Thursday, October 27, 2005

Go Fuck Your Pop Tarts!

No posts lately and for that, I'm nearly sorry. But it isn't my fault entirely.

Guess what, bitches? I was on the front page of a regional newspaper today! Well, something I wrote and a link to one of my websites was.
These people did a ghost hunt and brought along the newspaper crew and the newspaper found my site and copied some of what I wrote and put it in their article along with the URL to the site.
Now, they may or may not have violated my copyright but... I don't fuckin' care.

Free hits and publicity, bitches.

Seriously... My hits on have like... gone up 600% and people are actually reading my stuff. I'm even getting emails from people... Wow.

Anywho, you can read the article by clicking here. And you can get the history of the place by clicking here.

In other news, a 'friend' of mine is apparently in jail for molesting his 12 year old cousin. He'll probably get what he deserves in jail, though. I mean, he's gay so I'm sure the ass-sex won't bug him but he's really feminine so they're gonna probably wear him out.
He's kind of a pretentious dick, though, so let 'em harm him. He's cool at times but dude's like 25 and he sodomized a 12 year old... and it was a family member!

Maybe now I can go to clubs with another gay friend of mine who the other guy was always jealous of.
Just so you guys know, I'm not gay and I'm not bisexual. But gay clubs are fun. Gay people themselves are fun. They're just cool people. I mean, some are assholes as is the case with any sort of person but... yeah.

George W. Bush blows. The extreme left made him all but change his mind for his supreme court nomination and he's gonna blame it on people who just wanted to know more about what kind of person she was. The cunt.

Rosa Parks died. That kind of sucks. She was on my list of people I wanted to meet before one of us died. What a hero, though. The woman was like 94 and still going relatively strong. And she was an amazing soul from what I could tell.

I wanna go ghost hunting. Its been a REALLY long time for me. And with all of the renewed interest in the paranormal locally and in my site, it makes it even worse.

That's about it for now, though. I'm seriously gonna try to post about Ophielia, Chairmen of the Board and my most recent beach trip ASAP but as for now, Shannon's huffing and puffing behind me now to try to annoy me into getting offline so I'm gonna give her her way.

Now that I've said something to assure she has something to bitch at me about (she would have found something anyway and I'm sure this part itself will get more bitching), I think I'm gonna go.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Am I stupid or is that lass from the commercials like the hottest thing in creation? I want her. And the one that's in the black bikini in that diet pill commercial. And the one in the Fahrenheit diet pill commercial.

I was gonna post my portable MP3 player's play list but I gotta jet so... Maybe later.

That's all though. Seriously.

-=The Prynce


carrie said...

holy shit dude. yer famous! sodomizing twelve year olds is not cool. especially when yer old and they're related to you. I never see any commercials so I don't know what they look like. but I did watch tv twice last week! I ditched my class tonight and ate chinese food. even tho I don't believe in paranormal stuff ghost hunting kinda sounds like fun. when I was in highschool (heh..briefly) we used to go into this huge wooded park and get fucked up and drink late at night and it was super fucking dark and people would hide from me off the trails and jump out and grab me and scare the shit out of me and I wanted to cry. but it was so much fun especially when I was wasted. I'm gonna carve a pumpkin now.

Shannon said...

Prynce, is the website yours or the whole groups? I was just wondering cause it says "P.I.C.C" not Prynceton Paranormal.

Anyway, I dont really give a shit if you said I was bitching. So say all you want about me. GOOD or BAD it dont matter (it will probably be ALL bad). >;-)

Later Cunts. lol


Shannon said...
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The Prynce said...

Carrie -
With this and being on the radio almost weekly, I still feel like an insignificant speck in the world, lol. My name wasn't printed in the paper and my name has been on the radio only like two times.
But I'm gonna pretend that I'm famous anyways. lol.

Ghost hunts are the shit. I sometimes wish I didn't believe in the paranormal. It'd sure as hell be easier to sleep nights.

You wanted to cry but it was fun? Freak. lol.

Shannon carved a bitchin' pumpkin like a month ago. Of course, it's rotted to bejesus and back by now.

Shannon -
Seriously. Fudge off.

It is my site in that I made it and do all of the work, but it is for the group as a whole. I'm the creator and webmaster. Its my work. Therefore, I consider it my site even though its for the group and not me.

-=The Prynce

Anonymous said...

I was making a point so you blow off.


The_Sphinx said...

hey i was thrilled my name was in there,that was cool as fuck,i feel famous too,maybe i am just stupid but i don't cared if they said his or jesu and the poes my name was in the flo town morning news woo hoo and tiffany was on the news doing that trickl or treat for the special

The_Sphinx said...

oh and i am gonna go microwave a bagle and have sex with it cause the butters in the fridge.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, I was just giving my opinon.


carrie said...

pshaw! I've never been on the radio and media does not quote me yet I'm still a fuckin rockstar. or at least I get high like one :p well I don't believe in paranormal stuff really. I've never seen a ghost or a ufo or any craziness or any compelling evidence or testimony that it truly exists so I can't believe its real. but that doesn't mean I'm not still scared of the idea of it. I turn on all the lights when I'm home alone and jump into bed from halfway across the room (I'm a wuss) but I think people are scarier than any monster. I would be more worried about some serial killer/stalker in my closet than ghosts. but I think its fun to be scared sometimes so yeah I guess I am a freak then.
I jacked up my pumpkin. I was trying to make a really intricate face and ended up pushing thru the eye so I had to go freestyle on it. its weird now it kinda looks like a big eye. I'll prolly post a picture of it or something. I suck at pumpkins damnit. mmm..but I'm good at candy.

