers.
(They don't actually say that but... you know they're thinking it.)

My sister actually is a manager at that bitch. There's never any salt used on her shift, it seems. When I see her car there I'm like "Fuck that...".

I'm actually not sure if the mosquito was fried or not. I would think that the rabid bubbling of the grease would make it come off if the heat alone didn't just burn it off.
But then again, with the way it was seemingly stuck to the fry, maybe it landed on it when it was really hot or something.

I dunno. All I know is that it's got me half freaking. I have OCD and now I'm gonna have to check each fry I eat.
And it kind of makes me sick to think of all of the times I see tiny black specks on a fry and its burnt so I just assume its just a burnt fry partical. Maybe it's a cooked bug.
Or when one or two fries in a box have a very noticable flavor that isn't of fries, but you're not retarded, so you didn't check the fry to make sure it was ok before eating it... To think that that could be a mosquito. Yick.

I gotta say though, I'm kinda holding out for West Nile, hoping I could sue. Anyone know the symptoms?

Bed beckons... 'Nite.

-=The Prynce

Matt said...

1 word: protein. It's all part of the fast food joints' "Eat healthier, fatass!" campaign. You were selected at random to get a small ingestion of protein and you turned it down. . .loser. lol Yeah, work at a fast food place(HA! you. . .work. . right), you'll be really precautious at eating at any of them again. Bojangles in Dillon is pretty clean, but when I was at Golden Corral, I stopped eating there even when it was free. That's all I got for now though. Oh, and I'm in one of the computer labs at coastal right now; you should make some wallpapers so I can post them on the desktops here. College kids are dumb and click anything or go to any web site, regardless of whether or not it serves any purpose to them. Later guy.

The Prynce said...

Having OCD, I'm really worried about fast food. I'd rather sit at home and steam some broccoli(SP?).

I'd make a wallpaper for but I don't own it anymore. In like June 2004, some other company basically sniped it from me. I'd sent payment to my registrar long before it was due so that I could renew but to this day, they claim to have not received it.
So since they BSed me and didn't renew me, a company that buys up old domains that people don't renew bought it to try and sell it for a lot of money. They've offered it to me for about $300, but I wouldn't buy it for that even if I had it as a matter of principle.

Maybe I'll make a wallpaper that pimps my pagan and ghost sites as well as my blog. What screen resolution do they use? lol.

-=The Prynce

The_Sphinx said...

yummy french flies,are they on the dollar menu.

Extra Ordinary Boy said...

Hey Prynce...

Just caught your link to me on your blogroll. Thanks for the shout-out...I will have to catch up with your archives...