Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Joo Ain My Momma

So, dig. I haven't had a chance to post about the concert or the hurricane yet but I plan to try to do one or the other tomorrow.

But for tonight I have a request...

Do you have any questions about the paranormal, mysteries or the unknown?
Ghosts, hauntings, UFO's, miracles, magick, bigfoot, lake monsters, Nikola Tesla, conspiracies, cryptozoology, OuiJa, psychics, mystics, oracles, divination, etc?

If so, leave a comment asking your question.

I'm fielding questions for a podcast I am planning on starting in the next few weeks and on that podcast, I want to have some questions to answer 'on air'.

No question is silly or stupid. If you've ever wondered something about the unknown that you've never been able to grasp or find out, ask me!
Even if you personally don't have a question that you don't know, you may post a suggestion for something to be discussed on the podcast.

But everyone who reads this, please post a comment with some sort of question or suggestion. Come up with a question for me as a simple favor if you must, just please help me out.

Also, please vote for me on the Top 100 Bloggers topsites list. There are two links to that site on this page. One is at the top near the title banner and the other is on the right under 'links'. Help a brotha out.

Stay tuned!

-=The Prynce


carrie said...

I wish I could think of a question for you but I'm a naysayer :p

interviews always make good podcast, imo. you could interview your parents or your friends or shannon or something. or maybe get trashed and tell a story about something you did a long time ago. that would be pretty cool too. damn. maybe I should do that sometime.. fuck I'm kinda nervous to have you all witness my retardation in audio. no one would ever read my blog again ;)

Shannon said...

Can ghost kill living people?


The Prynce said...

Skeptics tend to have the best questions, though! I wish I could be more skeptical. But I've had too much shit happen to make me freak the hell out.

I'm going to the beach tomorrow. I'll see about recording some interviews with some of my friends. Its likely we'll all get trashed, too. So... yeah. lol.

I wanna do a topical podcast dealing with the paranormal but most of my friends interested in it so maybe they can be a part of it. But then again, maybe I'll do a second podcast that in no way deals with the paranormal. lol.

You should do it!

-=The Prynce

Anonymous said...

Can you explain a mothers instinct. I know its kinda off but When a mother feels her child is in need of her and then someone calls to tell her that her child is homesick thats kind of like paranormal isnt it? anywho thats my dumb question