Matt said...

Shannon - to quote Eric Cartman, "Keep your goddamn mouth shut!" Maybe this'll spark something back. I hope so, I've been bored and making you look like a tool is SUCH fun lol

Anonymous said...

Guess what Matt? I'm in P.I.C.C and i'll say whatever I fucking feel like saying about it.

If your life is so bad that you must annoy someone to pass time then you should get a girlfriend or better yet a LIFE.


The Prynce said...

Carrie -
I'm constantly on the radio. Most recently, I was discussing Ken and Barbie (the dolls). I'm normally on there when I'm in the shower oddly enough. It makes me wonder how many others are in the shower on the air, lol.
I've won a few contests over the past year. The worse ones are 'Larry-oke' (like Karioke(SP?) where he plays a line from a song with difficult lyrics or just an obscure song and you have to sing the next line to win. Every time I play, I win. lol. The horror, though, is in the fact that they make you actually attempt to sing the line. It makes me shudder to think that thousands of people have heard me batter two songs on the radio.
I've had a line from 'Drive My Car' by The Beatles and 'I Feel Good' by James Brown. I have a recording of the last one on my PC but it shall remain eterally unheard. lol.

I've seen some crazy shit that I can't attribute to anything 'natural'. I've seen a few UFOs but they were only UFOs to me, I'm sure. I know that they were all some sort of earth air craft but I didn't know what kind so I couldn't identify it, therefore it was a UFO to me alone, lol. Does that make sense?

You should watch the show 'Ghost Hunters' on SciFi. A few times every season, they capture video evidence that can't be explained any other way. Those bitches do everything they can to recreate something and they go out to disprove hauntings, not prove them.

I'm not scared of ghosts of the possiblity of them, I'm scared of being startled and the thought of not being alone and that someone could just pop up at any time. Freaks me the hell out.

Darrell and I are always saying how its the living that could hurt us at haunted places. We've ran into some angry rednecks before, but being from the South, we were able to pull off a convincing redneck act so they thought we were one of them.

Its fun to be scared sometimes but not if you're scared nearly to tears! lol.

Candy fuckin' owns.

Shannon -
You're so reactive.

-=The Prynce

carrie said...

HAHAHA!! ken & barbie??! in the shower??!!! am I drunk? well... seriously..HUH?

I guess when you put it that way I've seen tons of paranormal shit! :p dude actually I just saw a picture on captain_howdy_girl's (formerly known as veggiebabe) blog that she took that has a ghost in it! I'm kinda creeped the fuck out over it. she marked it on the flickr account and wrote a post about going back there on her blog. I thought you might be interested to see them:

image on flickr

her post

The Prynce said...

Carrie -
See, the DJ announced that Matel said that they were giving Ken a make-over since he and Barbie had broken up two years ago. He asked how people thought he could get her back.
I called in and told him I had no idea they had broken up to start with and that maybe she left him for something more masculine like a HHH action figure or GI Joe.
I then said that perhaps they were going to make him over by making him more masculine or at least anatomically correct.

My response was the only one played on the air so I was like "Yeah bitches!". But the part about how I thought they would make him over didn't make the air. Bitches...

I only listen to the radio in the shower or in the car unless I'm listening to Coast to Coast AM at night with very few exceptions. I spend a lot of time showering 'cause I love being clean. I also do some great thinking in the shower. So they ask for shit and I call them while I'm showering. lol. It's the best use for my cell phone.

I didn't see what you were talking about in that photo at first. I thought it was that faint part on the right in the window that looked like a guy in a robe. I was gonna say that's not a great 'evidence' picture at all.
Then I saw that little square around the door and I still didn't see anything so I leaned up and I was like "HOLY SHIT!" lol.

That alone isn't how I determine if something is or isn't 'paranormal' (though by definition, if it isn't normal, it is paranormal, lol). If I'm going to judge a photograph, video, etc. to the point that I'll be totally satisfied with my decision, I want to be able to try to recreate the 'proof' with everything in my power.
I'm actually skeptic by nature. Unless I know with certainty that the person presenting the evidence is trying to disprove it as opposed to prove it then I'm going to question the hell out of it.

That's why the only TV ghost hunters I trust are TAPS from the show 'Ghost Hunters'. The rest are too hoaky and rely almost exclusively on psychics and OuiJa and seances and shit. Not to say those may not be valid or anything, but there's no way to prove any of it and I love me some proof. lol.

When you find an abnormality on a photo that you took yourself, it can kind of fuck with you. You know that something was there and it can get to you.

Ok, I just went off on a little bit of a babble so I think its best that I now stop since I've gotta get dressed. :-D

Thanks for pointing me to that image though. That's amazing.

-=The Prynce