Friday, September 16, 2005

"Shit! Charlie Got Molested!"

I just watched (like an hour or two ago) one of the funniest shows I've seen in a while, 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia', and I have to say... I feel bad about something.

The entire show was about child molestation and I laughed my ass off through the entire thing and it makes me feel guilty.

Dig, there are these 4 friends and two of them went to middle school together and they see in the paper that some brothers were molested by the PE teacher that they both had but the paper only said it was in the late 80's and that they were brothers.

The strange and almost quite one of the group, Charlie, kind of takes off out of the room without saying much and the others are like "Shit! Charlie got molested!", hence the title of this post...

So they find out who the brothers were and two of the friends (who are actually brother and sister) watch Charlie go to their apartment so they think they know he was molested without a doubt. In reality, he's in there telling the brothers they're full of shit and he knows they weren't molested and they tell him he gave them the idea like a year before while he was drunk off his ass and that they'd just say it was all his idea if he went to the cops.

So his friends have an intervention for him about his molestation and he lies and admits to it and they go to the police station and he says he needs to see a detective about sodomy and he talks to him and rats out the other guys.

During all of this, the other friend is trying to get molested by the coach and trying to figure out why he wasn't molested because he thought he was attractive enough as a kid.

But, yeah, they all find out he wasn't molested, thus ending the season.

So am I fucked up for laughing at a show about child molestation? I mean, it's a comedic show! And it was really fucking funny! And during the episode, everyone kept saying this one guy was definitely going to hell for his view on the whole thing and... Yeah.

Anywho, it was incredibly funny and I feel guilty but... I don't care.

Sorry this post was so boring, though. I promise another boring post really soon! Probably about the trip I just took to the beach.


-=The Prynce


The_Sphinx said...

ok i realize this won't make you feel much better,but i don't think you are bad,i meant the show was ment to be funny,i mean there is some real sick nasty shit out in the real world and if take it all serious all the time we will go mad,stuff like murder and molestation and republicans,have a serious affect on us and by laughing we take away some of the power,maybe some kid will see it and if they are being molested might be like to hell with it i am gonna tell its not such a big deal,i mena laughing at something can take away its power.also all the fear of that thing.Maybe i a mjust as sick and twisted as you i don't know.

carrie said...

hehehh..I'm laughing and I didn't even see it. but we all know I'm fucked so yeah, not much of a consolation eh?

The Prynce said...

Yeah... Two people as fucked or more fucked than me say it's ok... Makes me feel much better about it, lol.

The best part of it all, though, was at the intervention where Charlie's mom took the pants off of a baby doll and told him to show him on the doll where he got touched while it's laying face up and he doesn't do anything so she's like "Shall I turn it over?" and his uncle's in the back like "Yeah turn it over" and he's licking his lips and smiling and sweating at the sight of the nude baby doll the whole time.
But Charlie takes his finger and slowly moves it down until he touches the baby's ass and his mom can't look, his uncle's about to bust one, and everyone else is freaking out.
Then back in the car on his way to the police station with the two dudes who are claiming to be molested, they say something like "That went well" and Charlie's like "Yeah especially at the end when we all hugged and my sister screamed 'He touched my vagina!'".

That and when the guy who's mad he didn't get molested when he's like "What the hell? Those brothers and Charlie got blown but I didn't get blown?! Look how cute of a kid I was!"
Then when he busts into the bar they own and announces he's been reading up on pedophilia and he figures out he wasn't molested because molesters seek out the weak kids and he claims he was too strong and cute to be molested...

But... If I were to watch it again (and I may!), I'd probably laugh just the same the whole way through. The laughter's worth being a horrible person.

-=The Prynce

carrie said...

OMG. where can I find that shit?! I have to see this.
the link you have up is broken, btw.
is this a movie or a sitcom? what the fuck.

The Prynce said...

It's on FX, though I'm not sure of the time anymore because Tuesday's episode was the last of the season. =(

FX is lame in that once a season is over, they may show the show a few times over the following week but not at its regular time and then stop showing it until the next season begins.

As I said in a post once before, FX is probably the best cable network out there right now. Their only other comedy show is 'Starved' which is about a group of people with eating disorders... Yeah, so FX jokes about taboo shit. lol.

But it is a sitcom.

Another great show just ended its second season to return in like Feb. of 2006. It was 'Rescue Me' starring Denis Leary. Leary also wrote a lot of the show so it was really funny most of the time, but almost a bit of a tear-jerker at times.

And another great show is 'Over There'. It's about some people in Iraq (its fictional) and even if you disagree with the war like I do, it's still a great show.

But "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is still fuckin' amazing. I think I've only missed one episode.

One recent episode was about a guy who died in the bar and they unknowingly left him there over night. So when they see him the next morning they don't know he's dead so this one guy's like "I'm gonna poke him with this" and pokes him with a pool cue and after he just falls over, he announces "This bitch is dead".
Dude's hot granddaughter whom he never knew then came by to see where he died and two of the guys lie to her about knowing him to get with her. Much cock-blocking ensues.
But the girl (not the one they're after) feels bad about not going to go see her grandpa in the home he's in and forces Charlie to go with her as she gets somewhat violently ill around old people.
The old man mistakes Charlie for his grandson and they become good friends and the old man tells Charlie he wants to be buried in his old uniform and claims that the 'kikes' at the home took it away.

So Charlie gets the uniform and it turns out to be a Nazi uniform and other Nazi crap including a photo of the man in the uniform when he was younger.
So he calls up one of the guys trying to get to the other girl and he's at her grandpa's funeral but leaves as Charlie says its really important.
So they try to sell all of the stuff to a museum and they think its ok to ignore the man's wishes as he was, after all, a Nazi. The guy at the museum tells them he's gonna call the cops so they leave.
Now the guys actual grandson whom he has mistaken Charlie for is the other guy trying to get with the girl. This is important.
The next morning, Charlie and the dude burn the box of Nazi shit and the guy who's grandpa was a Nazi shows up and brags about banging the other girl and the other guy's like "It's ok..." and starts to walk away and slaps the other dude's hand and places the picture in it and then he's like "Your grandfather's a Nazi."

Ahh... What a show. A lot of people I've seen online down on it but fuck 'em. It's the best.

But... yeah. Sorry for rambling about that one episode, I just thought it was probably equally as funny as the molestation one.

If you can't find the show on TV anytime, ask Tickles if he can find you some episodes online. I'm sure he could, lol.

And the show's official URL is:
Sorry if I put the wrong one in. But I checked that one and it's loading for me.

I thought you didn't watch TV anymore. Is it gonna be my fault that you watch? I really am a bad person! lol.

-=The Prynce

carrie said...

yeah I know! don't watch tv and I'm totally fucked cos I start school this week and I'm not gonna have any time for my blog or tv or anything. fuck I hate school. well, no not really. but it makes it really hard for me to fuck off. Im gonna ask the worm about that shit and maybe I can cram in a bunch of tv before school starts to suck.
heh. its your fault man. its all your fault :|

The Prynce said...

Poor lass. I hate when things... take time.

I know... I know... I was also to blame for the holocaust, the Vietnam war, herpes, George W. Bush, mosquitos, Gili, the inquisition(sp?), the overthrowing of Czar Nicholos of Russia, and the cancelling of Sealab 2021.

Those alone I could live with, but compounded with your wanting to watch something on TV, I have decided its best if I commit suicide again.

-=The Prynce