Friday, September 23, 2005

And it volumizes!

Hey bitches. How's it?

Anyone out there using Google Desktop?
Mine's being lame. It won't show itself when I hover on the extreme right of my screen. The bastard.

I have white water now.
Dig, I live down a dirt road (we're in the South, people) and every few years, they send people out to cut back some wild growth of small trees and weeds and shit so they won't go into the road. And seemingly like every 10-15 years, they send trucks with orange clay dirt in it to put on the road to prevent it from forming troughs when we get a lot of rain.
Well between those two bits of maintenance, someone fucked up.
At the end of my road where it meets a paved road (you can see it from my window), we have a little stream the flows under the road. You can see it on both sides and up until recently, you could see the bits of the stone tube thingy that ran beneath the road sticking out on either side.
But during the cutting and dirt laying and all, it seems as though they busted up the concrete thing the water ran through under our road. Not only that, they screwed up the steam so much that it was forming more of a swamp down there.

But like two days ago they came to fix it. Apparently, they dug up the road right there and took up the concrete thingy and replaced it with a black plastic one. They also tried to fix it so that the stream would stop backing up and actually flow (which probably hasn't worked but its hard to tell since its dry lately.).

It seemed as all would be well. Then it rained a little bit.

The sides of my road where they had done work at were already more narrow after the work but then it rained a small amount and the dirt turned to mud all the way through were they'd just placed it. Someone's car is gonna fall in the dry stream bed. You can see tire tracks about 8 inches from the edge and you can tell it started to make their car slide down there. Also, its making my road more and more narrow. Soon, I fear being trapped in my own home. =-O

Now about my water being white... yeah. My water is white.
Apparently in doing all of their work, they had to dig up my phone lines and water lines. On my way out on the day they finished, I actually saw the phone cables on top of the dirt on my road. They'd sprayed it orange...
But anywho, something somehow turned my water white. Like, REALLY white. While they were working, you could tell there was air in the pipes which was funky but fine, but then I was in the shower and I realized that the water in the bottom of the tub was white. It looks like a mix of baking soda and water and it's kinda strange. It tastes no different or anything... but MY WATER IF FUCKING WHITE!

I know I've over-told this story by branching off into things that are hardly relevant (I have OCD, bitches), but I basically just wanted it ask if any of you know what the hell can make water white like that? It's a few days later and all is still white. I mean, it's not whipped cream white, but if you fill up my bathroom basin, you can hardly see to the bottom.

Anyone got anything? My water's kind of freaking me out.

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

EWW you tasted it? Yuck you might need to get it fixed.


carrie said...

hahah..yeah. I wouldn't be drinking it if I were you. go get some bottled water for now and call the city to come fix it!!

The Prynce said...

So I shouldn't use my water? What about showering and all?

I'm fresh out of bottled water, actually. Maybe I can get a few more cases.

My dad said he called the county (they're who fucked things up) 'cause we don't have city utilities. He said they were supposed to fix it yesterday but it's still white.

I have to say it isn't as white as it was at first anymore... But its still white. It seems only temporary, though. Its white at first and then it gets clear with time. Maybe it's some sort of sediment... I dunno.

The only changes I've seen in myself since it turned white, though, is I have a lot of hiccups and I can't get rid of them as easily as I usually can.

-=The Prynce