Thursday, November 17, 2005

"I've Seen It. It's Rubbish."

I haven't posted in a while but I thought I would post now for a few reasons.

First off, birthdays.

First was my son's birthday on November 4. He had a nice little party the following day. So... Happy birthday, Rian!
On the very next day was the birthday of one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Carrie. I'm not sure how old she is now, but Happy birthday anyway, Carrie! Her blog is at
Also, Happy birthday to Shannon who's birthday was Oct. 20.
Lastly was my ex girlfriend, Christy. Her birthday was on Nov. 13 and though I know wishing her a happy birthday may lead to a pissing match with myself and Shannon, Happy birthday anyway, Christy! (Whom I'm doubtful has ever even seen this blog of mine. And I haven't even spoken to her in nearly a year. But nonetheless...)

Next, Eddie Guerrero.
He was a WWE wrestler who was found dead on this past Saturday night. He was only 38 but preliminary autopsy reports show he died of heart failure.
In my eyes, he was at the top of his game recently and he was returning to main-event status but tragedy is cold and doesn't mind hitting at unfortunate times.
He was never one of my favorites, but he was one of the best at what he did.

I was on the radio again yesterday. The DJ said he didn't see why Paul McCartney wrote 'Hey Jude' for Julian Lennon and I called and told him that I've heard and read that it is about his father John Lennon's divorce from his mother, Cynthia and/or his father marrying Yoko Ono and it was Paul's way of telling Julian like "Don't let this whole mess and Yoko get you down".
Anywho, he played what I said on the air and afterwards complimented me by saying something like "Wow. This guy's really on top of this stuff."

In short, I have about another minute to be removed from my 15 minutes of fame.

I'm running low on time now so I think I'm only going to be able to tell you all that I should be attending yet another wrestling show in Conway, SC on Dec. 3 of this year. It's gonna be a bitchin' show... Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, New Age Outlaws, Psycho Sid Vicious, Abyss, and more are gonna be there. For more information go to

That's all for now, folks. I'll try not to let the space be so large between posts anymore.

Keep 'em open...

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

Seriously. FUCK YOU!


Matt said...

hahaha she's pissed. what a bitch.

aaanywho, that wrestling thing, i'll probably be there. later guy

carrie said...

:O thank you! I'm 24 now and actually my birthday was the day before rians. I was fairly jealous at the pics of his party..I wanna wear cake too damnit but it prolly wouldn't look as cute :p

Anonymous said...

Matt, i'm not pissed about the Christy part. So haha.


The Prynce said...

Matt -
Can't comment. lol.

Right on, bitch! I'm going down there for my birthday and I'm goning to get my ticket then. Its gonna be Rian's first wrestling event.
I found out that they've apparently been having events at least anually in Conway for a few years with wrestlers the same calibre of these guys.

Carrie -
24? Jesus, you're old. J/k! :P

I knew it was either the day before or the day after. When I have a 50/50 change of getting something right, I'm typically wrong.

"Beautiful little fools can where what-ever cake they wish!"
I'm not calling you a fool, though. I'm just changing a line from 'The Great Gatsby' to apply to cake. I'm gonna screw with great literature more often, I think.

But Rian and I talked it over, and he told me that the secret to being able to wear cake and look cute is all in the eyes. Wear cake with icing that matches your eyes.
See, he's got blue so the blue icing was perfect for him. From your pictures, I'm gonna guess you have either honey colored eyes or green which means you could easily pull off wearing a cake with a scene involving sand (if your eyes are honey) or maybe some sort of turtle (if they're green).

And THAT the secret of how to wear cake and not look like an idiot. I've gotta add that to 'The Book of Prynce'...

Shannon -
All of my comments to you tend to begin with 'Fuck off.' but not this one. I'm gonna change things up.

He didn't say you were mad about the Christy part nor do I think he cares what you were pissed about as long as he knew you were pissed.
But your thinking that makes me think that that perhaps WAS the thing you were pissed about.

Stop being silly, Shannon.

And fuck off.

-=The Prynce

Anonymous said...

Preston, No that wasnt what I was mad about, and you should know so yeah.

Infact I would call how I felt anger but anyway...

shut up.